The post by appeared first on . Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren't considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would love it if you continued sharing just the first paragraph of an article, then linking out to the rest of the piece on Training a cat to walk on a leash enriches her lifestyle by safely allowing her to enjoy the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. It’s also an excellent way of revving up her exercise routine. There’s no question that a cat’s personality plays an important role in deciding if she’s game for a fresh-air challenge and being strapped into a cat harness. An adventurous cat will probably embrace a cat harness and the walks that follow, while skittish scaredy-cats may resist, preferring the view from the kitty condo instead. And, it goes without saying that it’s easier to introduce a cat harness to a kitten than to an adult cat. Either way, patience is key. Cats do everything at their own pace. Choosing a cat harness How do you choose the right cat harness? Photography ©cynoclub | Getty Images. A cat harness and a 4- to 6-foot leash is the best combo for training a cat to enjoy going for a walk. A harness sits comfortably across the shoulders, under the tummy and doesn’t place a direct strain on the neck area. Also, a cat harness won’t get in the way of your cat’s collar and ID tags — essential accessories for any outdoor activities. Many cats feel more secure in a harness. I have been leash-training my 5-month-old kitten, Tory, and, as a pet parent, I also feel more in control using a cat harness and thus more confident about embarking on outings, too. (Also it’s easier to wriggle out of a collar than out of a harness.) Fortunately, because of the growing trend to take cats outdoors, there is a good selection of harnesses available for both adult cats as well as young kittens. The H-style harness usually has the same thickness as a collar and goes around the shoulder area and around the tummy. A mesh-styled cat harness has a mesh band across the shoulders and a thinner ribbon band around the tummy. A harness that clips on the side of the cat and not under the tummy is much easier to use. They’re often sold in harness-and-leash combo sets. Let the training begin With a cat, it’s truly baby steps. Start by simply leaving both the cat harness and leash lying around the house for feline inspection. When I began the process with Tory, I let the leash drag along the floor and allowed her to “chase” it. Teaching Tory the “sit” command really helped her to focus and stay in one place long enough to secure the cat harness in place. Leaving it on daily for about 10 minutes for a few days is enough for a cat to feel comfortable wearing it. The next step was to clip the leash onto the cat harness and let her drag it around the house. After Tory was ignoring both the harness and the leash, I slowly started walking her around the house. There’s really no fixed rule as to how long it will take for a cat to feel comfortable to step outside the front door. And initially, it’s a really good idea to keep the door open so that she can safely do an about-turn and head back inside of her own volition. Where to take your cat on his cat harness So where do you go? Cats, if they are allowed outside on their own, will often go and hang out under a bush and watch insects, butterflies and birds from this vantage point. Others may like to prowl around, possibly climb a tree and observe from a height. So it’s not essential to take a feline for lengthy walks around the neighborhood. I have a neighbor who takes her cat outside her condo, and she sits and reads a book while the cat “roams” the area her extended cat harness and leash allows. This is a great option. Know the neighborhood when taking your cat out on a harness and leash Traffic, people and dogs can easily spook even a confident cat on a leash, causing her to panic and possibly attempt to get away like greased lightning. So scope out any route first and the best time of day. If it’s a popular path for unpredictable neighborhood dogs, find an alternative. Know what else lurks in your neighborhood in terms of wild life. Many suburban areas are popular feeding grounds for coyotes. It boils down to trusting your instincts and good old-fashioned common sense. We live on a canyon where coyotes roam in broad daylight. So I leash trained my cat, Ziggy, and am currently teaching Tory to enjoy sitting on a first-floor balcony that affords a great view of birds in nearby trees — not to mention those that venture close to the balcony. The leash training here involved teaching them to remain on floor level and not to attempt to jump up and walk around the top of the balcony ledge. Ziggy is now allowed out here without a leash but always under supervision. And eventually, Tory will be afforded the same privileges. I am more than happy to join them for a cup of coffee and a sunshine-infused dose of vitamin D. Feline personality traits: Is your cat game for a cat harness and the great outdoors? According to well-known pet detective , who has successfully searched and found lost cats, felines have four distinct personality traits. Determining your cat’s personality will help determine whether she’ll enjoy a cat harness and outdoor excursions. Curious or clown cat: A cat with a gregarious personality will happily greet strangers and is generally curious, unafraid and adventurous and will enjoy going outdoors. Care-less cat: Such cats are aloof and usually don’t care to be around people. However, a feline with this personality may enjoy going outside with you if there is no one else around. Cautious cat: A cautious cat is likely to be shy and may run for cover under a bush if someone else is on the path and have to be coaxed out. Xenophobic cat: Xenophobia is a fear or hatred of anything strange or foreign. Fearful cats are better off indoors. Enrich their lives with lots of fun indoor games. This piece was originally published in 2017. Thumbnail: Photography by AlisLuch / Shutterstock. About the author: is an award-winning multimedia pet lifestyle author. She has . She is also the co-host of the web series Pet Product TV. Sandy lives in Southern California with her family, including cats Fudge and Ziggy. Follow her on and . Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in Catster magazine. Have you seen the new Catster print magazine in stores? Or in the waiting area of your vet’s office? and get the bimonthly magazine delivered to your home. Read more about taking your cat outdoors on The post by appeared first on . Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren't considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would love it if you continued sharing just the first paragraph of an article, then linking out to the rest of the piece on
February 20, 2019
