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From the hectic work schedule to the household chores, your life is aligned with the hush-hush of responsibilities. People crave to find their solace in the chaos of life. Hence, there is a traditionally trusted technique called meditation that helps to detach from the knots of a stereotyped and stressful life. Meditation is a great way to calm the storms within you. The more deeply and regularly you meditate, the sooner you will find yourself acting from a center of inner peace. Meditation has a great influence on your cat’s well-being as it has on you. Hence, considering the significant influences on you and your pet, it is highly beneficial to have a mutual meditation practice. In addition to feeling more relaxed, meditating with your cat also serves you with many other benefits. Here are the benefits you and your cat will enjoy during shared meditation practice. Ignites Mindfulness Cats are uncontrollable creatures. They like to do whatever they want to, but when you sit to meditate, you can notice your cat also sitting beside or curling up in your lap. Cats are the masters of focus and one can surely witness that when they meditate. Though cats may get distracted for a moment, they do possess a great ability to regain their focus. Thus, your cat can teach a lesson of mindfulness and bring the lighthearted mood to sessions. Degrades Stress Whether there is a stress of meeting your work targets, stress of fulfilling your family expectations or the stress of coping with everyday life problems, meditating with your cat works as a great stress buster. All you need to do is put away the stress-ball and squeeze on to your furry ball. Having your cat around while meditating, keeps you in a haze of happiness. Your brain generates the happy chemicals called oxytocin and prolactin that reduce stress and adds up feel-good factor. Intensifies Safety & Trust When you meditate, you naturally calm yourself down and your energy center opens and realigns. That energy is much more than the physical body as it takes you to gain a level of calmness also in your mind and soul. It creates an environment where you and your pet can communicate or achieve a powerful level of peace. You and your furry companion will feel more grounded by following this meditation practice. Moreover, this practice will invoke a sense of security in your cat and will also strengthen the trust in your relationship. Uplifts Your Daily Routine That cute creature in your house can be a cure for many of your health problems. No matter how hectic your routine may be but your cat’s habit to live a structured life will be an ultimate motivation for meditation. Pet parents are likely to be healthier; moreover, meditating with their pet keeps them lively. Following a session of meditation, every morning, is a great way to boost your energy levels and kick start your day with an uplifted mood. Strengthens Communication Meditation increases the synchronization and efficiency of your nervous and cardiovascular systems. Therefore, when you meditate with your cat in silence, it creates an aura of synergy. Your cat can feel the message of your heart at the vibrational level. Another way to connect with your cat is to place your hand on the chest area and feel their breath. Then, as long as you are comfortable, try to match your breathing pattern to theirs. This will strengthen the bridge of communication between you and your pet. Helps To Get Outside Animals are instinctively aligned with the rhythms of nature. They generally do not prefer to stay indoors all day long. No matter what, they will always be ready to go out with you. They might even drag you outdoors in the fresh air to meditate early in the morning if you deny following their daily routine. Escaping from indoors actually changes your mind and makes you more focused. So, having an animal that always needs a daily dose of outdoor meditation will constantly encourage you to step out, and stay mentally and physically fit. There may be many interesting ways to spend time with your cat but meditating together is one of the most meaningful things you can do. It is very beneficial to meditate in the green grass and fresh air with your pet but you need to pay heed on the dangers of fleas and ticks that are ever ready to haunt your cat. Thus, to safeguard your cat from flea and tick infestation while you are busy meditating in the garden or backyard, you can use preventatives like . The post appeared first on .
