A family found a kitten abandoned in a parking lot and rescued her from an uncertain fate. Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Late July, a family had just arrived at a parking lot in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin when they spotted two abandoned kittens there. One sadly didn't survive the busy traffic. They immediately rushed to rescue the other kitten before anything could happen to her, and took her home to safety. The family happens to be volunteers for (in Green Bay, Wisconsin). They reached out to their rescue group and brought the kitten in for a checkup. Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary The little one was a bit shaken after the ordeal but so glad to be in safe hands at last. They got her all cleaned up and wrapped her up in a large soft towel.The sweet kitty felt snug and comfortable, cuddling with her rescuer. Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary They named her Gladys and that night she went home with her foster family. She fell asleep snuggling with her human friend. The little girl was so grateful to have a safe home and eager to be loved. Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary After a tough beginning, Gladys could finally relax. She no longer worried about shelter and food and just wanted to cuddle.She curled up in her foster dad's lap for some extra TLC. Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary The kitty really missed having a sibling. Knowing Gladys would do better with a feline friend her age, they had a plan just for her.A few weeks before they found Gladys, they took in another kitten named Kenzie. Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Kenzie was found on the side of the road one morning late June. She was in rough shape and had a severe eye infection that took over two weeks to treat. A dedicated volunteer nursed her back to health. The calico purred through everything and overcame many hurdles with her incredible resolve. Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary When the two kitties were introduced, they just hit it off, playing and chasing with each other like litter mates."Our two orphans made friends over the weekend in their foster home. Gladys is healthy, hydrated, and is now growing nicely," Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary . "These two tough ladies have been through a lot recently. We've got some strong kitties on our hands."The family rescued the parking lot kitten just in time, and now she has a loving foster home, a new sister and many warm laps to sit on. Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Share this story with your friends. Follow . If you would like to support their rescue efforts, .Related story:
August 04, 2019
A man heard kittens' cries and traced the sound until he saw two little kittens huddled up near a dumpster. Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens Last week, a Las Vegas resident found two little kittens sitting near a dumpster, crying for help. He immediately scooped them up and rushed them to a local rescue, ."They were both found with terrible eye infections, crying next to a dumpster," , a rescuer and foster volunteer, told Love Meow.The kittens were very hungry and just skin and bones. They reeked of garbage, and one of them couldn't open his eyes due to infections. Nikki took them home so they could get a chance at a better life. Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens She filled their empty bellies with good food and bathed their tiny bodies that were covered in filth. The kittens would need a few more baths to completely eliminate the odor from the dumpster.The brother and sister were named Piccolino (black) and Bambina (black and white). Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens They were exhausted after a long day but so happy to be full, clean, comfortable and have a safe home. The duo purred themselves to sleep in their new warm bed. Piccolino rolled around on his back in total bliss. The brother and sister were already loving their indoor life. Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens Nikki has them on a round-the-clock feeding schedule. She and her husband work as a team to keep them fed, cleaned and treated for their eye infections. As their eyes healed each day, their energy soared. Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens Piccolino is a great eater and Bambina is full of sass and cattitude despite being just a few weeks old. Once they got their health back, their personalities started shining through.Watch their rescue journey in this video: Kittens rescued from dumpster get second chance at life In just a few days, the two siblings have really turned a corner and are getting more curious and playful. Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens They no longer have to cry for food and shelter as they bid farewell to the tough life on the street. Now, warm beds, good food and loving humans are the new norm. The kittens couldn't be happier. Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens Share this story with your friends. Follow and . Related story:
May 07, 2019
A blind kitten who was rejected by his litter, found someone he loved. They came back for him and turned his life around. Kerry Denman @louie_blind_cat Kerry Denman from London, England visited a litter of kittens that were looking for homes. She went to spend some cuddle time with the kitties without the intention to adopt.Soon after she arrived, she noticed a tiny gray and white kitten singled out by himself, nesting alone on top of a laundry basket. "He'd been rejected by his mama, and his litter mates had pushed him out," Kerry told Love Meow. The kitty was born blind with patellar luxation and skeletal abnormalities. "When I first picked him up, he kind of just curled up into a ball in my hand. And then I stroked his head and he relaxed." Kerry Denman @louie_blind_cat Kerry went home after the visit but couldn't stop thinking about the little blind kitten. By the second day, she knew it was time to head back and bring the little guy home. She named him Louie the Blind Cat. "I went to see a litter of kittens, just to feed my need for cuddles, never actually intending to take any home with me..." But then Louie found her. Kerry Denman @louie_blind_cat The kitty quickly settled into his new abode and adjusted to change with flying colors. "His first day home was nerve-wracking for me. But for him, he didn't show any signs of being scared. He was exploring straight off," Kerry told Love Meow. "He just went about himself like he'd always been with me." Kerry Denman @louie_blind_cat "I remember early on when other people were in the room. He'd be a little nervous and would follow my voice and just sit near me. I think, he felt safe with me from the beginning."Louie loves toys that make noise. Despite having no sight, he enjoys scampering around the room and has his fair share of zoomie moments. Kerry Denman @louie_blind_cat "He follows us around, and he doesn't like to be left out of action. He'll always be wanting to know what's going on," Kerry said."He purrs a lot and is very specific with cuddles. He will lie between my legs when I'm in bed." Kerry Denman @louie_blind_cat "I think his senses and his whiskers combined just work together so well that his lack of sight isn't such a game changer. Obviously, it would be different if he were on the streets. In an environment that he knows and stays constant, he's fine."Watch Louie in action in this adorable video: Louie the blind cat Over the next several years, Louie blossomed into a beautiful, fluffy cat. Though he's had numerous health issues, he's never stopped living life to the fullest.Louie the little supervisor on duty! Kerry Denman @louie_blind_cat "His nature is so happy and calm. His will to live is strong. He hasn't had the best amount of luck in the world but he just keeps going." Kerry Denman @louie_blind_cat "Cats like Louie aren't so different to a cat that's not blind. Caring for Louie has been so rewarding because I've got to witness the strength and resilience that cats have when faced with what we perceive as limitations," Kerry told Love Meow.Louie doesn't let anything stop him from doing what he loves. He's just as playful and adventurous as any other cats. Kerry Denman @louie_blind_cat "When I think how easy he was with me right from the very first day, he definitely chose me." Kerry Denman @louie_blind_cat Share this story with your friends. Follow .Related story:
April 24, 2019
A stray cat and her litter of three were brought in to a shelter in Houston, Texas. Two of the kittens came with just three paws. Laura HernandezStaff at Barc Animal Shelter (in Houston, Texas) reached out to their partner rescuers at in Denver, Colorado as the kittens needed special care. "They called us and let us know that they received a mother and litter in that included two kittens that had part of their left back leg missing. This could have been from a bite or getting caught in something," Anna Suda of RMFR told Love Meow. The rescue recognized the urgency of their condition and offered to take them so they could start them on treatment and provide medical attention they desperately needed. Barc Animal Shelter "At this time, the kittens were only two weeks old roughly. We wanted to ensure we could get started on treating and caring for them immediately."After the family of four arrived at RMFR, their Foster Coordinator took them home to work out a regimen on their treatment. They would be transferred to a long-term foster once they were stable. Laura HernandezThe cat momma, Caress, was glad to get some help. "The mother was super focused on caring for them but also fine with us handling her babies. She's a great mother."The kittens (Crissy, Crawford, Cassidy) have a lot of growing to do. Despite missing a paw, Crissy and Crawford don't let anything stop them. Laura HernandezThe 3-pawed kitties will undergo surgery on their impacted limbs to prevent infections once they are big enough.Laura Hernandez, a foster volunteer, stepped up to be their caretaker for the rest of their foster journey and recovery after surgery. Laura HernandezCrissy and Crawford are playful and rambunctious just like any 4-legged kitten. "The two babies with a missing leg walk and play around like normal. They're a bit more clumsy but they're getting a hang of things," Laura told Love Meow.Watch this little family in this adorable video: Cat and her kittens (2 with 3 paws) find second chance at life "All the kittens love getting picked up and pet. As of right now, their eyes are slowly changing colors. We can't wait to see what their permanent colors will be!" Laura Hernandez"Momma is very affectionate with people, she loves to show off her babies and purr loudly every time you pet her."She is teaching her babies skills - how to be a big kitty. The trio follows in their mom's paw-steps, growing in size and feline wisdom. Laura Hernandez"Once they have their surgery (and are spayed/neutered), they will go back into foster for two weeks until they are fully healed. They will then be ready for adoption."This special little family is now thriving in foster care thanks to their rescuers who went the extra mile to save them so they could all have a chance at a forever home. Laura HernandezShare this story with your friends. Follow .Related story:
April 18, 2019
This little kitten was born very special. He is determined to live and thrive. Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue Rachel Lienemann, director of , was contacted about a special needs kitten, who had been born to a stray cat at a shelter. His sibling didn't make it, but he was hanging in there, fighting to live. "We take in special needs animals throughout Texas. We focus on the underdog," Rachel told Love Meow. "He has a cleft in the front of his hard palate, a unilateral cleft lip, and he was born without a functional nose and is most likely missing his right eye." Rachel took him in and immediately started tube-feeding him every hour around the clock. The little guy whom they named baby Voldemort or Voldy, took to his feedings like a champ and put on 0.7 ounces overnight. Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue "I kept telling myself, 'if he lives through the first 24 hours, I will be more hopeful,' then it became 'if he lives to be a week old, I'm sure he will make it,'" Rachel added. Little Voldy moved around his bedding, meowed whenever he wanted food, showing a lot of vitality and signs as a bubbly newborn. Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue "He is sassy. If I am even a couple minutes late to feed him at night he will let me know. He absolutely loves belly rubs," Rachel said. "The fact that he is gaining weight and active shows us that he is a fighter. He wants to live, too." Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue Within a week, the little tabby boy went from weighing 63 grams to well over 100 grams. His lungs sounded clear, and his energy simply soared. "Every day has been a milestone," Rachel told Love Meow. "He wants everyone to know that he is not going anywhere." Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue They are working closely with veterinarians to explore options when it comes to his nasal breathing. "He breathes through his cleft lip but with his mouth closed. We have more than one vet researching options for him now," she said. "They have assessed him and believe that he has hope of a good future." Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue "Cleft palate babies should never be allowed to nurse or be bottle fed as they will aspirate and die quickly. Tube-feeding is the only way to save them. Not many people know how or are comfortable tube feeding, which is one of the reasons we started getting these cleft palate babies," Rachel told Love Meow. "There is a huge lack of awareness that they can thrive with the right TLC. They need to be in the hands of an experienced rescuer and they too, can thrive." Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue Little Voldy just turned one week today. He's doing very well and continues to make strides every day. "We are going to do everything we can to get this baby boy to have a good quality of life." Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue Follow . Watch his journey in this video: Kitten born special gets a second chance at life Share this story with your friends. Related story:
April 15, 2019
A little scrawny kitten was given a new lease on life when a family took him home and nursed him back to health. Sarah And Remy @cuddlecrewfostersPuck the kitten and his brother were brought in to North Central Animal Shelter in Los Angels after they were picked up as strays. They were both in poor shape, and Puck's brother sadly lost his fight., a local rescue group, took Puck into their care and transported him to a foster home so he could get a chance at a better life. "He was underweight, lethargic and severely anemic due to being completely covered in fleas," Sarah, a foster volunteer of the rescue, told Love Meow.Sarah and her 11-year-old son, Remy, worked together to nurse the little guy back from the brink. Sarah And Remy @cuddlecrewfostersThe tabby boy was just skin and bones and too weak to eat on his own. The mother and son team kept him hydrated with fluids and syringe-fed him every few hours.After 48 hours of round-the-clock care, little Puck bounced back. Sarah And Remy @cuddlecrewfosters"He ate a little out of my hand and drank a little bowl of KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer) all on his own. He was also showing a lot more energy and signs of playfulness."A few days later, Puck was back on his paws, walked right up to his food bowl and started chowing down on his meal all by himself. Sarah And Remy @cuddlecrewfosters"He started eating on his own for the first time and started playing for the first time. This little man has come such a long way in just a few days," Sarah said.With his new-found energy, Puck began to gravitate toward his foster family and follow them around the house, cuddling, purring and playing. Sarah And Remy @cuddlecrewfosters He asked for more cuddle sessions as he got bigger and stronger. Soon, he figured out his favorite napping spot - a warm lap.Watch Puck's journey in this adorable video: Rescued kitten at foster home Puck adores everyone, especially Remy. Every time he tries to do his homework, the little tabby comes running to offer some "help." Sarah And Remy @cuddlecrewfostersThe tabby has really blossomed in foster care. He's gone from that scrawny, sick kitty to now a pudgy, playful love-bug. Sarah And Remy @cuddlecrewfostersRemy has a soft spot for kitties in need. Whenever Puck wants cuddles, he's always there to offer them. Little Puck is now ready for his next chapter of life - a forever loving home. Sarah And Remy @cuddlecrewfostersThey gave the kitty a second chance at life, and he turned into an adorable cuddle-bug, showering everyone with affection and purrs. Sarah And Remy @cuddlecrewfostersShare this story with your friends. Follow . Related story:
April 14, 2019
A stray cat was found cuddling with her newborn kittens on a cold, rainy day. She kept them safe until help arrived. Athina @rukasthecat of Jersey Kitty Nonprofit (in New Jersey) received a message about a cat who had just given birth outside under the doorsteps. "The momma cat was protecting her babies. It was dreadful outside, cold and rainy," Athina told Love Meow. She immediately sent out a plea via social media and started looking for a foster home that would be able to take in this little family. After getting a couple of offers from volunteers, they began their rescue mission. "I went ahead and got out to the location to see what was going on. Momma was exactly where she had given birth. I put the babies inside the carrier and hoped she would go inside and stay with them, but she went in and started moving the babies back." Athina @rukasthecat After a quick look-around the neighborhood, they noticed a colony of cats living in the area. They were mostly ginger, and the number would only multiply as kitten season had already begun. "There were so many cats, and they were actively mating." Athina reached out to a local TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescuer, , to aid her in the process. Athina @rukasthecat "When Morgan showed up (with a humane trap), we placed the babies in the carrier and put them behind the trap with a blanket over it. Momma cat always stayed nearby. She knew where the babies were," Athina said.As she heard the kittens meowing, she slowly walked toward them and into the trap. "After three hours in the rain and cold, everyone was safe and sound." Athina @rukasthecat The rescue team breathed a sigh of relief knowing that this little family would not suffer another day on the street. "Once we got home, I let her relax and left her alone with her babies. Momma appeared to be feral so I did not want to stress her out. I made sure she had enough food for the night before I headed to bed," Athina told Love Meow. Athina @rukasthecat The next morning, as Athina went to check on the feline family, she was surprised by what she discovered — there was a fifth baby that hadn't been there the day before. Watch their rescue journey in this video: Stray cat and kittens found a second chance at life The cat mom was still in labor during the rescue, and had her last kitten in the comfort of a safe home. Some of these kittens might not have made it if they were left out in the rain. "Morgan and I will be heading back to spay and neuter the other cats to stop the cycle," Athina told Love Meow. Now, all five of them are snuggling comfortably next to their doting mama in a warm bed. Athina @rukasthecat "They have been at a foster home for a few days, and the cat momma seems to be much more comfortable. The babies are thriving." Athina @rukasthecat Share this story with your friends. Follow their . Related story:
April 11, 2019