A kitten with a broken leg was brought to a shelter in New York City. They thought he might lose the leg, but the kitty proved them wrong. Meow ParlourChristina Ha, co-founder of , took in the 4-week-old tuxedo after she learned about his plight. At the vet, they discovered that his right front leg was broken in two places."We have no idea what happened to him beforehand. X-rays revealed that he had broken his humerus and radius on his right leg," Christina told Love Meow."The surgeon said that they probably could have repaired one fracture, but with the break on his humerus, he may need an amputation." Meow ParlourButters didn't show any signs of pain and he was still under one pound. They decided to wait for two weeks before doing another x-ray and making a final decision. No one knew at the time if they could save his leg, but Butters was always in good spirits and wasn't fazed by anything. Meow ParlourHe went to his foster home that day, sporting the cutest little cast with a heart sticker on. The fearless little guy wasn't going to let anything slow him down. (Scroll down for video) Meow ParlourButters loves people and is never shy of asking for attention and pets. When he is not playing or creating antics around the house, he is cuddling with his foster family. Meow ParlourEvery time, Butters went in for a splint change, he was physically stronger and more rambunctious than the previous time. Staff were amazed by his progress and never-ending source of energy. Meow ParlourWhile he was healing at home, he was honing his kitty skills and playing with every toy he laid his eyes on. A few weeks into his recovery, he started walking on his right leg as if nothing had happened. Meow ParlourWatch Butters' rescue journey in this video: Kitten with broken leg amazes everyone with his resilience Butters adores other kittens in need. "He became a big foster brother to three orphaned kittens. He immediately wanted to play with them, even though they weren't really walking yet," Christina said."Once they became more mobile, he took to playing very hard with them." Meow ParlourA few days ago, Christina came home and saw Butters without the splint. The smart little feline had taken it off on his own. He was scampering around the room, jumping and hopping without a care in the world. "We took him in for more x-rays and it turned out the bones had somehow healed." Meow ParlourNow, Butters plays even harder, climbing up all the furniture and people's legs."He loves food, sleeping on the side of your face at night, and jumping on top of kittens. He has a ton of energy, is a total purr machine, and would probably be an MMA fighter if he were human," Christina told Love Meow. Meow ParlourButters never doubted for a second that he would bounce back on his paws, doing things just like any other kittens. Look at him now! Meow ParlourShare this story with your friends. Follow updates on Butters and his feline friends on and Instagram @ and @. Related story:
February 19, 2019
The post by appeared first on . Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren't considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would love it if you continued sharing just the first paragraph of an article, then linking out to the rest of the piece on Author Terry Pratchett said, “In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” When you hear this phrase, do you automatically think of ancient Egyptian cat goddesses and cat gods? Probably. Do you think of any other cultures when it comes to cat goddesses, cat gods and worshipping cats? Probably not. But don’t worry, I’ve been guilty of this misconception, too: For many years, I believed that the ancient Egyptians were the only ones who revered, praised and even worshipped cats. But as I began exploring world mythology, I found that there’s a lot more to cats, deities and miracles than I first thought. Beyond all the folklore about , helpful cats, temple-guarding cats, prophets being kind to cats, and cats serving as omens and familiars, there are a tales surrounding cat goddesses and cat gods that we rarely hear about. Here are six tales about cat gods and cat goddesses that you might not know. Photography courtesy JaneA Kelley. 1. Freyja’s cat-driven chariot The Norse goddess Freyja, deity of love, fertility, war, wealth, divination and magic, rode in a chariot pulled by two giant gray cats given to her by the god Thor. Farmers left offerings for the cats in order to ensure a good harvest. 2. A shape-shifting Peruvian god Ai-Apaec, a god of the pre-Inca civilization known as the Mochica, was often depicted as an old man with a wrinkled face, long fangs and cat-like whiskers. He was said to have evolved from one of the ancient cat gods and to be able to assume the form of a tomcat. 3. A guardian of Chinese families A cat god called Li Shou appears in the Chinese Book of Rites. He was worshipped by farmers because he protected the crops from being eaten by rats and mice. 4. A Polish protector In ancient Poland, Ovinnik, who appeared in the form of a black cat, was worshipped by many farming families because he watched over domestic animals and chased away evil-natured ghosts and mischievous fairies. (Like most creatures of Slavonic mythology, they were great until you didn’t appreciate them or give them what they needed — then they did things like make mischief that could have tragic results.) 5. A shape-shifting Greek goddess Greek mythology tells of how the goddess Hecate assumed the form of a cat in order to escape the monster Typhon. Afterwards, she extended special treatment to all cats. 6. A Celtic goddess’ aides Ceridwen, the Welsh goddess of wisdom and mother of the famous bard Taliesin, was attended by white cats who carried out her orders on Earth. More on cat gods I couldn’t go into all the stories of gods and goddesses who shape-shifted into large cats, or this post would have been about a mile long. This has unfortunately excluded many stories about cat gods from Native American and other First Nations tribes, among others, and for that I apologize. I’d love to write another post about big cats and spiritual traditions if you’re interested, because the subject of jaguars, tigers, leopards and other large felids in folk traditions, religious beliefs and creation stories is definitely worth a read. Tell us: What are your favorite myths and folklore about cat gods and cat goddesses? Please share them in the comments! Thumbnail: Photography by EgyptianStudio on Thinkstock. This piece was originally published in 2015. About the author Punk-rock cat mom, science nerd, animal shelter volunteer, and all-around geek with a passion for bad puns, intelligent conversation, and role-play adventure games. She gratefully and gracefully accepts her status as chief cat slave for her family of feline bloggers, who have been writing their cat advice column, , since 2003. JaneA dreams of making a great living out of her love for cats. Read more on Catster about cat gods and cat goddesses: The post by appeared first on . Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren't considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would love it if you continued sharing just the first paragraph of an article, then linking out to the rest of the piece on
February 19, 2019
A foster volunteer took in an expectant cat mom just in time so that her kittens could be born in a safe, warm place, away from the cold. @familieswithwhiskersA beautiful black cat was turned to a rescue group, , in Birmingham, England, when the "owners" were no longer interested in her. She was heavily pregnant and desperately needed a foster home. According to the rescue, this would be her third litter.Emily Jayne, a foster volunteer, immediately offered to help. She named her Winter, and the sweet kitty quickly settled into her foster room. "She really warmed up to us and has the cutest purr ever. She almost sounds like a dolphin," Emily shared with Love Meow."If mama Winter hadn't been rescued, she could have had to face bringing this beautiful family up in these extreme temperatures, as she had tried with her previous litters." @familieswithwhiskers"We don't know her circumstances or the challenges she faced but all we know is that she has had too much heartbreak and we are privileged to be able to offer her family a safe and warm place to blossom."About 2.5 weeks after Winter arrived, Emily came home to the sound of newborn kittens. @familieswithwhiskersWinter brought four little beautiful babies into the world — three gorgeous black kittens and one adorable tabby. Since the beginning, she has been so devoted and committed to her kittens that