July 31, 2019
Mange is a type of condition in cats that causes lesions, hair loss, scratching and scales on the skin. Compared to dogs the condition is rare in domestic cats but still needs your attention because if ignored, the disease can be a reason behind the irritation in cats. The disease is caused by mites that are usually present on the cat’s skin and hair follicles. Generally, cat’s immune system is able to control the mite infestation but in some cases, if the infestation of mites increases rapidly they can cause mild to severe skin infections. Hence to make sure that your cat is immune from this disease caused by the mites you need to more about the disease, its symptoms, causes, treatment, and prevention. Causes Of Different Types of Mange Mange in cats is of different types and is caused by different type of mites. Demodectic mange is caused when the mites (Demodex cati or Demodex gatoi) proliferate and the immune system of the cat is unable to control the infestation.Demodex cati is difficult to find and can be seen clinically in the hair follicles of any healthy cat as a part of cutaneous flora whereas Demodex gatoi has a round tail and lives in the stratum corneum layer of the epidermis. Demodex gatoi is also found to be contagious to other cats. Once considered as a rare condition in cats, Feline Demodicosis is becoming more common nowadays. However, fortunately, the symptoms of this disease are not severe in cats. Sarcoptic Mange – A type of mange that is again very infrequent in cats but has severe repercussions once the disease infects your cat. Caused by Sarcoptes scabiei Mite, these mites are oval in shape and are microscopic. Sarcoptes scabiei Notoedric mange is also referred to as feline scabies because it is similar to Sarcoptic Mange and is caused by Notoedres cati. These mites cause severe and highly contagious skin infections in cats, on the face and in and around ears which then spreads to the rest of the body. Notoedres cati Symptoms And Diagnosis Of The Mange Symptoms like red skin, lesions, irritation, itching, patchy hair loss, and restlessness infect the face and ear, and later on, it infects the whole body if not treated. Symptoms generally become visible after a week of your cat getting infected with the disease. For diagnosis of this disease, vets will use a skin scrapping method and perform a microscopic study to corroborate the presence of mites. However, in some cases, if the mites bury themselves deep into the skin, this makes difficult for the vet to identify these parasites. Therefore, in these circumstances, vets diagnose the disease by observing the clinical signs and history of your cat. Treatment Of Mange In Cats Mange in cats is usually self-limiting and is cured by the cat’s defense system. But if your kitty’s defense is weak then the infection becomes severe and the treatment is needed to support the body to fight against infections. Your vet will prescribe treatments like Frontline Spray, Frontline Plus, Serest Collar and many more that aid in the eliminating the mites that cause Sarcoptic Mange. Also, your vet may also suggest you buy other relief treatments like Essential 6 shampoos, Homeopet skin, and itch relief and HP Healing cream that help in suppressing the symptoms (itching, lesions, and bad hair quality and hair loss) caused by Mange disease. Prevention Of Mange In Cats To prevent mange you need to keep your cat healthy so that the immune system of your cat is able to control the infestation of mites naturally. Keep your cat hygienic and away from shady and damp places where parasites thrive. Make sure that you don’t expose your cat to an infected cat because the disease is contagious especially Sarcoptic Mange. Keep your cat under the monthly flea and tick treatment that also treats and prevents mite infestations. Can Humans Catch Mange From Cats? Well, you need not to worry more because of demodectic mange not contagious to humans because Demodex mites cannot survive on hosts of other species. On the other hand, sarcoptic mange is contagious to humans but doesn’t last for a long period and also it is self-limiting and the symptoms are less severe. Hope the information is helpful for you. Ensure that you keep your cat under parasite control program throughout the year. This will relieve you and your cat from unwanted health issues and vet visits. The post appeared first on .