These tiny kittens were born with a silver-gray coat, but as they grew, their fur color started to change. Chatons Orphelins Montréal A tabby cat and her six newborn kittens were surrendered to a local shelter in Montreal, Canada when their owners could no longer keep them.Four kittens survived but they were in need of rescue as their cat mom was too stressed to feed them. The kittens appeared to have been born with a fever coat, where their natural pigments had not been properly deposited. This occurs when a cat mom is ill with a fever or stressed during pregnancy. took in the little feline family so they could be placed in a foster home instead of staying at the shelter. Chatons Orphelins Montréal The mama cat was in poor shape and needed emergency surgery. While she was away, the kittens were bottle fed every few hours around the clock. "They were so hungry they threw themselves on their bottle," Chatons Orphelins Montréal shared with Love Meow.The little bundles of fur were underweight when they first arrived. With help from Dorothee, a foster volunteer, they quickly perked up and started putting on weight. Chatons Orphelins Montréal The cat mama, Milkie, was so glad to be given the care she needed. Once she recovered from surgery, she decided that she would retire from motherhood once for all.At the time, no one was certain what colors or markings the kittens would end up with, but they would find out in a few weeks' time. Chatons Orphelins Montréal When they reunited Milkie with her kittens, she walked right back to her foster mom as if to officially hand her babies to the kind people she entrusted."All she wants now is to be loved and spoiled by her foster mom. She purrs whenever she's next to her." Chatons Orphelins Montréal As the kittens grew, their silver-gray fur was gradually replaced by their natural colored markings.Watch their journey in this cute video: Kittens born with fever coat change colors as they grow Three of the kittens grew to be adorable little tabbies, and one of them became white and gray. Chatons Orphelins Montréal "They are sweet and affectionate. When their foster mom holds them in her arms, they immediately start purring and fall asleep."The kittens had a few health issues along the way, but triumphed with help and unconditional love from their foster family. Chatons Orphelins Montréal At nine weeks old, the feline siblings have transformed into gorgeous little kitties - Dodo, Jules, Annabelle (the three tabbies) and Remi (white and gray).Soon, they will be ready for their forever loving homes. Chatons Orphelins Montréal They are eating like champs and getting very playful and rambunctious. But their favorite thing of all is to be cuddled and loved. Chatons Orphelins Montréal Share this story with your friends. Follow . Related story:
March 27, 2019
A stray kitten showed up in a neighborhood, looking for food and shelter, but no one wanted to take her in. Alley Cat Rescue Earlier this month, took in a scrawny 3-month old kitten who had been wandering the streets of South Los Angeles. The skinny little kitty was so hungry that she would meow at anyone she came across. "She went from house to house, begging to go inside, but nobody would let her in. Some little kids had been feeding her bread," Desiree of Alley Cat Rescue told Love Meow.Desiree and a few volunteers from Alley Cat Rescue were working on a TNR (trap-neuter-return) job in the area when they were informed about the kitten. Alley Cat Rescue "A resident told us about this skinny kitten that was looking for a home. Sure enough, we found her on a doorstep being shooed away," Desiree told Love Meow."She was so dirty, covered in fleas and had an upper respiratory infection. Despite all this, she purred like crazy and is super sweet." Alley Cat Rescue Her voice had gotten raspy from all the meowing but she never stopped purring. That day, the little stray finally found what she had been searching for — safe shelter, good food, and someone to cuddle with.They named her Pistachio and placed her in a foster home. Her pink blanket quickly turned brown as she was covered in filth and fleas. Alley Cat Rescue "She was dirty and her voice was hoarse from begging, but she kept purring from that first night. She was so grateful to be indoors," Desiree added.The kitten got a much-needed bath, a hearty meal and a warm place to nap in. Alley Cat Rescue After a week of medication, warm beds, good food and a whole lot of love, little Pistachio really filled out and gained plenty of energy. She felt like a new kitten and was cuddlier than ever.They decided to introduce her to a few feline friends so she could have a companion to cuddle with. Alley Cat Rescue When she met ButterBean, an orphaned kitten, she immediately took him under her wing and started grooming him like a big sister would.Watch her rescue journey in this adorable video: Stray kitten so happy to have good food, safe shelter and a friend to cuddle with Pistachio adores other kittens, especially those in need. She will wrap her arms around them and insist on snuggling with them when they nap. She looks after them and keeps them company as if she is giving them the same love that she received when she was rescued. Alley Cat Rescue "She keeps them nice, clean and warm. She loves all kitties and is so easy going," Desiree said.Despite a rough beginning, Pistachio has never lost trust and continues to offer everyone cuddles. Alley Cat Rescue Many of her feline friends have since been adopted, and Pistachio is still looking for a place to call her own. "Open your arms and she settles in for a cuddle! She is quick to purr and show how happy she is!" Alley Cat Rescue Share this story with your friends. If you are interested in adopting Pistachio (located in Los Angeles), contact or . Related story:
March 25, 2019
A resident was surprised to find a cat and her two tabby kittens living in the basement of their building. Jess Thoren Last month, a person from Bronx, New York discovered a feline family in the basement of their residential building. At first, they thought she was someone's cat because she was so friendly, but no one came forward to claim her. Turned out, the cat mom was a stray and had snuck her kittens into the basement to take shelter. The landlord couldn't keep them there, so the person who found them, brought them to the shelter to get help., a foster volunteer of Animal Care Centers of New York City, was contacted as the little family needed a foster home. She welcomed them in with open arms and named the cat mom Claudia. Jess Thoren "The basement isn't really a place for the mom and the kittens. I'm glad they are safe now," Jess told Love Meow.Sweet Claudia was exhausted but happy to have a comfortable home to raise her kittens. She nestled in a heated bed with her babies (Cassia and Iggy) after scarfing down a full bowl of food.The loving cat mom finally got to catch up on lost sleep in the comfort of a safe home. Jess Thoren "Mama Claudia is a sweet pea. She loves attention and craves belly rubs. She is constantly brushing up against me and purring," Jess said."She is also a very good mom and protective of her babies. She's still getting used to the noises in the house. Once she realizes her babies are not in danger, she quickly calms down and solicits attention again." Jess Thoren Two weeks later, a little orphaned kitten was brought to the shelter, in need of foster care. "This little girl was found all by herself under a rock in the Bronx. I wasn't really planning on taking in another kitten, but the shelter contacted me since she was only three weeks old and needed multiple feedings a day," Jess added.Knowing a kitten that young would do better with a bottle and thrive with a surrogate mom, Jess offered to foster her. Jess Thoren During the quarantine period, Jess fed her every few hours around the clock, and the little calico named Lucia was eating like a champ.Watch this beautiful feline family in this video: Cat mom and her kittens safe in foster home 10 days later, Mama Claudia was introduced to the little calico. She took to her right away and started caring for her as her own. Lucia was so happy to have a mom to nurse on and two new siblings to cuddle with.No more wandering on the city streets - the little family will have a great future and good homes waiting for them. Jess Thoren The sweet cat mom continues to love and care for her kittens and the newly adopted baby with help from her foster parents. "Claudia is going to make an excellent companion to the lucky person that adopts her!" Jess Thoren Share this story with your friends. Follow this beautiful and .Related story:
March 24, 2019
A kitten who was rescued from neglect, met other cats with special needs. She has been giving them cuddles every day, ever since. The Odd Cat Sanctuary Tara Kay, founder of , took in a special needs kitty, named Tennessee, who was just the size of a 2-month old kitten despite being a lot older. She was rescued from a hoarding situation amongst other cats."All the cats rescued are normal sized, and she's the only unique one," Tara told Love Meow. "You can tell that she's almost an adult cat as she has a full set of adult teeth. She is a forever kitten with hydrocephalus."Tara welcomed her into their cat sanctuary in Salem, Massachusetts, all the way from Tennessee, hence her name. All the feline residents at the rescue are special in their own ways. The Odd Cat Sanctuary At 11 months old, Tennessee only weighted two pounds. According to the vet, her growth was likely stunted from her environment prior to the rescue. Despite being so tiny, she has a big heart and is never shy of showing her affection towards people and other cats. The Odd Cat Sanctuary Soon after she was introduced to other cat residents, she greeted them one by one with snuggles while rumbling with her adorable purrs. Even the shyest cat couldn't resist her love. She nuzzled up to every kitty she came across at the sanctuary and would take turns to nap with them. The Odd Cat Sanctuary August the cat has Cerebellar Hypoplasia and wobbles when he walks. Tennessee spends a lot of time with him when he's resting so he won't be alone. Memphis the tuxedo was born with facial congenital abnormalities. The sweet tabby girl adores him and is never far from him, in case he needs a cuddle. Tennessee and MemphisThe Odd Cat Sanctuary She likes to welcome new residents with head snuggles and will purr loudly as if to try to calm their nerves. Bishop, who was surrendered to a shelter at 10 years old, joined the Odd Cat family recently. He was immediately greeted by Tennessee who made sure that he was loved. The older boy adores his new friend and is happy to have someone to snuggle with. Bishop and TennesseeThe Odd Cat Sanctuary "Anytime someone is napping, she just joins. She will very sweetly and quietly inch over and cuddle. She adores other cats and loves to snuggle and play with them," Tara told Love Meow.She has a special connection with August the wobbly kitty. Whenever he naps, she comes over to keep him company. The Odd Cat Sanctuary Tennessee just turned one year old this month. She is forever the size of a small kitten, but has a big heart for everyone. She loves to cuddle with her buddy, Clementine, who is four years old. The Odd Cat Sanctuary The sweet tabby girl goes around the room, offering everyone cuddles, especially those that need them the most. The Odd Cat Sanctuary Every time someone needs love, Tennessee comes to the rescue. The Odd Cat Sanctuary Follow Tennessee and and .Watch the sweet tabby in this cute video: Kitten forever tiny cuddles other cats with special needs Share this story with your friends. Related story:
March 20, 2019
A cat mom and her four kittens were brought to a shelter in East Tennessee. They were in poor shape and desperately needed rescue. Sarah FosterThe kittens had severe upper respiratory infections, and their eyes were going blind. The shelter didn't have the resources to provide proper care, so they transferred the little family to in Johnson City, Tennessee. Sadly, two of the siblings didn't make it."The rescue called me and asked if I would be willing to foster since I'm a pretty determined foster mama, and I agreed," Sarah Foster told Love Meow. "When I got them, mom was just skin and bones, and the babies were severely underweight."The little gray kitten, Lily, was just 1/3 of her normal weight. She couldn't see through her eyes and was very lethargic and barely had any strength to lift her head up. "Dominic (the tuxedo kitten) is fully blind but seemed to thrive immediately." Sarah FosterSarah worried that Lily might not survive but she wanted to give her a fighting chance. "Two of her heavier and sturdier siblings passed away but she didn't - which has always told me that she really wants to live," Sarah said."I held her and told her that she'd been through so much, and I knew she could fight." Sarah FosterThe cat mom, Penelope, had stopped producing milk due to stress, and Lily couldn't eat on her own. Sarah syringe-fed her around the clock and started both kittens on antibiotics. "Each gram was a struggle with Lily and we celebrated every time she passed another 100-gram increment," Sarah told Love Meow. Sarah Foster"Poor Lily has just struggled every step of the way but always pushes forward."Mama Penelope was constantly doting on them. She gave her little girl extra cuddles to help her recover. Sarah FosterPenelope was very scrawny and her fur was patchy and dry when she was rescued. "She was trying so hard to produce milk for the babies and take care of them, but being near them 24/7 in a tiny space and losing two of her babies had her melting down," Sarah said.After she arrived in foster care, she could finally relax and start to take care of herself a little. Sarah Foster"It was quiet and peaceful and away from so many stressors, she was able to care for the babies the way she wanted to."Watch their rescue journey in this video: Loving cat mom and her blind kittens Despite having no milk, the sweet mama will lie down and let her kittens nurse on her for comfort. "The babies would just purr instantly the second they got near her," Sarah said. Sarah FosterPenelope keeps them clean and showers them with love."You can see a visible difference in her demeanor and coat now that she knows her babies have made it over the hump and are safe. She is happy." Sarah Foster"She's now working on teaching them how to cat - she gets in the playpen and uses the scratcher and will bat toys around and even gets in the pop-up cube with Lily."Lily has regained some of her vision in her left eye. She follows her mom everywhere she goes, mimicking everything she does. Sarah Foster"Lily loves chasing her mama's tail. Her sight seems to be gone in her right eye but her left eye is doing double duty. She has turned into my purr machine and eats like a champ and loves to snuggle on my lap and play."She's still much smaller than her brother but can take him in a fight and outrun him when they play. Sarah FosterThe two kittens and their cat mom are ready for their next chapter of life - to find a forever loving home they so deserve. Sarah FosterShare this story with your friends. Follow . Related story:
March 18, 2019
Denise Vattiat, a postal worker, never expected that a little stray kitten would find her one day when she came to work. Denise Vattiat After a winter storm about two years ago, Denise arrived at work in Parlin, New Jersey and heard kittens crying outside the office. She and her coworker started looking for them.A tiny gray tabby was found on top of some postal bags in a metal crate on wheels, and Denise found another kitten underneath the crate. Their cat mom was nowhere to be found, so they reached out to a veterinarian at 4 Paws Animal Hospital to get the kittens the help they needed. "After finding them, I grabbed a postal bucket, ran to my locker and grabbed any kind of hoodie or sweater I had to line it, and kept them in there until they were picked up," Denise told Love Meow. Denise Vattiat The little gray kitten whom she named Meeko, nuzzled up to her as soon as she held him in her hands. "I immediately bonded to Meeko. He was not shy at all. I think he was just happy to be somewhere warm."The kittens were taken to the animal hospital and were nursed back to health. Denise Vattiat Meeko's brother quickly found an adopter, and the little gray kitty already had someone waiting for him.A few weeks after their paths crossed, Denise welcomed Meeko to his new home, and the little bundle of fur quickly claimed it as his own. Denise Vattiat "When he was coming home with me, he kept talking and talking until the car stopped. But he adjusted immediately when we came home," Denise told Love Meow.That night, Meeko fell asleep on Denise's face, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Denise Vattiat Privacy is overrated according to Meeko. The kitty will go anywhere he pleases. "He loves to interrupt us during private bathroom time so he can get lap cuddles."Meeko has brought a lot of joy and laughter to his family. Denise Vattiat "He's obsessed with big paper bags. He camps out in them until he's ripped it to shreds and then looks sad when it's all done," Denise said. "But the cutest thing he does, is sits in the window and waits for me to come home from work." Denise Vattiat When he sees his human mom get out of the car, he runs to the door to greet her and demand cuddles. Denise Vattiat Meeko is all grown up now, but some things never change. As soon as Denise lies down, the tabby boy quickly crawls onto her and falls asleep. Who needs a bed when the kitty has his human to nap on. Denise Vattiat He follows his mom everywhere around the house so she's never alone. When they are not cuddling, they are holding paws. Denise Vattiat It's been two years since the day they found each other at the post office."He's still sleeping on my face every day. I wouldn't want him any other way," Denise said. Denise Vattiat Share this story with your friends. Follow . Related story:
March 18, 2019
A woman gave a blind kitten a home when no one else did, and turned his life around. @piratecatcjDevin from Colorado came across a Facebook post about a kitten needing a home. "They were looking for someone to 'take this blind cat,'" Devin told Love Meow.No one offered to take him until Devin came around. "He looked like a little scraggly ball of fluff, and I couldn't resist helping him."Once she took the kitten to the vet, they discovered that he was born blind due to congenital glaucoma. One of his eyes was in such poor shape that it became unsalvageable."Unfortunately, due to the fact that the people who had him before never sought any type of medical attention for him, his eye was basically exploding from the inside out due to the pressure from the glaucoma." @piratecatcjThe right eye had to be removed to prevent infections. They named him CJ the pirate cat.The little kitty quickly bounced back after the surgery. He felt so much better that his personality started shining through. They introduced him to their canine buddy, Bullet, and the two soon became best friends. @piratecatcjCJ doesn't let anything slow him down and has quickly claimed to be the boss in the house."He has a very rambunctious personality, and is extremely vocal. You'll know when he's hungry, and if you're eating he will jump right on your lap and beg for food."(Scroll down for video) @piratecatcjDespite being blind, he can do anything just like other cats. He knows where things are located in the house and can sprint up and down the stairs like a pro.Sometimes, he lurks in the basement and waits for his humans to come down, so he can tackle their feet. @piratecatcjThe pirate cat uses his other heightened senses to navigate. He can locate toys, catch moving objects and climb cat trees just like any seeing cats.He's equipped with a big purr motor and is quite the cuddle-bug. @piratecatcj"Even though he's blind, it doesn't affect his quality of life, and he's basically a normal cat," Devin told Love Meow.CJ is a fearless little guy who loves adventures and will follow his humans everywhere they go. @piratecatcjThe little pirate kitty is all grown up now. He continues to amaze his humans of what he can do. Nothing can stop him. @piratecatcjFollow .Watch CJ in this cute video: CJ the pirate cat Share this story with your friends. Related story:
March 14, 2019
A family was looking to adopt a cat and found an 11-month-old kitten and his sister who couldn't find a home. HunterLove Your Feral Felines , a rescue group based in North San Diego County, California, was contacted about two tuxedo kittens that needed help. "Our local shelters reached out to us to ask us if we could take them in. They did not meet the shelters' adoption criteria," the rescue told Love Meow.Both kittens were semi-feral and couldn't adapt to living indoors. Love Your Feral Felines has a designed to find homes for cats that have traditionally been deemed un-adoptable through local shelters adoption procedures. KateLove Your Feral Felines Meanwhile, a family from Alpine, California was looking for a cat for their barn home to keep the rodents down. Their daughters were excited about having a guard kitty and a new addition to their family.When they met the bonded tuxedos, they decided to change their plan. Love Your Feral Felines They ended up adopting both kitties. "The family wanted to keep them as we assumed they were siblings."They brought them home and followed the steps to properly introduce them to their barn. After 4-6 weeks of acclimation, they began their life as working barn cats, keeping little critters at bay. Love Your Feral Felines The family named them Hunter and Kate. Soon they discovered that Hunter would follow their daughter, Aizlyn, around the barn like a little dog."Hunter and Aizlyn are best friends. She calls them to