A feral cat who was rescued along with her kittens, took in three other babies who were in need of motherly love. Kelsey @kelseymcknight Three weeks ago, , an animal rescuer based in British Columbia, was working on a TNR (trap-neuter-return) project for a colony of cats that had found their home at a farm. She discovered a cat mom nursing a litter of newborn kittens. "They were at risk of getting run over by the cows on the farm once they got mobile," Kelsey told Love Meow.The cat mom was very protective of her kittens and didn't want anyone to come near. "She hissed at me and made it very known that she had her babies and I was not to touch them or even look at them. I was worried that she was going to attack me when it came time to rescue them." Kelsey @kelseymcknight "Thankfully, she was more bark than bite, and she allowed me to move her kittens into a small kennel under her watchful eye," Kelsey said.To get the mom to safety, Kelsey set a trap for her with the kennel placed at the end, hoping that she would walk right into the trap. And she did. Kelsey @kelseymcknight "It took less than 10 minutes and the family was safe."Kelsey connected with her rescue, Shuswap Paws, and they were able to secure a foster home through . Barb Gosselin transported the little family to their new abode an hour and a half away. Kelsey @kelseymcknight They named the cat mom Winnie the Moo and her three girls Lova Moo, Daisy Woo, and Lucky Moo."Momma and babies are doing well, they are getting the best care possible and the best shot at growing into happy healthy kittens." Kelsey @kelseymcknight Last Tuesday, Critteraid Sanctuary received a tiny singleton (black kitten) who had been rejected by its young mother. "The little baby's mom wouldn't feed it, and it was dehydrated and weak. A last minute thought was to see if Winnie would take on the baby. Well, she did," Kelsey said. Jacenda Byer Watch Winnie and her kittens in this video: My Movie 26final "Winnie stepped up her game and is now raising four kittens. Without her the tiny baby's chance of survival would be reduced," Kelsey added. A few days later, another two kittens were brought into the rescue, who desperately needed a mom. They immediately thought of Winnie. Jacenda Byer They placed the new babies in the nest with Winnie. Without hesitation, the sweet mama took them in and started feeding and cleaning them as her own. "She is nursing her own (three) children and these three who needed her so much without any fuss or fanfare. She loves unconditionally. She is strong and brave. That is motherhood and it is a wonder to behold," Critteraid Sanctuary said. Mama Winnie cuddling with her six kittens.Jacenda Byer Share this story with your friends. Follow their and .Related story:
May 12, 2019
A kitten was very shy and timid when he was rescued from a farm. A man took him home to foster, and he quickly came around. Chatons Orphelins Montréal Simba the kitten was found along with two cat moms and other kittens. They were sick and desperately needed medical attention. Michele, an animal rescuer from Quebec City (Canada), saved them before it was too late.After a vet visit, the feline family was diagnosed with a list of health issues, including ringworm, a skin infection. Michele took it upon herself to care for them and help them recover. After seven long weeks of dedication, all the cats and kittens were nursed back to health. When it came time to find them forever homes it became quite a challenge, especially for the most fearful kitten, Simba. Chatons Orphelins Montréal Michele reached out to the rescue community for help. immediately responded and took the shy 8-month-old kitten into their care.He was very timid when he first arrived, spending most of his time in his box. After his neuter surgery, he was sitting in his kennel at the veterinary hospital, waiting for someone to take him home. Chatons Orphelins Montréal Benoit, a volunteer of the rescue, stepped up to help. He came to pick up Simba, expecting to see a shy cat. But as soon as he opened the kennel door, the little guy got up and went straight to his human friend.He grabbed Benoit's arm with both of his paws and started giving him kisses. "He couldn't wait to leave his cage to go home with his foster dad," Chatons Orphelins Montréal shared with Love Meow. Chatons Orphelins Montréal The shy kitty they met at arrival, began to come out of his shell when Benoit took him out of the hospital while en route to his comfortable home. That night, Simba stayed close to his foster dad, curling up next him while holding hands. "He put his paw on his foster dad to make sure that he was there with him while he was sleeping," Celine Crom of the rescue told Love Meow. Chatons Orphelins Montréal The next day, Simba decided to cuddle the minute his foster dad sat down. If Benoit was on the computer, the kitty was right there, holding him with his paws. The ginger boy follows his human everywhere around the house. Despite having many cat beds, Simba only sleeps with his foster dad by his side. Chatons Orphelins Montréal "He adapted to his new life quickly. After a few days, he became the king of the house," Celine added. "Simba wants to be close to his human at all times. It gives him comfort and security. He always puts his paw on his arm because it reassures him." Chatons Orphelins Montréal The little guy is eager to be loved. He has grown so much confidence and purrs like a little machine as soon as you pet him."Simba discovered what life would be like with good humans, and he loved it. And now he's blossoming every day." Chatons Orphelins Montréal Share this story with your friends. Follow Simba and Chatons Orphelins Montréal on Facebook.Related story:
May 11, 2019