April 13, 2019
With a plethora of flea control products available, pet parents are generally put in a quandary with no full proof direction for them to pick the right treatment. To cut down the stress of selecting the right products, normally product analysts and vets provide proper recommendations. Musing about the facts related to various products and deciphering the various benefits and contradictions, product analysts usually come up with a detailed conclusion. According to their discussion and reports, has emerged out to be a perfect option when it comes to controlling fleas effectively. What is Advantage for Cats?Well known among many cat parents, Advantage is the most popular flea control product that has variable benefits when it comes to treating flea infestations. The ability to treat regular flea infestations makes it an effective flea treatment. Usually, flea infestation means a lot of turbulence in the life of your kitty. The flea bites not only cause irritation but also transmit dangerous diseases unknown to cat parents and can also develop health conditions like flea allergy dermatitis or at extreme even anemia. In some cases, cats may develop allergies to flea saliva that means even few bites can be a cause of great concern as it can result in severe sore or itching skin. Additionally, infected fleas can even transmit tapeworm infections, if swallowed during grooming. Moreover, the grave danger surfaces when the visible fleas only account for 5% and the rest of the flea infestation is found as flea eggs, larvae and pupae, which are hidden from sight in the house. Thus, in a way, it becomes quite crucial to control the overall flea population through an effective flea control treatment. Loaded with potent ingredient, Advantage comes as handy in treating flea infestations. It gets to work too quickly killing fleas within a day and remains effective for three and more weeks. The spot-on solution, which is quite easy to apply, seamlessly eliminates fleas without a need for biting. Why Advantage is Fast and Effective Treatment? With a gamut of benefits and an array of positive features, this topical treatment has a huge potential to shield your cat against the vicious effects of fleas. The latent ingredient has benchmark potential in driving away not only fleas but destroying flea larvae existing in home, thus cutting off the emergence of new flea infestations. Being present under the skin layer, the component helps protect your cat against future infestations for up to first three to four weeks. What Things Should Be Taken Care About Advantage? Though advantage comes with rare to no known side effects, it is always crucial to consider some points when treating your kitty. Advantage should always be applied two days after the bath or if you need to bath your cat, wait at least for two days after treatment. Post application you need to always ensure that your kitty doesn’t lick the treated area. Also, until the application area is dry do not try to touch it. Let the area dry completely before you allow your kitty to play or go around with other animals if any in your household. Furthermore, you need to be well acquainted with the application procedure lest you may end up in a troublesome situation. Applying in such an area where your kitty can lick, can deliberately lead to unwanted situations, at times also landing up in emergency stations. It is far better to get a brief knowledge about ‘How to Use’ procedure so that you and your furry friend remain out of the shackles of emergencies. How to Use Advantage for Flea Treatment Video Source: Youtube( Moreover, Advantage should not be used on weaning kittens and those below eight weeks of age. The topical treatment has not been evaluated to be used with other medications. So, if your kitty is already on some treatments, consulting your vet is always a better option. When it comes to treating pregnant and lactating cats, there have been no records or approval from the manufacturer. Therefore, the best person here to guide you is your vet. He can either provide you an alternative or explain to you why Advantage should not be used for pregnant and lactating felines. [Read] Why I Should Opt Advantage When Other Flea Products Are Available? The major positive aspect of Advantage over other treatments is its unique non-biting property. Where the oral and other treatments require fleas to bite and feed in order to be killed, Advantage has the upper hand over this. The spot-on treatment, when applied on the skin, is highly efficient in killing fleas on contact, and it does not require fleas to bite. Major Takeaway with Advantage for Cats Most effective flea control product available on the market Kills both fleas and flea larvae Have the capacity to effectively control future flea infestations Possess the tendency to control flea bites Proficiently controls flea allergy dermatitis When used monthly provides year-round protection One single dose application lasts for 28 days Comes with safety margin so can be used on cats and kittens above eight weeks of age Highly affordable The post appeared first on .
February 14, 2019
Even though your cat keeps herself immaculately clean, there are some common diseases that find ways to infect your kitty. A number of viruses and bacteria keep lurking to multiply and as soon as they find the host, their activity surges in leaps and bounds. This is why it is important to know what problems your kitty can face so you can be prepared for them in advance. Or at least, know when to take actions. Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases (FLUTD)This disease usually attacks cats that are either unfit, overweight or are on a dry diet. Some kind of infection, blockage of the track, bladder stones or cancer can be the possible causes of this disease in which the cat feels stressed out to pass urine or is not able to empty its bladder completely. In case, you see your cat strained while peeing or eliminates bloody/cloudy urine, feels lethargic and uncomfortable, you must get the kitty checked up by the vet. Fleas Fleas are quite a common problem in cats. These parasites bite and suck blood, leave their saliva on the skin which causes constant itching, hair loss and discomfort. When the infestation is prolonged, it can even lead to anemia leading to a life-threatening condition. The infestation can, however, be treated with or . Intestinal WormsIntestinal worms suck nutrition from the body and leave the host weak and undernourished even when it is fed proper food. These worms cause blockage of the intestines and lead to stomach upsets. Vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and weakness are the . Upper Respiratory Tract Infections Have you come across a cat that sneezes a lot and has a pus-like booger in the corners of the eyes? Watch out, that poor cat must be suffering from Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. It is a viral and bacterial infection that spreads through contact with the saliva or eye/nose discharge of the infected cat. Symptoms generally include – coughing, sneezing, fever, poor appetite, and lethargy. Eye Infection Cataracts, Glaucoma, conjunctivitis, viruses, inflammation and corneal ulcers are some serious eye diseases that can lead to partial or complete blindness in cats if not addressed quickly. A cat with any of the aforementioned disease would show symptoms like – squinting, discharge in the corner of the eyes, water in the eyes and frequent pawing near the eye area. Do not overlook the symptoms if your cat shows any of the above signals as it is a matter of your cat’s eye sight. Immediate treatment with antibiotics can prevent further complications and complete blindness. The post appeared first on .