she's always by their side, catering to their every need. "She's a really proud mama who just doesn't stop purring!" @familieswithwhiskersBesides being a doting mom, she adores her foster parents and will purr up a storm every time they enter the foster room. "This girl is one of the sweetest kitties, one of the most affectionate and trusting, I've ever met. We're very lucky to get to help this girl out," Emily said.After living a life of uncertainties and braving the unknown elements of the outdoors, Winter is happy and content, purring alongside her kittens in their comfy bed. @familieswithwhiskersThe kittens are named Maggie, Tabitha (tabby), Ivy, and Robin (the runt).Watch Winter's rescue journey in this video. Cat rescued just in time so her kittens can be safe from the cold Maggie is the chunkiest kitty and has quite the personality to match. Tabitha is very adventurous and is fascinated by anything that moves. Ivy is a real cuddler, a lap cat in the making.Robin, the runt of the litter was just half the size of her siblings and needed extra supplemental care. @familieswithwhiskers"She has had a bit of a fight and has us worried for a little while but with some extra bottle feeds and cuddles she's putting on weight and growing like crazy," Emily said."This girl has completely stolen our hearts. She's still a lot smaller than her (super chunky) sisters, but she's catching up at her own speed and breaking hearts as she goes." @familieswithwhiskersOnce the kittens are big enough, they will be spayed and put up for adoption, and mama Winter will officially retire from motherhood. She deserves a forever home and a great life where she will be loved and spoiled. @familieswithwhiskersFollow updates on Winter and her kittens on .Related story:
February 18, 2019
A woman spotted a kitten sitting on the side of the road. As she called out, the little one walked right up to her for help. Animal Friends ProjectCarmen Weinberg, founder of , drove by a mobile home park in West Palm Beach, Florida, where community cats frequent."I went to this community to deliver some medicine for another cat. As I was driving on the main road, I saw a kitten sitting on the right side of the road," Carmen told Love Meow.The gray kitty wasn't moving at all as Carmen drove closer. She decided to pull over to check on her.She got out of the car with some food and called to the kitten. That's when the little one got up and waddled towards her. Animal Friends ProjectCarmen thought it was a mother cat at first due to the large belly, but once she took a closer look, she realized that it was a kitten who had been spayed via trap-neuter-return. "When I saw that she had mange and a huge stomach, I decided to take her home to treat her," Carmen said. "She was too sick and small to be in the streets." Carmen named her Angel and filled out a "Found" report at the Palm Beach County Shelter in case someone was looking for the kitten. After a long ordeal, little Angel was finally receiving the care and medical attention that she desperately needed. Animal Friends ProjectAngel was covered in fleas and ear mites. Her belly was filled with worms and parasites. After a much-needed bath, medication (to treat her mange and worms), and plenty of good food, she felt so much better, purring up a storm."She was very friendly and enjoyed being bathed and cleaned," Carmen said. Animal Friends ProjectWatch Angel's rescue journey in this video: Woman finds neighborhood kitten and saves her life A month later, little Angel has made a 180 and hasn't stopped the rumbles of her adorable purrs."Her itchy mange is gone, just some scabs that need to heal and hair that needs to regrow. Her belly has gone down a lot after a round of deworming medicine. It makes me happy to see her play with her toys." Animal Friends ProjectShe is constantly seeking affection and snuggles. "No more neglect for this beautiful girl," Carmen said. "Look at how great she is looking now!"Angel has been transferred to a foster home, where she is loved and spoiled by her foster mom . She will be placed for adoption through . Animal Friends ProjectAfter roaming the streets for the first few months of her life, Angel is healthy, happy and loving her new life as an indoor kitten. Animal Friends ProjectShare this story with your friends. Follow and . Related story:
February 17, 2019
From the moment this special needs kitten came to a local rescue group, he was looking for love and cuddles. They knew just the perfect Foster Mom for him. Shannon R BasnerHarPURR was a 3-week-old kitten when he was found by a family from Alaska. He couldn't use his hind legs, and his cat mother, who had been caring for him, dropped him in a yard out of panic as she was scared."We were contacted by a fellow cat rescue group Tundra Cat Rehabilitation and Adoption and Alaska Cat Adoption Team. They knew he needed a unique place to help meet his needs," Shannon R Basner, founder of (a rescue in Anchorage, Alaska), told Love Meow. HarPURR arrived with several challenges but he was amazingly positive with his warrior spirit.Besides being paralyzed in his hind quarters, he was not able to eat on his own. Volunteers fed him every 2-3 hours for several weeks until he was nursed back to health. Shannon R Basner"When we took X-Rays of his little body, the damage done to his hind area was healed a long time ago, so our vet thinks he may have been crushed in the birth canal," Shannon said.Despite it all, the kitten lets nothing stop him. He has persevered and continues to do so. Shannon R BasnerHarPURR was a cuddle-bug from the start. "He was getting more curious and loved to snuggle up in his purrito!"Volunteers surrounded him with snuggly toys and even brought him a "surrogate" comfort companion, but the little one demanded more. Shannon R Basner"In my home, I have three cat-friendly pups, with Cinder being the magical soul who is the most beautiful of mentors," Shannon told Love Meow. "We wanted to ensure HarPURR had socializing time with other fur friends so this was critically important." Shannon R BasnerCinder, who lived majority of her life outdoors, has been a wonderful Foster Mom for other rescued dogs and cats.When she was introduced to HarPURR, she immediately took him under her wing. Before anyone noticed, the kitten nuzzled into her arms, purring up a storm. Shannon R BasnerCinder spent years outside in the woods, had multiple litters before she was finally rescued. She is a gentle spirit and extremely nurturing. Whenever she spots a baby in need, her motherly instinct kicks in.HarPURR feels safe and really takes comfort snuggling with her. Shannon R BasnerWhen HarPURR was big enough, Shannon introduced him to his cart. "I slowly scaffolded the steps, first just by showing it to him, treating him or playing and then continued each step until he was comfortable," Shannon told Love Meow. "He took to the cart rather quickly and was zipping around." Shannon R BasnerCinder will lick his legs after every exercise. She puts up with all his antics and showers him with unconditional love.Watch HarPURR and Cinder in this adorable video: Special Needs Kitten Finds Loving Foster Mom Husky Dog "What a survivor he is and the friendships he is building with the pups, especially Cinder. He is playful and his personality is starting to come out more and more."When he nestles into Cinder, purring away, and she has that sweet gentle look on her face, all is right in the world and our hearts smile." Shannon R BasnerRescuers continued to look for the cat mom and eventually got her along with the rest of her kittens.HarPURR is about six months old now and still clings to Cinder like a baby. "Cinder not only loves to play with him, she lets him do his kitten thing." Shannon R BasnerHarPURR is thriving in foster care. He's learned a great deal from his Canine Foster Mom, and can run around and play in his cart like a champ. "He is a true inspiration. He has been such a sweet boy. Cinder's hard work has totally paid off." Shannon R BasnerShare this story with your friends. Follow updates on and . Related story:
February 16, 2019
Elli the cat was a tuxedo throughout her kitten-hood, but things began to change a year after she was born. Nicole @elli.vitiligoNicole from Germany found Elli and her sister at a local farm when they were four-month-old kittens. They were in poor shape and desperately needed medical attention."They were in a desolate condition with mites and infections in their ears. It hurt me to see them suffer, so I took both home," Nicole told Love Meow.Nicole had been thinking about getting a new cat, but never expected to find them this way. With proper care and plenty of love, the two sisters were nursed back to health. They both had very similar black and white markings on their coats that resemble tuxedos. Elli when she was a kittenNicole @elli.vitiligoFrom the start, Elli was extremely affectionate and cuddly. "She was very playful and sometimes acted more like a dog than a cat," Nicole said.Nine months later, Nicole began to notice something happening when she spotted a small white patch on Elli's black coat. Nicole @elli.vitiligo"It wasn't there at the beginning. I thought it was lint and tried to remove it, but it turned out to be her fur," Nicole told Love Meow.Over the next few months, white patches continued to form all over her tuxedo coat. Nicole @elli.vitiligoNicole took her to the vet, hoping to find out what might be causing her markings to change. She was surprised to learn that Elli has a rare condition called vitiligo — where patches of her skin/fur lose their pigment. Nicole @elli.vitiligoVitiligo affects about 1% of the world's population in humans, but the condition is even more uncommon in animals - cats, dogs and even horses can develop vitiligo.The condition doesn't bother Elli at all. It is pure aesthetics and adds more to her adorableness. Nicole @elli.vitiligoOne year after Nicole discovered the first patch of white, Elli had gained plenty more snowflake like spots all over her coat. Despite the changes, the kitty continued to enjoy her life without a care in the world. Nicole @elli.vitiligoElli has a big personality and quite the cattitude. One of her favorite things to do is to perch on top of a window or door and supervise her humans from above."She looks like a little snow owl." Nicole @elli.vitiligoShe is curious about everything that Nicole is doing and follows her around the house.Elli is turning three this March. She is healthy, happy and as cuddly as ever. Nicole @elli.vitiligoElli lived her first year as an adorable tuxedo kitten, and she's really transformed since. "She is so cute and her fur continues to change every day," Nicole told Love Meow. Nicole @elli.vitiligoFollow .Watch Video - Elli then and now: Cat with vitiligo - then and now Share this story with your friends.Related story:
February 15, 2019
Charles and Caroline, two bonded cats, were brought to a shelter in Alabama. When shelter volunteers discovered that the tuxedo was pregnant, they knew they needed to get them into a foster home. Robyn Anderson, a foster volunteer of (in Capshaw), was contacted about the male and female bonded pair."Due to a job loss, their owner had to relocate to another state and couldn't take them with her. They came to me in mid-January. We know that Charles is the kittens' father because they were the only two cats in the house," Robyn told Love Meow. Caroline was very tiny weighing just six pounds when she arrived. She strutted right out of the carrier and explored every nook and cranny of her foster room with her tail held high. She then snuggled up to her foster mom for pets and love. Robyn AndersonCharles joined his foster family after his neuter surgery. He was almost twice the size as Caroline at 10 pounds and 12 ounces.Caroline was a bit put off at first when he returned to her, still reeking of the vet, but Charles insisted on following her around and wouldn't take no for an answer. Robyn Anderson"By Sunday morning, they were eating off the same plate, occasionally licking each other on the head, and playing together," Robyn said.They set up a birthing place for the expectant mama cat, and both Charles and Caroline took a tour inside. Robyn Anderson"Despite the fact that she's practically half his size, there's no doubt who's got the upper paw in this relationship. He hangs back and lets her eat first, backs off when she tells him to, and lets her tell him when it's time to play," Robyn said."I've never had a father be present when I had a pregnant foster cat before, so it's been a wonderful experience so far." Robyn AndersonThe two are very tightly bonded. Charles is gentle and sweet to Caroline. He always waits for her at meal time, checks on her throughout the day, and in return, Caroline keeps him groomed and cuddles on him when she naps. "Charles's ears have never been so spotless," Robyn added. Robyn AndersonCaroline's belly grew so much over the past few weeks that Robyn began to anticipate the birth of the kittens this week.As they patiently waited, the two kitties continued to shower each other with love. The day before Valentine's Day, Robyn woke up to meowing coming from the foster room. Robyn Anderson"I woke yesterday morning to the sound of Charles demanding that I open the foster room door and let him out," Robyn said.She walked to the room with their breakfast and saw the pair waiting for her at the door. After scarfing down a good amount of food, Caroline went into the crate they prepared and started having contractions. Robyn Anderson"She was clearly in labor, and so I sat and talked to and petted her for several minutes," Robyn said. "Charles had ventured near the crate while she was having contractions."Charles stayed right outside and kept sticking his head in to sniff her. "He licked her on the head a few times and she would rub her head against him. I think she took a lot of comfort in having him nearby." Robyn AndersonWhen the kittens were born, Charles heard their cries and immediately came running to check on them. While mama was in the process of cleaning them up, he stayed nearby, watching her tend to her babies. Robyn AndersonThey welcomed five healthy tabbies into the world.Watch Charles and Caroline in this adorable video: Rescued Cat Parents - Inseparable Bond "Charles has many brown tabby patches, and so I assume that's where the brown tabby-ness came from," Robyn said. Robyn AndersonWith five kittens, Mama Caroline has her work cut out for her. She's been doting on them with purrs and unconditional love while keeping them fed and clean around the clock. Robyn AndersonKnowing Caroline has her paws full, Charles is giving her space while making himself available whenever she needs his support."He checks on her from time to time especially if the kittens start crying," Robyn told Love Meow. Robyn AndersonShare this story with your friends. Follow updates on the and . Related story:
February 14, 2019
