The First Ever At-Home Cat Genetics Test


Cat lovers rejoice! Thanks to Basepaws, we now have the ability to learn the genetic makeup of our feline friends, just like our canine counterparts have been able to do since 2007 when dog DNA tests became commercially available. There are many compelling reasons why you need this information and the reporting at Basepaws makes the data crystal clear. Let’s take a deep dive into genomic testing for cats.


Why Should You Get DNA Testing on Your Cat?

DNA tests are the best way for you to get to know your cat from the inside out. The information contained in a Basepaws report will help you make informed healthcare decisions, better understand your cat’s temperament, and open your eyes to the wonderful variety of breeds that are similar to your beloved feline.

Health Matters: When you understand the genetic profile of your cat, you are able to give her the best possible health care. Being made aware of ailments or conditions particular to the breeds her DNA most closely resembles means that you can recognize potential problems early and seek help. Just as a family health history is critically important to understanding your own health, the information you will discover from your cat’s DNA test will play a vital role in keeping your cat healthy and well. Personality Traits: Naturally, you have an understanding of your cat’s temperament. Nobody knows your fur baby as well as you do. That being said, having research-based information about the known traits of breeds that are similar to your cat’s genetic makeup will help you better understand her behavior. Thinking about getting another cat? What about bringing a dog into the house? Starting a human family and want to know if she will be okay with kids? These kinds of questions are addressed with known personality traits. Read Your Cat’s Story: Humans love a good story. We understand our history and our family traits through the telling and retelling of stories over generations. From physical traits like freckles or blue eyes to personality traits like hot headedness to natural abilities like perfect rhythm…they are part of your genetic story. Wouldn’t it be interesting to read the familial story of your kitty? In the case of genetic testing, curiosity will most certainly help the cat and his parent.

How Does it Work?

The good folks at Basepaws make it super easy to obtain your cat’s genetic profile. You simply order a cat kit and they ship it to you. You painlessly swab the inside of your cat’s cheek and send it back to Basepaws. They then run the DNA against their ever growing database of pedigreed feline DNA.

Your cat’s DNA will be visually depicted in your report (more on that later) in a “Chromosome Painting.” This is a way to visually show your cat’s genetic code information and allows you to better understand the genetic similarities that your cat has to pedigreed samples.


One of the most impressive things about the Basepaws process is that as their database continues to grow, your cat’s profile reflects that additional data. Over time, you continue to receive new information about your cat as the scientists at Basepaws identify and include the genetic results of additional pedigreed cats in the database.

What Will the Report Tell Me?

Let’s get into the nitty gritty. If you receive a report from Basepaws, it will contain a number of useful sections.

Information on the history of cat evolution as well as tips for interpreting your cat’s results. A summary section gives you the highlights of the findings including the top 3 pedigreed breeds most similar to your cat and which wild cats are most like your cat’s genetics. A section with the percentage of each of three breed groups (Western, Eastern, Hybrid) present in your cat’s makeup as well as the aforementioned chromosome map. Several sections that dive deeper into the most closely matched genetic profiles to your cat, i.e. Russian Blue, Siberian, etc. A section that pulls in all actionable health and wellness data gleaned from the full picture to help you give your cat the best care.


Basepaws recently made a huge splash at the largest pet industry trade show, Global Pet Expo as finalists for the coveted Pet Care Innovation Prize powered by Purina. Being the first to hit the market with an at-home genetic test for felines made quite the impression on the panel of expert judges with good reason. This product gives cat parents the opportunity to deeply understand and care for their cat, unlike they have ever been able to do before. What are you waiting for? Order your cat kit today and prepare to be wowed with what you learn.






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