February 07, 2019
Fall is a time when nature is at its best with bright foliage covering the roads and the cool wind giving you the whiff of approaching winters. It’s a transition period and with this change in the weather, possibilities of your pet falling sick due to allergies and parasites like ticks and fleas increases multifold. Other than that, there are several things that pets may need to be safeguarded from in this second, festive half of the year. Top Pet Care Tips for This Fall Use flea and tick preventativesFlea and ticks don’t just lurk in the summer season; they can infest your pet in this transition period as well. Grasses and leaf piles can be the hiding places for ticks and crawl up to your pet’s body while he walks on them. It is therefore important that your pet is safeguarded no matter where you go. come in different forms like topicals, sprays, chews, and collars having varying efficacy levels and performance time. Some may be monthly whereas some others can work for 3 months. Save From Poisonous Mushrooms of the Fall Autumn is the most favorable period for fungus like poisonous mushrooms. Many regions experience rain and thus the damp places make the area suitable for mushrooms. Though not all of them are toxic, even one poisonous mushroom can damage liver and kidney in pets. Thus it is better to keep your yard clean where mushrooms can grow easily and avoid taking your pet to the damp places. Stash RodenticidesAs the temperature cools down, rodents come out from their holes in search of warmth and thus can be easily noticed in the autumn. Due to the same reason, some people might use rodenticides to repel rats from entering or wandering around their house. However, you must be careful while storing them because they are highly dangerous for pets and can lead to fatal consequences if ingested mistakenly. So, make sure you hide them away from your pet’s reach. Do not use antifreeze in presence of your petAntifreeze has a sweet smell which may attract cats and dogs. It is thus important to keep it away from your pet because the ethylene glycol in it is extremely toxic for pets if ingested mistakenly. Even a small amount can lead to lethargy, extreme thirst and kidney failure in pets. In case, your pet ingests antifreeze mistakenly, take him to the vet hospital immediately. Antifreeze is a poison for them and thus you need to very cautious while storing antifreeze in your house. Always make sure it is not accessible to pets at any point in time. Use it in their absence. Save From AllergiesSeasonal change and strong winds can cause dryness of the skin in dogs and cats which leads to scratching and biting. You must use moisturising products like essential 6 for keeping his skin smooth and soft. Some dogs may also suffer from respiratory issues like coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge and red, watery eyes during this season because of the pollens, grass and mold spores in the wind. Thus, it is better to stay indoors most of the times and if at all the pet shows signs of allergy, consult your vet for medical help. Feed Well Balanced DietA balanced diet increases immunity and increases physical strength. Pets that are fed more nutritious diet develop good immunity and thus don’t fall sick because of the seasonal changes that easily. Moreover, as the temperature goes down body needs more energy to function properly so make sure he eats all his meals properly and on time. You can also feed supplements to enrich his diet and boost his nutrition. Avoid Giving Harmful Treats Most of the people bring chocolate candies and sugar-coated stuff for Halloween celebrations. Completely avoid giving this stuff to your pets. Do not involve him while you feast on those munchies as sugary stuff can cause diarrhea, vomiting and other complications in animals. Autumn can prove to be a very amazing season for you and your pet if you take proper precautions in advance. Make sure you follow these guidelines to let your pet safely sale through this transition period. The post appeared first on .