With a plethora of flea control products available, pet parents are generally put in a quandary with no full proof direction for them to pick the right treatment. To cut down the stress of selecting the right products, normally product analysts and vets provide proper recommendations. Musing about the facts related to various products and deciphering the various benefits and contradictions, product analysts usually come up with a detailed conclusion. According to their discussion and reports, has emerged out to be a perfect option when it comes to controlling fleas effectively. What is Advantage for Cats?Well known among many cat parents, Advantage is the most popular flea control product that has variable benefits when it comes to treating flea infestations. The ability to treat regular flea infestations makes it an effective flea treatment. Usually, flea infestation means a lot of turbulence in the life of your kitty. The flea bites not only cause irritation but also transmit dangerous diseases unknown to cat parents and can also develop health conditions like flea allergy dermatitis or at extreme even anemia. In some cases, cats may develop allergies to flea saliva that means even few bites can be a cause of great concern as it can result in severe sore or itching skin. Additionally, infected fleas can even transmit tapeworm infections, if swallowed during grooming. Moreover, the grave danger surfaces when the visible fleas only account for 5% and the rest of the flea infestation is found as flea eggs, larvae and pupae, which are hidden from sight in the house. Thus, in a way, it becomes quite crucial to control the overall flea population through an effective flea control treatment. Loaded with potent ingredient, Advantage comes as handy in treating flea infestations. It gets to work too quickly killing fleas within a day and remains effective for three and more weeks. The spot-on solution, which is quite easy to apply, seamlessly eliminates fleas without a need for biting. Why Advantage is Fast and Effective Treatment? With a gamut of benefits and an array of positive features, this topical treatment has a huge potential to shield your cat against the vicious effects of fleas. The latent ingredient has benchmark potential in driving away not only fleas but destroying flea larvae existing in home, thus cutting off the emergence of new flea infestations. Being present under the skin layer, the component helps protect your cat against future infestations for up to first three to four weeks. What Things Should Be Taken Care About Advantage? Though advantage comes with rare to no known side effects, it is always crucial to consider some points when treating your kitty. Advantage should always be applied two days after the bath or if you need to bath your cat, wait at least for two days after treatment. Post application you need to always ensure that your kitty doesn’t lick the treated area. Also, until the application area is dry do not try to touch it. Let the area dry completely before you allow your kitty to play or go around with other animals if any in your household. Furthermore, you need to be well acquainted with the application procedure lest you may end up in a troublesome situation. Applying in such an area where your kitty can lick, can deliberately lead to unwanted situations, at times also landing up in emergency stations. It is far better to get a brief knowledge about ‘How to Use’ procedure so that you and your furry friend remain out of the shackles of emergencies. How to Use Advantage for Flea Treatment Video Source: Youtube( Moreover, Advantage should not be used on weaning kittens and those below eight weeks of age. The topical treatment has not been evaluated to be used with other medications. So, if your kitty is already on some treatments, consulting your vet is always a better option. When it comes to treating pregnant and lactating cats, there have been no records or approval from the manufacturer. Therefore, the best person here to guide you is your vet. He can either provide you an alternative or explain to you why Advantage should not be used for pregnant and lactating felines. [Read] Why I Should Opt Advantage When Other Flea Products Are Available? The major positive aspect of Advantage over other treatments is its unique non-biting property. Where the oral and other treatments require fleas to bite and feed in order to be killed, Advantage has the upper hand over this. The spot-on treatment, when applied on the skin, is highly efficient in killing fleas on contact, and it does not require fleas to bite. Major Takeaway with Advantage for Cats Most effective flea control product available on the market Kills both fleas and flea larvae Have the capacity to effectively control future flea infestations Possess the tendency to control flea bites Proficiently controls flea allergy dermatitis When used monthly provides year-round protection One single dose application lasts for 28 days Comes with safety margin so can be used on cats and kittens above eight weeks of age Highly affordable The post appeared first on .
February 14, 2019
Before , cat litter was often thought of as a necessary evil. A hassle. Large, heavy bags. The dusty mess. And the odor. Thankfully, eliminates all these problems – even the odor! Best of all, not only makes life easier for you, it can make life better for your cat, too. 100% safe for your cat. Let’s get a little technical for a moment. is made of silica gel crystals – NOT crystalline silica. These two sound like the same thing, but that’s where the similarities stop. Silica Gel, which is found in , is non-toxic and non-flammable. Silica gel is completely safe for humans and cats. Crystalline Silica, on the other hand, can cause damage to the lungs known as silicosis. You cat’s health is our primary concern, so rest assured that using in no way poses any risk to your cat. In fact, it’s the only litter that can help ensure the health and safety of your feline friend. It’s what inspired the creation of PrettyLitter. “Having lost my cat to an illness, it was a heartbreaking experience watching her get ill without having been able to help her early on. I created PrettyLitter to give cat owners the power to keep daily tabs on their cats wellbeing.” -Daniel RotmanCEO, PrettyLitter A change in color tells you about your cats health. With , you get peace of mind. Our revolutionary formula can signal you to possible health issues before they become major problems. Simple changes in color let you know there could be something wrong, possibly saving your cat’s life. Potential health issues that can be associated with color change include: Blue Litter (ALKALINE) – If the litter turns blue or dark green, it could mean your cat’s urine has a high pH level. This could signal a possible urinary tract infection. High urinary pH can lead to bladder crystal and stone formation. Yellow Litter (ACIDITY) – Yellow or orange litter is a possible indication of abnormal acidity, such as metabolic acidosis & kidney tubular acidosis. Low urinary pH can lead to Calcium Oxalate. Red Litter (BLOOD) – If a pet parent finds splotches of red in their cat’s , it could mean there’s blood in the cat’s urine. This could be a sign of bladder inflammation, bladder stones or a urinary tract infection. Less litter, lasts longer. Each bag of weighs just 4 pounds, so no more breaking your back as you lug around 20 or 30 pound bags of litter. Thanks to our revolutionary formula, absorbs and eliminates moisture, so there’s no need to change the litter throughout the month, so you use less. And each bag typically lasts for one month. Free shipping right to your door. Never worry about running out of kitty litter again. Every month, you’ll receive another bag of right to your door, and shipping is free in the continental US. Goodbye Odor! is odorless and scentless. More important, , unlike clumping litter, absorbs moisture, eliminating the urine and trapping the odor. So you only need to scoop the poop. Here’s the deal! is proud to partner with . This amazing litter helps make your life easier while keeping tabs on your cat’s health too. For a limited time, when you use code IHEARTCATS. So enjoy peace of mind like never before. is so much more than just litter. It’s a lifesaver! The post appeared first on .
