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For anyone who has a cat, it goes without saying that you want the very best for them. The best food, the best toys, the best home, and–of course–the best litter. All cat litters are not created equal–and that is something that every cat connoisseur can attest to.

So, what is the very best cat litter for your cat? Well, the answer is simple: PrettyLitter!

Other cat litters may offer great odor protection, some can give your cat those tiny crystals they love to paw in, but can any of the other cat litters do that and detect health issues? Nope, didn’t think so. This is why PrettyLitter is a step above the rest, and your cat needs to try it–like, right meow.

Here kitty, kitty

We all know that cats would never, ever dare step foot in something they didn’t like, and PrettyLitter is proven to attract cats of all kinds. Its premium quality crystals are like music to your cat’s delicate paws, with joy and pleasure packed in to every single kitty scratch and whisker sniff.

Just look at these kitties, they’re loving what PrettyLitter has to offer:

Litter with a Cause:

PrettyLitter takes all the guesswork out of those troublesome times in between vet visits. No more worrying if your cat is secretly suffering in silence or fears that your precious kitty could be in the developing stages of a painful condition.

All you have to do is follow PrettyLitter’s simple color-coded indicators and you’ll be the first to know if anything is plaguing your feline friend.

Conditions such as urinary tract infections and bladder infections can be quickly triggered by PrettyLitter’s color coded technology, along with other important red flags to keep concerned cat owners in the know.

“Most owners don’t realize their cats are coping with an illness until the disease has significantly progressed, making treatment more difficult and more expensive. PrettyLitter can be a revolutionary feline healthcare product, because it can alert a pet owner of a metabolic problem in their cat before it progresses into a debilitating and expensive disease. PrettyLitter is made of natural ingredients, that are both eco-safe and feline friendly.”

Dr. Geoff Dewire, DVM

Douglassville Veterinary Hospital

So Simple, You Won’t Believe You Didn’t Do it Sooner

One of the best things about PrettyLitter’s signup process is its simplicity. No need to stress over late-night kitty litter runs, it ships right to your front door–for free. That’s right, cat keepers. Just head over to get started, and it walks you through a hassle-free process, choosing the purrfect cat litter needs for your home. Whether you’re a happy cat family of one…or two or three, PrettyLitter offers you the cat litter needs to meet your home, shipped directly to you and your lucky kitties each month.

Here what cat owners have to say about this revolutionary litter:

“Your litter was the ONLY thing that alerted me that anything was wrong. Thankfully it was caught early enough.” – Denise A., Carney’s Pt. NJ

“Let me clarify the dust bit: None! For me as an asthmatic, the lack of dust is absolutely essential! #PrettyLitterForLife– Beth Goodwin, Fort Stewart, GA

“I can’t believe how spoiled I’ve become with this litter. It makes dealing with cat excrement so much easier! I love Pretty Litter. A lot.” – G. Gregory, Angier N.C.

The difference is clear when it comes to PrettyLitter: quality litter that you can put your faith in that’s proven to please your kitty posse. We don’t know what’s more purrfect than that if you want to give your cat–or two or three–their very best life.


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