November 22, 2018
Does your dog has a heavy flea infestation and you cannot stand the sight of those flying critters all over his body? Well, we advise you to take immediate action because it calls for controlling the situation before it goes berserk. Resort to Capstar as there is no other way your pet would get instant relief. Capstar is also the most preferable treatment for pet owners that do not like to handle greasy and awkward smelling topical treatments even if they are super-effective. And the plus point is it is an over the counter treatment that doesn’t require vet prescription and gives some instant respite to the suffering dog. So, why not go for it rather than waiting so long for other drugs to work as per their course of action. What is Capstar and why is it the best solution for fleas?Capstar is an oral tablet containing nitenpyram, an active insecticide that kills adult fleas within 30 minutes of its administration. A single dose of this treatment can kill almost 90% of the fleas within 4 hours in dogs and 6 hours in cats. Isn’t that real fast compared to other treatment that takes almost double the time to eradicate the flea population completely?! How does Capstar work? Once the tablet enters the body, the active ingredient nitenpyram distributes itself in the tissue fluids across the whole body of the pet. When a flea sits on the pet to feed, it, in turn, ingests the chemical. Nitenpyram now inside the flea body attacks its central nervous system and causes hyper-excitation of the nerve cells thereby killing the parasite. When should you treat your dog with Capstar? Capstar is a quick acting product so, whenever your dog or cat requires instant relief from fleas and the itching that flea bites cause, you can use this tablet that very moment. One can also give this product to a pup or a kitty as young as 4 weeks of age weighing over 2 pounds without any second thoughts. Reason being, the product is completely safe for young dogs and cats (>4weeks) as well as pregnant or nursing animal. How often can you use Capstar? Capstar can be used anytime when your pet is infested with fleas. The surprising thing is that you can treat your pet with as often as once a day. How long does the effect of Capstar last? Well, Capstar remains effective only until 24 hours. However, you can re-administer the tablet again the next day itself. In case you are seeking a long lasting solution to flea problem, then it advisable to go for monthly treatments like Frontline Plus, Advocate or Revolution. Is there any side effect of Capstar? Capstar doesn’t really have any side-effect. In the rarest cases, where the pet is allergic to nitenpyram, he can experience vomiting or diarrhea. Well, if you see your dog or cat getting itchy after the administration of the dose, do not fret. It is a normal reaction. This happens because once the fleas start dying; they are in a hyper-excited mode that makes them sting the pet. This reaction subsides once all the fleas are dead. [Read] Are there any restrictions against swimming or bathing? Well, rejoice because the answer is NO. Since the product is in the form of an oral tablet you can easily bathe or swim your pet after the administration of this product. It will still work as effectively, unlike the topical solutions that have chances of losing their efficacy and thus mostly restrict bathing or swimming of the pet unless the solution dries out completely. is an instant reliever and can be easily bought from any online store. You can simply use the product whenever fleas create a problem for your pet. It does the job quickly without any mess, so go for it! Though it a temporary solution, it will certainly be a savoir against those nasty blood-sucking flies. The post appeared first on .
November 12, 2018
Flea and tick collars are quite popular amongst pet owners for being so convenient and a mess-free solution. Though you can see miscellaneous options in the market, Seresto collar is one of the most popular choices amongst pet owners these days due to its efficacy and amazing fit. The collar is designed with sustained-release technology that diffuses the chemicals and distributes them evenly on the entire body, unlike other collars whose effect remains restricted to just the neck region. Besides, the material of the collar is made up of the high-quality matrix that doesn’t irritate the skin at all. Many customers ask if the Seresto Collar for Dogs Can Be Used on Cats. Well, the answer is no. You must not use the collar meant for dogs on cats because the chemicals in the collar vary for the two species. Seresto collar contains two active ingredients – imidacloprid and flumethrin of which the concentration of flumethrin in dogs is comparatively higher to that in cats, hence the disapproval. Apart from that, the belt also varies for dogs and cats. A dog collar has a wider and longer belt which doesn’t suit the small neck of cats. It may cause discomfort, irritation and may not even work at all. It is hence advised to buy two separate collars for cats and dogs. [Read] Side Effects of Interchangeably Using Seresto Collar for Dogs on Cats May not fit properly to the neck so won’t give the 8 months lasting efficacy. May cause irritation, itching and even diarrhea in cats. If chewed mistakenly, the collar can cause complications in cats. Benefits of Using Seresto Collar for Cats Eliminates existing fleas and ticks within 24 hours and repels them effectively. Works for complete 8 months when worn continuously. The collar is non-greasy and odorless so you don’t have to worry about the foul smell while holding him or introducing him to others. It is waterproof which makes it wearable under water. Safety release mechanism of the collar prevents the cat from getting strangulated. It has safety reflectors which allow people to see the cat even in the dark. You do not have to remember about the monthly administration. Seresto has earned a rapport in the market because of its thousands of satisfied customers that have used and experienced the benefits of this product. Besides, it can be easily tied along the other collar so you don’t need to remove the previous collar. Isn’t that great? Fleas and ticks can be nasty and a nuisance for us. So, when we already have a sword to wield and kill them, why not use it in advance. But, do remember to buy the right product as you already know the consequences of using an incorrect collar on your cat by now. [Read] Still, have questions about Seresto Collar , visit The post appeared first on .