February 13, 2019
Two kitten sisters were rejected from their litter. They kept each other comforted until help arrived. Melinda BlainMelinda Blain, co-founder of (a rescue group in Phoenix, Arizona), was contacted about a stray cat and her newborn kittens. A local resident had been caring for the pregnant stray and brought her in so she could have her kittens in a safe place."She reached out to me to come and take a look at the kittens and mama since something wasn't quite right - the cat mom had been in labor for the entirety of the day," Melinda told Love Meow.Two of the kittens were much smaller than the rest, and they had a very difficult time nursing. The calico, the runt of the litter, was born six hours after her siblings. She continuously got pushed out of the way by the larger kittens and was unable to feed. Nova was 84 grams and Prima was 95 gramsMelinda BlainThe cat mom was exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed with the number of babies and had stopped tending to the weaker ones. The calico squirmed her way to a ginger kitten who had also been pushed away. They immediately huddled up for comfort."It became clear to me that the mom wouldn't be able to care for that large of a litter without supplemental feeding for the babies." Melinda BlainMelinda took in the two weakest kittens and named them Nova (calico) and Prima (ginger). Once they smelled the kitten formula, they threw themselves on the bottle. They were so starving that they latched on and started drinking right away.The two sisters were bonded from the start, always cuddling with each other like two peas in a pod. Melinda BlainMelinda adjusted her schedule to accommodate the kittens' every need. She brings them to work and school so she can continue feeding them around the clock. "They eat every two hours, so I just become a napper for the first few weeks," Melinda said. "Everything will be much calmer once the babies are older and can go for longer between meals."(Scroll down for video) Melinda Blain"The calico baby loves snuggle time in the sun after food time and her favorite place to be is tucked up next to my face for optimal kisses and snuggles."They are so attached to humans from an early age." Melinda BlainA few days later, the kittens looked healthy and happy with full bellies. Even before their eyes opened, they would cry if they were away from one another."They have always loved each other and their bond has only grown stronger," Melinda told Love Meow. Melinda BlainThe cat mom is doing well with her remaining kittens at their foster home. "I will be helping them out with getting them all fixed, vetted, and adopted out," Melinda added.When Prima's eyes were open and bright, Nova was still taking her time for her little peepers to come through. Shelbi UyeharaNova and Prima are 2.5 weeks old today. They are thriving in foster care. "They are getting to the age where they love to play. I always see them snuggling on top of each other and sleeping," Melinda told Love Meow. "They start meowing if they're separated from each other for too long." Shelbi UyeharaThe two sisters cuddled up together from the beginning, and have been inseparable since. "I'm definitely thinking a double adoption is in their future!" Melinda BlainFollow their updates on and . If you would like to support their rescue efforts, .Watch Nova and Prima's journey in this cute video: Kittens rejected from litter, keep each other comforted Share this story with your friends. Related story:
February 13, 2019
A veterinary clinic in Moses Lake, Washington received a call from a mother asking for an appointment for her daughter's best friend - a plush toy cat named Donnie. Pioneer Veterinary Clinic Earlier this month, got a special request from Susie Efigenio. Her 6-year-old daughter, Jazmine, was extremely concerned about her beloved plush toy cat.Jazmine, who has special needs, adores her "feline" friend. When she discovered a scratch on Donnie's right front foot, she was very worried. "Her mother called us and scheduled an appointment for her to be seen by Dr. Maier," Pioneer Veterinary Clinic . The family has a rescued dog but isn't able to have a cat due to allergies. Knowing how much Jazmine loves cats, they found Donnie, and she's been her cuddle buddy ever since. Pioneer Veterinary Clinic Last week, Jazmine and her mother brought Donnie to the clinic. When they were at the front desk, receptionist Heather helped get them checked in.While they were waiting for Dr. Maier in the exam room, assistant Callee came to get a history on Donnie. Jazmine was happy to share everything she knew about her best friend. Pioneer Veterinary Clinic They placed Donnie on the scale to see how much she weighed, and Jazmine got to help out in the process. Pioneer Veterinary Clinic Shortly after, Dr. Maier entered the room and greeted the family. He gave Donnie a physical exam while explaining to Jazmine what he did. When he listened to the plush kitty's heart and lungs, he was surprised to actually hear a heartbeat.Donnie the cat came from Build A Bear and was equipped with a special pitter-patter heart. Pioneer Veterinary Clinic Dr. Maier proceeded to examine her front feet and found the laceration. He discussed with Jazmine the treatment plan "to place bandage on the right front foot, keep on for a few days."Jazmine nodded her head as she listened attentively. Pioneer Veterinary Clinic While Dr. Maier was applying the bandage to the kitty's arm, he gave Jazmine tips on home care for her best friend. "Give her extra love and cuddles until she is all better," the clinic said. Pioneer Veterinary Clinic "After a thorough examination and a quick bandage, 'Donnie' is expected to make a full recovery," the clinic added. Pioneer Veterinary Clinic Jazmine was beaming with a smile after Donnie received the best care. She thanked Dr. Maier with a handshake while grinning from ear to ear."It was a very special experience for us all," Pioneer Veterinary Clinic told Love Meow. Pioneer Veterinary Clinic Staff at the veterinary clinic shared Jazmine's story on their Facebook page. Many people were moved by their kindness and compassion."Dr. Maier has always been this quality of a vet. He has always understood that healing the heart of the owner is as important as healing the heart of the pet," Barb commented on the . Pioneer Veterinary Clinic "The little things are the big things. You realize this post has people throughout Eastern Washington looking at their phones and crying and smiling at the same time," Bunny added a comment."As a parent of a special needs child this warms my heart... What a great place and a bunch of awesome people," Sheri shared her comment on the page.Share this story with your friends.Related story:
February 12, 2019
A tiny kitten who was the only survivor of her litter, found a surrogate dad to love on. It saved her life. Ellen Carozza LVT A week ago, received a little one-day-old kitten who was in need of critical care. The calico was the sole survivor of her litter when they were born.Volunteers from worked around the clock to save her, but it became evident that she needed more help."She came to me on February 5th as they know I specialize in caring for the critical neonate," Ellen Carozza, a Feline Licensed Veterinary Technician at Nova Cat, told Love Meow. "After we took her in, our vets examined her, placed her on an antibiotic. She was underweight and needed to be tube fed." Ellen Carozza LVT As a singleton, she is constantly looking for warmth and anything that mimics a cat mother's heartbeat.Despite weighing just 71 grams, she had the heart of a warrior and refused to give up. She was so eager to be loved and cuddled, and Ellen knew just the right buddy to introduce her to. Ellen Carozza LVT Ellen has a resident cat named Benny, who is the king of the house and surrogate dad to many of the rescued kittens that she has brought home. Benny has a heart of gold. Whenever he sees a kitten in need, he will immediately take to them and start caring like a mother would. Ellen Carozza LVT The calico whom they named Adora Belle, is no exception to Benny's love. As soon as he spotted the kitten, he got right to work. "We gave Adora a bath first and then allowed Benny to dote on her, which he did immediately."(Scroll down for video) Benny nurtured her with a bath followed by a cuddle session. Ellen Carozza LVT The kitten is placed in an incubator to help regulate her body temperature, but nothing can stop Benny from doing what he loves.He sleeps next to the incubator and keeps the kitten company throughout the night. Ellen Carozza LVT "When I came home, he saw me approaching our home incubator with the kitten travel bag and immediately sat up and knew I had a baby for him," Ellen told Love Meow."Benny has to help her be fed under his watchful eye and loves to groom her." The at Nova Cat gives rescued kittens like Adora the care that they need to survive and thrive. With help from the veterinary team and unconditional love from Benny, the kitten is growing and getting stronger every day. Ellen Carozza LVT In just a week, little Adora has doubled her weight and tripled her strength."Her eyes opened early and loves to be groomed by Benny and her toothbrush when she isn't with him." Ellen Carozza LVT Despite a rough start to life, little Adora is doing well and has a great future ahead of her. Benny takes every chance he can to dote on his kitten and let her know that she's loved. Ellen Carozza LVT Follow updates on and . If you would like to support their rescue efforts, .Watch Adora and Benny in this cute video: Cat becomes dad to rescued kitten Share this story with your friends.Related story:
February 12, 2019
The post by appeared first on . Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren't considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would love it if you continued sharing just the first paragraph of an article, then linking out to the rest of the piece on My sister, Molly, and I love making fleece blankets for the animals in our local shelters. One of our favorite things is digging through the remnants bin at the fabric store looking for adorable patterns. Molly has taken it one step further by making little pillows. They’re cute and soft, and easy to make. And the kitties love them! What you’ll need: A DIY kitty pillow. Photography ©Molly Butler. Fleece Scissors Sewing machine and thread Catnip (optional) Instructions Cut two pieces of fleece in either a small square or rectangle. You can make any size you want. Make sure the fleece is right-side out. Sew three of the sides together using a 1/2-inch seam. Stuff the pillow with fiberfill. For an extra special touch, add a little bit of catnip. Sew up the remaining side. Trim the edges. To give the pillows a more finished look, use pinking shears to trim. Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in Catster magazine. Have you seen the new Catster print magazine in stores? Or in the waiting area of your vet’s office? and get the bimonthly magazine delivered to your home. Thumbnail: Photography ©Molly Butler. Discover more cat DIYs on The post by appeared first on . Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren't considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would love it if you continued sharing just the first paragraph of an article, then linking out to the rest of the piece on
February 12, 2019
A man gave a shy kitten a home, and the little bundle of fluff hopped on his shoulder and wouldn't leave him. Jesse Aragona Jesse Aragona drove to a farm in Saratoga, New York when he learned about a little black kitten who was looking for a home."A woman had found a cat with kittens in her barn. Bucky (the kitten) was just a shy little puff," Jesse told Love Meow. "He hid himself away dusting every crevice he could hide in."Jesse, who has a soft spot for cats, was instantly smitten with the little bundle of fur. He showed the shy kitty that he meant no harm and quickly won him over when he started cuddling with him. Soon after they arrived home, Bucky clung to him for security and comfort and wouldn't leave his side. Jesse Aragona From the start, Bucky was a shoulder cat. He would crawl onto Jesse's shoulders and even made his way onto his head as he demanded to be carried around as so. "I was still in the military and had to leave him home with Sarah (fiancee) for three weeks," Jesse said. As soon as he came back, Bucky recognized him and grew even more attached, climbing on his shoulders every day without fail. Jesse Aragona Whenever his human dad is present, Bucky claims his shoulders as his designated perching spot. Jesse often finds his fluffy companion wrapped around him like a scarf or a hat, rumbling with his little purrs into his ears. Jesse Aragona There are many cat beds and places to sleep but Bucky only chooses to nap with his human dad.The kitty has blossomed into a magnificent cat, but some things never change. Jesse Aragona "He's grown from a tiny fluff to a large one, but he still loves to drape over my shoulders," Jesse told Love Meow."Ever since he came into my life, he's been my little shoulder cat." Jesse Aragona Jesse adopted another kitten who quickly commanded his lap. Bucky didn't mind at all as long as he remained the sole shoulder cat. Jesse Aragona When all of his feline friends demand cuddles at the same time, Jesse gladly obliges by lovingly squeezing them in his arms. There's no such thing as privacy in their home. Jesse Aragona Bucky greets his human dad when he gets home and immediately calls for shoulder time. Jesse Aragona The little shy kitten whom Jesse met at the farm, has transformed into a confident, majestic fluffy cat!Bucky knows he's king! Jesse Aragona Share this story with your friends. Related story:
February 11, 2019
A scrawny stray cat surprised shelter staff when she gave birth to a litter of five kittens. Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens Right before the New Year's Eve, Molly the cat came to a municipal shelter in Las Vegas after she was picked up as a stray.She was very agitated and didn't allow anyone to touch her. They weren't able to examine her at the time, but staff had a suspicion that she was pregnant. When they came back to check on her, they were surprised to see Molly tending to five little newborn kittens. She was very protective of them and wouldn't leave their side. They immediately reached out to local rescue groups and hoped to get them into a foster home as the shelter environment was too stressful for the little family. Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens Nikki Martinez, a local animal rescuer, met Molly at the shelter. As she tried to pet her, she saw a feline mother instinctively trying to protect her kittens.With help from , she was able to get the kitties out of the shelter and into a foster home.Kymmi, a volunteer of Hearts Alive Village, had an empty room and immediately offered to help. "She is very friendly, sweet and is such a doting mama," Kymmi told Love Meow. Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens Molly settled right into her foster room — she nuzzled comfortably in her new bed, purred up a storm and even allowed her foster mom to help with her kittens.The stray cat whom no one could touch at the shelter, turned out to be a snuggle-bug. Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens She spent most of her time nursing and keeping her kittens clean and groomed. When the babies were sleeping, she cuddled with them, watching over them every step of the way."Molly is such a good mom and is the sweetest cat!" Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens Watch Molly and her kittens in this cute video: Stray cat gets help to raise her kittens As the kittens grew bigger, they started to venture out of their nursing pen.At five weeks old, they tasted their first solid food. Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens Molly began to spend more time with her foster mom while keeping an eye on her kittens as they became more playful and rambunctious. "She loves attention and to be in our laps, she even likes to be held," Kymmi said. Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens The kittens are getting big but they always go back to their mom for comfort nursing.Once the kittens are old enough, they will start looking for their forever homes. Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens The sweet calico has lived most of her life on the streets and is so happy to have a roof over her head and someone to cuddle with."Thankfully, this will be her last litter and she has an amazing future in a loving, forever home ahead of her!" Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens Share this story with your friends. Follow updates on this .Related story:
February 11, 2019
