Men Went to Adopt a Kitten But a Beautiful Blind Kitty Found Them Instead


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Men Went to Adopt a Kitten But a Beautiful Blind Kitty Found Them Instead

Amy Bojo

Mar 01 19

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Elliot and Nathanial Green went to the shelter to look for a kitten but ended up being chosen by a tiny blind kitty.

980x.jpgElliot Green

Elliot and Nathanial visited the Lynchburg Humane Society (in Lynchburg, Virginia) during an adoption event. They had always wanted to adopt a Siamese kitten and were hoping to find one that day.

"All the Siamese kittens were either on hold or adopted, but thankfully, the lady helping us out thought Merlin would be the perfect fit," Elliot share with Love Meow.

Merlin was a little kitten when he was brought to the shelter, in need of medical attention and a loving home. He was born mostly blind and very petite in size.

980x.jpgWhen they met Merlin at the shelter...Elliot Green

They went to the medical wing of the shelter to meet the tiny bundle of fluff. Despite having no sight, Merlin knew right away that he had visitors.

He greeted Elliot with a few sniffs, curled up in his arms and started purring. "When Merlin cuddled up against me, it was obvious right away that he was the perfect one," Elliot told Love Meow. "He was ready to just be with people and adopted."

They filled out the paper work, and the rest is history.

980x.jpgElliot Green

On his first day home, Merlin quickly settled in and claimed the place as his own. "The first thing he did was sniff around and get used to the area."

The kitty uses his sense of touch, smell and hearing to help him navigate, and he has mapped out his home like a pro.

980x.jpgElliot Green

"Merlin has never had a problem with his surroundings and that has always impressed me. He tends to put his paw out first to get a sense of whether or not an object is in front of him but once he's been in a room he'll remember everything," Elliot told Love Meow.

He makes the perfect little parrot kitty!

980x.jpgElliot Green

"He is the most relaxed cat I've ever met. All he wants is just food and to cuddle."

Watch Merlin in this cute video and hear his purrs:

Merlin the adorable blind kitty

Merlin adores his humans and is a people cat. When he demands attention or cuddles, he chirps and nuzzles right in their arms.

"I cannot stress how much this cat wants to be cuddled. His favorite thing to do is probably be acknowledged. That or eating."

980x.jpgElliot Green

"He loves going on walks and meeting people and sniffing everything and anything. But at the end of the day he always comes back to our laps," Elliot said.

Merlin is tiny but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in his lovable personality.

980x.jpgElliot Green

Being blind doesn't slow him down at all.

Merlin "sees" the world differently with his other amazing senses. He can play, pounce, run and jump just like any other cat.

980x.jpgElliot Green

Merlin met his humans at the shelter and knew he had found his perfect home!

The sweet little fluff is turning two this April and gaining in feline wisdom every day.

980x.jpgElliot Green

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