eat and he comes running and runs on her legs while she is filling their bowl," the Draher Family told Love Meow. Love Your Feral Felines "Hunter loves to follow us around the yard while the kids are playing or doing yard work."Watch Hunter and his human in this cute video: Cat follows his human around their barn Kate prefers watching from a distance. Hunter walks up to his human while Kate watches from a distanceLove Your Feral Felines Wherever Aizlyn is, Hunter follows. "He is now the protector of his big sister. He follows her everywhere and they're best pals," the rescue said. Hunter follows his human aroundLove Your Feral Felines Kate enjoys watching her humans from a distance while taking charge of the barn (their turf) alongside her brother. KateLove Your Feral Felines The two cats who were deemed "un-adoptable," have found their perfect home. Hunter continues to follow and protect his favorite human every day while guarding his barn - his forever home. Love Your Feral Felines Share this story with your friends. Follow and .Related story:
March 11, 2019
A little stray kitten wandered into an apartment in Northern California. A man offered her some tuna, and she decided to make him family. Adam Laigo Adam Laigo was having friends over for a game night at his apartment a month ago. While his roommates were taking a break outside, they saw a little bundle of fluff walk right up to the door and try to enter."I was making food when one of my roommates said, 'hey, there's a cat here.' I peeked around the corner and she was cautiously making her way a few feet into the door, sniffing the ground while keeping a watchful eye on us," Adam told Love Meow.While the kitten was inspecting their abode, she suddenly got spooked and ran back outside. Adam grabbed a can of tuna and went to find her."I couldn't just let a stray kitten that came in, go back out, if I had the chance to help." Adam Laigo He found the little one and tried to coax her with food. The kitten was very hungry, followed him to the front steps of the apartment and then into the kitchen. As soon as he set down the food, she immediately scarfed it down. (Scroll down for video)The little calico quickly warmed up to her human friend and snuggled up to him for attention and pets. He was completely smitten with her and named her Tuna."I gave her a shower after seeing how many fleas she had. That night, she slept in my bed, and every night since then. She's already taken to sleeping under the blankets with me." Adam Laigo The kitten was treated for parasites, worms and fleas at the vet. They couldn't find a microchip, and since no one from the neighborhood came to claim her, Adam knew it was meant to be."Tuna has chosen her forever home… And she's teaching me how much energy one little gal can fit in to the few hours she's awake each day." Adam Laigo The calico is very playful, adventurous and packed with energy."She loves climbing around on the forts I made out of boxes, but her favorite thing to do is definitely playing fetch with her catnip mice. I'll throw them up the stairs or into the kitchen, and she'll run after them and bring them back after an enthusiastic 'Get it, Tuna!'" Adam Laigo She plays hard and cuddles even harder. Tuna always comes to her human dad for snuggles after her daily adventures."At times, you can see the kitten in her as she bolts around the house and up the stairs at top speed. But she's a sweetheart and loves sleeping under the blanket. She'll let me know it's time for bed by plopping in between me and my phone until I put it away," Adam told Love Meow. Adam Laigo "She's inquisitive, calm and affectionate most of the time but an energetic playful kitten at any other time."Adam always wanted to have a pet, but little did he know that a stray kitten would find a way into his life. A month later, they play fetch, go on walks together and cuddle every night. Adam Laigo "The stray kitten is gone and the new and improved happy-go-lucky kitten with a family is here," Adam said. "She's really been nothing short of a dream." Adam Laigo Watch Tuna's journey in this video: stray kitten becomes man's best friend Share this story with your friends.Related story:
March 09, 2019
A cat forever changed a man's life when she snuck into his home last summer and decided to have kittens there. When Paris Zarcilla, a London-based film producer, woke up that one morning, he was shocked to find a cat whom he had never seen, and her newborn kittens under his bed."Am I dad now," he asked .He was overwhelmed but knew that the cat had chosen his dwelling for a reason. His room suddenly became a kitten nursery and he felt a sense of responsibility to help raise the kittens alongside the cat mom. "Any work commitments I have are now temporarily on hold," he wrote on .Paris wasn't sure where the cat came from. After reaching out an animal rescue group in the UK, he was advised that the mom should stay with the kittens until they were weaned. He planned to take her to the vet to scan for a microchip in case she belonged to someone, and held onto the idea of naming them as he didn't want to get too attached.Over the next few weeks, the adorable feline family brought much joy into Paris' life. As they grew bigger and more playful, he found himself falling harder for them each day."I may have learnt more about myself in the past 4 weeks than I have in the past 4 years," he . When the cat mom went for her first vet visit, they couldn't find a microchip. "No one has come forward to claim her," he said on twitter. "So I will."He decided to name her "Forever" as she has forever changed him since her arrival. The four feline siblings have grown by leaps and bounds.They are reaching adulthood in a few months. Each kitty has a unique personality, but they all adore their human dad and enjoy snuggle time with him. The tuxedo cat chose Paris' home and delivered four little bundles of fur under his bed, and it forever changed his life. Look at them now! Share this story with your friends.Related story:
March 03, 2019