A cat found himself outside his own home after his family moved away and left him behind. He wandered to a neighbor's house for food and found kindness. Debbie @fosterkittys Debbie, a foster volunteer based in Virginia, was contacted about a cat that her coworker had been caring for. "She asked if I could help with a homeless neighborhood cat that she has been feeding. Of course, I said, 'yes,'" Debbie shared with Love Meow.A family that lived on her street sold their home and moved away, leaving their Ragdoll behind. The cat began roaming the streets, going house to house for shelter and food. Eventually, he found his way to the kind woman who couldn't bear seeing him out alone."He has been outside to fend for himself since the fall. Here in Virginia, the winters are very cold, so luckily, he found shelter in my coworker's home." Debbie @fosterkittys Since her husband is allergic, she turned her garage into a temporary home for the kitty and made sure that he was warm, fed and loved every day."He had a bed, heat lamp and water and food bowls. The cat followed her around like a puppy and he even liked to hang out with her pug dog." Debbie @fosterkittys She wanted to help the kitty get more human contact and the run of a house, so reached out to Debbie for help. Debbie picked him up last week and welcomed him in with open arms. "He is absolutely magnificent. His temperament is very sweet and docile, and he is confidently walking around like he owns the place already," Debbie said. Debbie @fosterkittys The regal cat is so pleased to have a roof over his head and warm laps to sit on. He is never far from his foster parents as he doesn't want to be alone any more."He is such a love bucket, a totally gentle giant. I named him Valentino since Valentine's Day is approaching (and he's such a lover)," Debbie told Love Meow. Debbie @fosterkittys After roaming the streets for some time, he came down with an upper respiratory infection and had some matted fur on his coat. "I made a vet appointment to get an exam, blood test, vaccinations and grooming." Debbie @fosterkittys The vet estimated him to be around 2-3 years old. They removed the matted areas to give him some relief, and started him on an antibiotic to help him fight the kitty cold."He greeted and rubbed on everyone and just purred away. The staff gushed over him!" Debbie @fosterkittys Valentino snuggled up to everyone he met at the clinic and even tried to offer some "help" while they were on the computer. He's truly living up to his name. Debbie @fosterkittys The kind neighbor took the sweet kitty off the streets so he could get a chance at a better life. "He deserves a happy life and I'll make sure he gets it!" Debbie @fosterkittys Share this story with your friends. Follow updates on .Related story:
February 10, 2019
A little kitten wandered to a fire station on a very cold day late last month. She wanted to come inside for warmth, and the firefighters on duty sprang into action. Steinbach Fire Department Firefighters at in Steinbach, Manitoba (Canada) were surprised to see a little feline visitor peeking through a glass window one freezing cold evening. "I was walking and noticed her at the window. A member of the department went outside and she came right to them," Fire Chief Kelvin Toews told Love Meow. The kitten had been hanging around there but had no home to go to. They couldn't leave her out, braving the bitter cold, so welcomed her in. The kitty quickly made herself comfortable.She was dirty and hungry but so grateful to be safe and warm. The calico showered her human friends with affection and instantly won their hearts. Toews, who has four cats, offered to take her home so she could have a warm place to stay while he began searching for her owner. Steinbach Fire Department They lovingly named her Ember and took her to the vet the next day. Other than some frostbite on the tips of her ears, the kitten was in good shape. "I posted on Facebook to see if someone would claim her. When no one did we took her to the vet, had her vaccinated and took care of ear mites," Toews said. Steinbach Fire Department She was loving all the attention from everyone and couldn't get enough of their pets and snuggles.Knowing that a kitten like Ember needs a lot of attention and a family to dote on, they want the best for her, despite how much they would love to have her as their station cat. Steinbach Fire Department "Steinbach does not have a full time fire department so the station is not continuously staffed," they said. "Unfortunately the station can go days without someone being there."The firefighters took it upon themselves to help their feline friend find a loving home she so deserves. Steinbach Fire Department "We brought her to a friend who does fostering so she could have more human contact and the run of a house," Toews told Love Meow.After a much-needed bath, her beautiful markings really came through. "She smells much better than when she showed up at our door." Steinbach Fire Department 10 days ago, she went back to the vet to get spayed. She healed up very well and quickly bounced back to her playful and loving self.Now Ember is ready for her new chapter of life. She will make a wonderful companion who provides constant affection and cuddles. Steinbach Fire Department "We posted on Facebook that she was available for adoption, and it looks like we may have found her a loving home," Toews told Love Meow.No one knows how she ended up outside the station, but she surely found the right place to get help. Steinbach Fire Department Playful Ember! Stray kitten wanders to fire station Related story:
February 09, 2019
A young cat mom and her newborn kittens found themselves at a shelter, in need of help. Kittens, a few days after they were rescued!Chatons Orphelins Montréal An 8-month-old tabby was brought to a shelter in Montreal, Canada along with her kittens soon after they were born. The shelter environment quickly became too overwhelming to the young mom. She wasn't able to nurse her babies, and sadly, two of them didn't make it. Staff were worried about the rest of the family and immediately sent out a plea for help., a local rescue group, learned about their plight and offered to take them in. They arranged transport, a quiet home and a foster volunteer to tend to their every need. Cat mom and her newborn kittensChatons Orphelins Montréal The cat mom, Milkie, was just skin and bones. Despite what she had gone through, she was very sweet and affectionate towards people."She trusted us immediately. After all the changes over the last couple of days, she finally settled into a quiet, comfortable home," Celine Crom of the rescue told Love Meow. Chatons Orphelins Montréal The kittens were underweight at between 86 grams and 110 grams. They were born with a , an indication that the mother cat had been ill with a fever or stress during pregnancy.(Scroll down for video) Chatons Orphelins Montréal "They were very tiny and still had their umbilical cords attached when they came to us," the rescue said. "Their foster mom (Dorothee) spent a lot of time with them to make sure that the kittens fed well." Chatons Orphelins Montréal Mama Milkie was exhausted but continued to care for her kittens the best she could. She slept a lot during the first few days, trying to recuperate, while nursing her babies at the same time. Chatons Orphelins Montréal A few days later, they noticed something was wrong when Milkie stopped eating and wasn't producing milk."We gave her an ultrasound and discovered fluid in her uterus. She would need surgery right away." Chatons Orphelins Montréal While the cat mom was at the hospital, the kittens were bottle fed and cared for around the clock by dedicated volunteers, Erica and Danielle."The little ones were so hungry that they threw themselves on their first bottle. They quickly put on weight in just 24 hours." Chatons Orphelins Montréal When Milkie woke up from her surgery, her appetite returned and she immediately started eating. With a full belly, she was purring, kneading with her paws up in the air — it was the happiest moment they had ever seen from her.The sweet tabby girl began her recovery at a foster home. In three days, she gained one whole pound and tripled her energy. Chatons Orphelins Montréal Milkie is enjoying her new life as a loved and spoiled kitty without a worry in the world. "She needs us to take care of her as if she were a kitten. When we are nearby, she eats more," the rescue said.Now, whenever she cuddles with her foster mom, Valentine, she stretches her toes and starts rumbling with her adorable, contented purrs. Chatons Orphelins Montréal Follow . Watch video: Mama cat and her precious kittens. Rescued cat mom and her kittens Share this story with your friends. Related story:
February 08, 2019