Kitten Meets 2 Smaller Kitties Rescued from the Same Farm and Starts Caring for Them


Bees the kitten was found huddled up with a litter of older kittens at a farm without a mom in sight.

Kat @trinaswaywardkitties

Two months ago, a farmer from Shuswap, British Columbia discovered a pile of orphaned kittens at their barn. One of them was much smaller than the rest. She immediately reached out to Shuswap Paws Rescue, a local rescue, for help.

Kelsey Mcknight, a volunteer of the rescue, rushed to pick up the kittens to get them the medical attention they desperately needed. The vet discovered that the runt was from a separate litter being only 4-5 days old, still had her umbilical cord attached. The rest of the kittens were about 10 days her senior.

They named her Bees, and from day one, this little miracle kitty was determined to live.

Kat @trinaswaywardkitties

Okanagan Humane Society provided everything the kittens needed for their recovery.

When Bees was nursed back to health, she would snuggle up to anyone she could get her paws on. All she wanted was someone to love on.

"This little girl has come so far since I got her, nothing keeps her down," Kat, Bees' foster mom, said.

Kat @trinaswaywardkitties

A few days ago, Kelsey returned to the farm when they got a call about a pair of kittens born in an unsafe place. The little ones needed a foster home, and Kat couldn't say no.

"They are all from the same farm. I can't turn away foster babies, especially when they are so tiny and helpless, so I brought them in and got them onto the heated blanket," Kat told Love Meow.

Kelsey Mcknight

The kittens' squeaky meows quickly caught Bees' attention.

"She took an immediate interest in the pair and started to sniff around them. Maybe she recognized the farm smell. But next thing I knew she was purring and curling up next to them. She even started to clean them."

Kelsey Mcknight

Kelsey and Kat were awestruck by what they saw as little Bees tried to look after the new foster kittens, showering them with love.

"Now, she's my little alarm clock. Once the little babies make a peep, she's meowing around to get my attention to come take care of them, even for middle of the night feedings."

The little ones curled up next to their big sister, and the trio fell asleep together.

Kelsey Mcknight

Bees has become Kat's perfect little assistant. She never misses a feeding and will cuddle with the babies after every meal.

Watch Bees' foster journey in this video:

Bees the kitten - foster journey

The rescue continues to work with the farm to get all the cats spayed and neutered, and find kittens and friendly adult cats good homes.

"This farm is caring for all the ferals and cats that are abandoned there," Barb Gosselin, President of Shuswap Paws Rescue Society, told Love Meow. "They have heated barns and lots of food every day, and staff look out for them and call us if they need help."

Kelsey Mcknight

The foster babies have been named RuPaul and Georges. They adore their big sister.

Kat @trinaswaywardkitties

"Baby Bees has come a long way since when she was first found about the same age as the little kittens. She fought hard and had a great team behind her," Kelsey said.

She is now helping raise the foster babies and giving them the same love she received when she was rescued.

Kelsey Mcknight

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