Elliot and Nathanial Green went to the shelter to look for a kitten but ended up being chosen by a tiny blind kitty. Elliot Green Elliot and Nathanial visited the (in Lynchburg, Virginia) during an adoption event. They had always wanted to adopt a Siamese kitten and were hoping to find one that day."All the Siamese kittens were either on hold or adopted, but thankfully, the lady helping us out thought Merlin would be the perfect fit," Elliot share with Love Meow. Merlin was a little kitten when he was brought to the shelter, in need of medical attention and a loving home. He was born mostly blind and very petite in size. When they met Merlin at the shelter...Elliot Green They went to the medical wing of the shelter to meet the tiny bundle of fluff. Despite having no sight, Merlin knew right away that he had visitors.He greeted Elliot with a few sniffs, curled up in his arms and started purring. "When Merlin cuddled up against me, it was obvious right away that he was the perfect one," Elliot told Love Meow. "He was ready to just be with people and adopted."They filled out the paper work, and the rest is history. Elliot Green On his first day home, Merlin quickly settled in and claimed the place as his own. "The first thing he did was sniff around and get used to the area."The kitty uses his sense of touch, smell and hearing to help him navigate, and he has mapped out his home like a pro. Elliot Green "Merlin has never had a problem with his surroundings and that has always impressed me. He tends to put his paw out first to get a sense of whether or not an object is in front of him but once he's been in a room he'll remember everything," Elliot told Love Meow.He makes the perfect little parrot kitty! Elliot Green "He is the most relaxed cat I've ever met. All he wants is just food and to cuddle."Watch Merlin in this cute video and hear his purrs: Merlin the adorable blind kitty Merlin adores his humans and is a people cat. When he demands attention or cuddles, he chirps and nuzzles right in their arms."I cannot stress how much this cat wants to be cuddled. His favorite thing to do is probably be acknowledged. That or eating." Elliot Green "He loves going on walks and meeting people and sniffing everything and anything. But at the end of the day he always comes back to our laps," Elliot said.Merlin is tiny but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in his lovable personality. Elliot Green Being blind doesn't slow him down at all. Merlin "sees" the world differently with his other amazing senses. He can play, pounce, run and jump just like any other cat. Elliot Green Merlin met his humans at the shelter and knew he had found his perfect home!The sweet little fluff is turning two this April and gaining in feline wisdom every day. Elliot GreenShare this story with your friends. Follow .Related story:
March 01, 2019
A ginger kitten was brought to a shelter in Orlando, Florida for a second chance at life. He was found without a mom and in need of comfort and love. Lisa KrakoskyThe 5-day-old kitten named Kelvin weighed just 3.8 ounces when he came to . Staff placed him with five other rescued kittens that were brought in around the same time. They all came from different litters but became a big mixed family.The shelter had a cat mom, Joule, who still had milk left after nursing her own litter. They put the rescued kittens with her, hoping she would accept them. Not only did she take to them right away, but she started nursing and grooming them as her own.Lisa Krakosky, a volunteer, was contacted about the feline family of seven, needing a foster home. She immediately stepped up to help. Lisa KrakoskyLittle Kelvin was significantly smaller than the rest of the kittens. He was underweight and needed round-the-clock supplemental care.After every extra feeding, one of the bigger kittens would cuddle up to Kelvin as if she was trying to comfort him. Lisa KrakoskyKelvin quickly bonded with Lumen the black kitty. "All the kittens got along well despite being from separate litters, especially Lumen and Kelvin," Lisa told Love Meow.Lumen was very protective of her little brother. She would not let him out of eyeshot and insisted on giving him extra baths and lots of cuddles. Lisa KrakoskyIn just two weeks, Kelvin doubled his weight. Though he was still very tiny, he was much stronger and started to play more. The two best friends loved to create antics around the foster room and snuggle for naps after playing. They were always together, like two peas in a pod. Lisa KrakoskyJoule was a wonderful mom to her adopted kittens. "She is sweet, affectionate and has the cutest fluffiest tail," Lisa said. Mama Joule was doting on little Kelvin as he fell asleep in her arms. Lisa KrakoskyWhen it came time for the kittens to look for their forever homes, Lisa knew that the two feline buddies were meant to be together. Watch Kelvin's rescue journey in this video: Orphaned kitten - journey to forever home Kelvin clung to his best pal throughout his foster journey. With help from everyone, especially Lumen, little Kelvin finally reached his two-pound milestone around his adoption day. Lisa KrakoskyKelvin and Lumen (now Luna) were adopted together. The rest of the kittens and their surrogate mom also found their forever homes."Nothing makes me happier than finding them the perfect home where they can continue to grow, flourish and be loved unconditionally," Lisa said. Lisa KrakoskyShare this story with your friends. Follow .Related story:
February 24, 2019
A tiny kitten was found on the streets without a mother in sight. No one knew how long he had been outside alone, but the kitten never gave up. Alley Cat Rescue was contacted about a little tuxedo kitten who was in need of rescue. He was just five days old when someone found him all by himself. "It's been freezing cold, and he was found on the streets of the valley in Los Angeles," Desiree of Alley Cat Rescue Los Angeles told Love Meow.The kitten was just the size of a newborn and had already used several of his nine lives. He was tiny, malnourished and covered in fleas. Desiree immediately offered to care for him as he needed round-the-clock care to survive. When the kitten arrived at Alley Cat Rescue Los AngelesAlley Cat RescueAfter a warm bath to remove the pesky fleas, he was given kitten formula and supplemented with fluids to help stay hydrated. "He wasn't sure about the formula, and it took him a little while to get the hang of it."The kitten was in poor shape but tried with all his might to eat. Once he figured out how to drink from a syringe, he scarfed down every meal like a champ. Alley Cat RescueThey named him ButterBean, and the little tuxedo quickly grew attached to his foster mom. He would hold hands with her at mealtime and demand cuddles after eating. "He loves his bottle, and spends the night sleeping next to us so he gets his 3-hour feedings."He holds paws and wiggles his ears while suckling down the formula. Alley Cat RescueWhen Foster Mom isn't available for cuddles, he has a faux mama, a teddy bear, to snuggle with and knead on. "He loves having you near him. He has an amazing will to live," Desiree told Love Meow.In just one week, ButterBean tripled his weight and even started to meow for attention as he grew in strength and energy. Alley Cat Rescue"He became vocal over the past few days and started purring this Friday."Watch ButterBean's rescue journey in this video: little tuxedo kitten found on the streets gets second chance Now, he meows whenever he hears someone coming to feed him and purrs after filling his belly — he's made a complete 180 since he first arrived.ButterBean may be tiny but he is a mighty little warrior who is determined to live and grow. Alley Cat RescueAgainst all odds, the tuxedo boy has survived and is now thriving in foster care. Look at that belly! Alley Cat RescueShare this story with your friends. Follow ButterBean and rescues at and .Related story:
February 23, 2019