November 01, 2018
Felines are susceptible to arthritis just as canines. Though in dogs this problem is quite evident, cats don’t manifest signs of joint issues easily because of their overtly active nature. Unless the pain isn’t severe or they find serious difficulty in climbing, cats don’t stop. This makes it hard for the pet owners to notice signs of arthritis in their kitties. However, cats do suffer from severe joint pains and in fact, are more susceptible to arthritis than dogs. A cat suffering from joint aches may exhibit subtle signs of arthritis which commonly include – reluctance to climbing and jumping, favoring one leg, become reclusive and do not groom them. Pain makes them more irritable and highly aggressive at times. So, if you have a feline at home that needs your attention, here are some tips you can follow to take good care of your arthritic kitty. 5 Tips to Take Care of a Cat Suffering From Joint Pain Make Her Lose Weight Obesity is the most common cause of joint troubles in cats. Those extra pounds put unnecessary pressure on the cat’s knees which leads to excessive wear and tear of her joints. Thus, maintaining an optimum weight is extremely important for pets to stay free of joint troubles. So, measure your kitty’s weight and make her shed that extra fat in her body by providing the right amount of healthy food. Feed Healthy Diet Cat’s diet usually has fish, chicken and other meats. However, with the advent of packaged foods for animals that claim to provide complete nutrition, pet owners usually feed their felines with these easy to provide, fuss-free munchies. Though it is fine to feed such foods sometimes, a cat’s regular diet must be comprised of whole meats and must be mostly wet in consistency. A well-balanced diet is thus always recommended to keep joint problems at bay. Joint Supplements Joint supplements are highly beneficial in preventing arthritis in cats. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM in these supplements are known to repair the withered cartilage and adjoining connective tissues of the joints by facilitating cell growth and stopping the degeneration process. Some supplements also come with corticosteroids which act as pain relievers. So, whenever you , do watch out for these ingredients. Massage Your Cat’s Joints Massage isn’t just for humans. It is quite beneficial for our pets too. Nice warm compresses or oil massages are very helpful in relieving joint pains in cats and dogs. Massage increases the blood circulation in joints thus providing oxygen to the cells hence facilitating mobility of joints. Acupuncture is also a great way to combat arthritis in cats. It is painless and can help the cat to deal with arthritis in a better way. Joint Replacement Surgery Joint replacement surgery is a great option in cats that have completely lost their mobility due to severe arthritis. It is a long-term solution to keep the cat pain free and gives new life to the lethargic immobile kitty. Consider this option if her stress is unbearable. Overfeeding is a common issue in all the US households that own pets. This practice is increasing the number of cases of arthritic issues in cats thus must be taken into serious consideration. As per the vets’ recommendations, maintain a healthy optimum diet for your cat and put her on a joint supplement from a very young age to avoid joint issues with growing age. Your attention and awareness can save your furry munchkin from a lot of distress in future, so better follow these tips and keep your cat active for long. The post appeared first on .
