Man Gave Kitten a Home — Now He Wakes Up to a Kitty Cuddling Up to Him Every Day


A man gave a kitten a home. He's been waking up to her cuddles every morning since.

Keith Reszoly

After four years without a cat in his life, Keith Reszoly was ready to welcome a new addition into his family. His life was forever changed when he met a little cuddle-bug.

Keith's mother was at the vet mid-July last year when she learned about a litter of rescued kittens looking for homes. "She thought I should have one," Keith told Love Meow.

They fell in love with a tortie kitty named Gladys and brought her home. "The first day I saw her, she was extremely friendly and walked up to everyone, climbed up their legs, sniffed them, and wanted to be held."

Keith Reszoly

The kitty quickly settled in and started following Keith everywhere around the house. They renamed her Gracie and that night, she curled up in Keith's arms and fell sound asleep.

"She enjoyed being held like a baby in my arms. The first few nights, she only slept on her back between my arm and chest. It has never stopped since the day Gracie arrived," Keith added.

Keith Reszoly

The sweet tortie insists on snuggling with Keith as soon as he wakes up. Over time, she's learned that he rises to the sound of his alarm clock and it's become her cue to hop onto the bed to cuddle.

"She jumps up when she hears my alarm (or me moving a lot) and goes to lay on my chest. She usually sleeps there about an hour or two if I don't move at all," Keith told Love Meow.

Keith Reszoly

Keith happily obliges whenever Gracie demands cuddles. To make sure he has enough time for his best friend every morning, he has adjusted his schedule to accommodate to her needs.

"I've been setting my alarm 30 minutes early every day to give her more happy time."

Keith Reszoly

Staying in bed has become their favorite pastime. Gracie loves nothing more than nuzzling in the crook of his neck or chest.

"Sometimes I don't make it out of bed. I succumb to the warmth and tiny happy vibrations the fuzzball makes," Keith said.

Keith Reszoly

She also likes to crawl up in Keith's lap every time he sits down by the computer.

As soon as he gets home, Gracie is ready to cuddle and she wouldn't take no for an answer.

Keith Reszoly

"About two hours a day when I'm sitting at my desk I would be holding Gracie in my left arm while my right arm is on my mouse," Keith told Love Meow.

Watch Keith and Gracie in this cute video:

Man's best friend - Cuddly Cat Gracie

She has grown in size and fluff, but some things never change.

Keith Reszoly

Gracie is very vocal especially when she wants something from her human.

"If I were to meow at her then she would meow back. Gracie also always meows if I don't show her attention when she rubs against my legs or walks across my desk."

Keith Reszoly

It's been a year since Gracie found Keith. She's blossomed into a beautiful, fluffy cat with a big personality.

The sweet tortie beams joy to her family and never fails to make her human smile.

Keith Reszoly

She hopped into Keith's arms on the day they met, and they have been cuddling and carrying on their tradition ever since.

Keith Reszoly

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