Stray Cat Sneaks into Basement with Her Kittens and Finds Someone to Help Them


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Stray Cat Sneaks into Basement with Her Kittens and Finds Someone to Help Them

Amy Bojo

Mar 24 19

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A resident was surprised to find a cat and her two tabby kittens living in the basement of their building.

980x.jpgJess Thoren

Last month, a person from Bronx, New York discovered a feline family in the basement of their residential building.

At first, they thought she was someone's cat because she was so friendly, but no one came forward to claim her. Turned out, the cat mom was a stray and had snuck her kittens into the basement to take shelter.

The landlord couldn't keep them there, so the person who found them, brought them to the shelter to get help.

Jess Thoren, a foster volunteer of Animal Care Centers of New York City, was contacted as the little family needed a foster home. She welcomed them in with open arms and named the cat mom Claudia.

980x.jpgJess Thoren

"The basement isn't really a place for the mom and the kittens. I'm glad they are safe now," Jess told Love Meow.

Sweet Claudia was exhausted but happy to have a comfortable home to raise her kittens. She nestled in a heated bed with her babies (Cassia and Iggy) after scarfing down a full bowl of food.

The loving cat mom finally got to catch up on lost sleep in the comfort of a safe home.

980x.jpgJess Thoren

"Mama Claudia is a sweet pea. She loves attention and craves belly rubs. She is constantly brushing up against me and purring," Jess said.

"She is also a very good mom and protective of her babies. She's still getting used to the noises in the house. Once she realizes her babies are not in danger, she quickly calms down and solicits attention again."

980x.jpgJess Thoren

Two weeks later, a little orphaned kitten was brought to the shelter, in need of foster care.

"This little girl was found all by herself under a rock in the Bronx. I wasn't really planning on taking in another kitten, but the shelter contacted me since she was only three weeks old and needed multiple feedings a day," Jess added.

Knowing a kitten that young would do better with a bottle and thrive with a surrogate mom, Jess offered to foster her.

980x.jpgJess Thoren

During the quarantine period, Jess fed her every few hours around the clock, and the little calico named Lucia was eating like a champ.

Watch this beautiful feline family in this video:

Cat mom and her kittens safe in foster home

10 days later, Mama Claudia was introduced to the little calico. She took to her right away and started caring for her as her own. Lucia was so happy to have a mom to nurse on and two new siblings to cuddle with.

No more wandering on the city streets - the little family will have a great future and good homes waiting for them.

980x.jpgJess Thoren

The sweet cat mom continues to love and care for her kittens and the newly adopted baby with help from her foster parents.

"Claudia is going to make an excellent companion to the lucky person that adopts her!"

980x.jpgJess Thoren

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