September 21, 2018
Any cat fancier will tell you that their cat is cool. But when the temperature starts to rise, how do you keep your cat cool? How do you prevent heat stroke from occurring, and if it does occur, what do you do about it?
August 16, 2018
Summer is all here and so as fleas and ticks with their nasty mission to attack and feed on the furry companions. You may be exploring various options to protect your furry pal from fleas and ticks this summer season. Among multitude of flea control options, collars have high efficacy when it comes to protect your furry pal from nasty fleas and ticks. In summers, the demand for flea and tick collars rises due to their effectiveness and easy to use feature. Not to mention collars such as stands as protection shield against fleas and ticks for full 8 months. Why Choose Flea And Tick Collars? Surely, a pet parent has the option of choosing flea control products such as or to protect their dog from parasites but that will not resist him from going out to play near the woods or in the garden where ticks are found in abundance. A flea and tick collar comes in the picture for this very reason. Collars are handy, water resistant, easy to use, comfortable and most importantly effective against fleas and ticks. Thus, a need for flea and tick collar arises for your pet this hot season. What Does A Flea And Tick Collar Offer? • Collars such as offer 8 months protection against fleas and ticks. • The best thing about flea collars is that they are easy to use, handy and water resistant. • You don’t have to remember date for next dose or treatment. Once your pet has put on this collar, he will be protected from fleas and ticks for the next 8 months. • Mosquito and flea repellent • Long lasting flea and tick treatment • Provides 24/7 protection against external parasites. • Provides best Value For Money The Bottom Line Fleas and ticks are synonymous with the summer season. With the availability of effective flea and tick collar, you can give your pet an all round protection against fleas and ticks. Do clean your house regularly and the garden area to disrupt the flea life cycle present in your home environment. The post appeared first on .
July 03, 2018
When is it safe to let kitty go outside? Basically, never. As cities spread, wildlife loses its own habitat and adapts to ours. Coyotes, raccoons, possum, hawks, and owls can all present a danger to pets left unsupervised outdoors. If your cat is adamant about getting some fresh air and seeing what’s going on in…
August 15, 2017
Your cat can only be healthy and happy, when her immune system supports her. Weak immunity can always put your pet into some or other health conditions, which is a fact even for the humans. You may be knowing what the science says about immunity. It is the most intricate part of a living body…
August 17, 2017
Cats – particularly those who live indoors only – need a stimulating environment. Automated cat toys offer owners a new way to offer Kitty mental and physical stimulation by encouraging natural feline hunting behaviors. Today we want to share with you eight of these systems that can provide cats with hours of safe and positive…
August 19, 2017
Cat trees play a huge role in creating an environment that’s both physically and mentally stimulating for our kitties. Why settle for run-of-the-mill designs though? You can have a cat tree and make a home decor statement at the same time. Here are 12 unique cat trees that will inspire you to re-think the concept…
August 23, 2017
As responsible and conscientious pet owners, we all try to do whatever we can in order to keep our companions safe and free from harm. We see the debate of whether a cat should be kept strictly indoors at all times versus letting a cat roam the garden or yard area outside occurring frequently in…
August 25, 2017
When you get home, it’s hard to tell if Kitty even missed you. “Oh, were you gone? I didn’t notice.” Other cats will cling and not let you out of their sight. Some just want the food can opened. Then there are the cats who feel you should be punished for not being at their…
August 27, 2017
Many cat owners wince when they are faced with the prospect of bathing their cat. Past experience – or lurid second-hand tales from traumatized friends – often conjures up images of wet chaos with the blurred shape of a soaked cat climbing the walls (or, worse, your arms) with claws fully extended. As a result,…
August 29, 2017
Cat litter preference can be as unique as your cat’s predilection for specific food flavors or type of scratching surface. Switching to a new type or brand of kitty litter can hugely affect your cat’s life, so make sure you only do it if you have to, and then do it right. Take Your Time…
August 31, 2017
There are rules for setting up a litterbox correctly and for maintaining it properly. Not following these rules means a less-than-ideal litterbox experience for Kitty. This is stressful for your cat and could eventually lead to litterbox avoidance. No one wants their cat to go outside the litterbox, so make sure you’re not making one…
September 03, 2017