Postal Worker Saves Stray Kitten and Gives Him a Home, the Kitty Can't Stop Cuddling Her


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Postal Worker Saves Stray Kitten and Gives Him a Home, the Kitty Can't Stop Cuddling Her

Amy Bojo

Mar 18 19

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Denise Vattiat, a postal worker, never expected that a little stray kitten would find her one day when she came to work.

980x.jpgDenise Vattiat

After a winter storm about two years ago, Denise arrived at work in Parlin, New Jersey and heard kittens crying outside the office. She and her coworker started looking for them.

A tiny gray tabby was found on top of some postal bags in a metal crate on wheels, and Denise found another kitten underneath the crate.

Their cat mom was nowhere to be found, so they reached out to a veterinarian at 4 Paws Animal Hospital to get the kittens the help they needed.

"After finding them, I grabbed a postal bucket, ran to my locker and grabbed any kind of hoodie or sweater I had to line it, and kept them in there until they were picked up," Denise told Love Meow.

980x.jpgDenise Vattiat

The little gray kitten whom she named Meeko, nuzzled up to her as soon as she held him in her hands. "I immediately bonded to Meeko. He was not shy at all. I think he was just happy to be somewhere warm."

The kittens were taken to the animal hospital and were nursed back to health.

980x.jpgDenise Vattiat

Meeko's brother quickly found an adopter, and the little gray kitty already had someone waiting for him.

A few weeks after their paths crossed, Denise welcomed Meeko to his new home, and the little bundle of fur quickly claimed it as his own.

980x.jpgDenise Vattiat

"When he was coming home with me, he kept talking and talking until the car stopped. But he adjusted immediately when we came home," Denise told Love Meow.

That night, Meeko fell asleep on Denise's face, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

980x.jpgDenise Vattiat

Privacy is overrated according to Meeko. The kitty will go anywhere he pleases. "He loves to interrupt us during private bathroom time so he can get lap cuddles."

Meeko has brought a lot of joy and laughter to his family.

980x.jpgDenise Vattiat

"He's obsessed with big paper bags. He camps out in them until he's ripped it to shreds and then looks sad when it's all done," Denise said.

"But the cutest thing he does, is sits in the window and waits for me to come home from work."

980x.jpgDenise Vattiat

When he sees his human mom get out of the car, he runs to the door to greet her and demand cuddles.

980x.jpgDenise Vattiat

Meeko is all grown up now, but some things never change.

As soon as Denise lies down, the tabby boy quickly crawls onto her and falls asleep. Who needs a bed when the kitty has his human to nap on.

980x.jpgDenise Vattiat

He follows his mom everywhere around the house so she's never alone.

When they are not cuddling, they are holding paws.

980x.jpgDenise Vattiat

It's been two years since the day they found each other at the post office.

"He's still sleeping on my face every day. I wouldn't want him any other way," Denise said.

980x.jpgDenise Vattiat

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