Bees the kitten was found huddled up with a litter of older kittens at a farm without a mom in sight. Kat @trinaswaywardkittiesTwo months ago, a farmer from Shuswap, British Columbia discovered a pile of orphaned kittens at their barn. One of them was much smaller than the rest. She immediately reached out to , a local rescue, for help., a volunteer of the rescue, rushed to pick up the kittens to get them the medical attention they desperately needed. The vet discovered that the runt was from a separate litter being only 4-5 days old, still had her umbilical cord attached. The rest of the kittens were about 10 days her senior. They named her Bees, and from day one, this little miracle kitty was determined to live. Kat @trinaswaywardkitties provided everything the kittens needed for their recovery. When Bees was nursed back to health, she would snuggle up to anyone she could get her paws on. All she wanted was someone to love on. "This little girl has come so far since I got her, nothing keeps her down," , Bees' foster mom, said. Kat @trinaswaywardkittiesA few days ago, Kelsey returned to the farm when they got a call about a pair of kittens born in an unsafe place. The little ones needed a foster home, and Kat couldn't say no."They are all from the same farm. I can't turn away foster babies, especially when they are so tiny and helpless, so I brought them in and got them onto the heated blanket," Kat told Love Meow. Kelsey McknightThe kittens' squeaky meows quickly caught Bees' attention."She took an immediate interest in the pair and started to sniff around them. Maybe she recognized the farm smell. But next thing I knew she was purring and curling up next to them. She even started to clean them." Kelsey McknightKelsey and Kat were awestruck by what they saw as little Bees tried to look after the new foster kittens, showering them with love."Now, she's my little alarm clock. Once the little babies make a peep, she's meowing around to get my attention to come take care of them, even for middle of the night feedings."The little ones curled up next to their big sister, and the trio fell asleep together. Kelsey McknightBees has become Kat's perfect little assistant. She never misses a feeding and will cuddle with the babies after every meal.Watch Bees' foster journey in this video: Bees the kitten - foster journey The rescue continues to work with the farm to get all the cats spayed and neutered, and find kittens and friendly adult cats good homes."This farm is caring for all the ferals and cats that are abandoned there," , President of Shuswap Paws Rescue Society, told Love Meow. "They have heated barns and lots of food every day, and staff look out for them and call us if they need help." Kelsey McknightThe foster babies have been named RuPaul and Georges. They adore their big sister. Kat @trinaswaywardkitties"Baby Bees has come a long way since when she was first found about the same age as the little kittens. She fought hard and had a great team behind her," Kelsey said.She is now helping raise the foster babies and giving them the same love she received when she was rescued. Kelsey McknightShare this story with your friends. Follow updates on . If you would like to support their rescue efforts, .Related story:
May 10, 2019
A tiny singleton was brought to a shelter in poor shape. No one knew if he would survive, but a woman gave him a fighting chance. @a_cat_named_squirt Metro Animal Care and Control (MACC) in Nashville, Tennessee received a little 5-day-old kitten who was brought in alone. He was struggling without a mom, and his prospects were getting grim by the hour.Jade Beazley, a new foster volunteer, was at the shelter when she learned about the kitten's plight. "He needed to go to a foster by the end of the day. The shelter does not have the staff to be able to bottle feed the kittens around the clock, so they rely on fosters to volunteer their time," Jade told Love Meow. The kitten wouldn't make it alone. Without hesitation, Jade took him home, and he became her first critical neonatal kitten. He opened his eyes a few days after he arrived in foster care@a_cat_named_squirt "This poor little guy was not doing well. He had eye infections in both eyes and wasn't eating enough. I couldn't name him because I feared he wouldn't make it, so I just called him tiny little Squirt."Over the next few days, it was touch and go. Just when she thought the kitten was getting better, he quickly started going down hill. Jade refused to give up as she saw the little bitty fighter powering through with all his might. @a_cat_named_squirt Jade went from store to store to get supplies suitable for a neonatal kitten and continued round-the-clock feedings. She was determined to get the little guy back on his paws with or without sleep.She got him a stuffed animal with a beating heart and placed him in a nesting area surrounded by heating pads. The kitten started to snuggle with his faux mama and fell asleep curled up next to her. @a_cat_named_squirt "He began eating and gaining weight, and even started to get some energy. I got some antibiotic eye medicine for his eyes and it started to work," Jade said. "I kept him next to me everywhere I went (even work) so I could feed him, potty him, and make sure he was still alive for well over a month."With each passing day, Squirt's eyes became clearer and his tummy felt much better. @a_cat_named_squirt "He was delayed on every kitten milestone by at least two weeks. It took so much longer to get him to eat real food than any foster to date.""When he finally started eating on his own, I cried," Jade told Love Meow. @a_cat_named_squirt The kitten never got a new name as everyone started to call him Squirt, and it just stuck.Watch Squirt's journey in this cute video: Rescued kitten gets second chance at life "I adore him even though he ended up with the silliest name. He's curious, adventurous, super easy going, very clumsy, and so funny," Jade told Love Meow.But most of all, he has become Jade's closest companion, perfect cuddle buddy and follows her everywhere she goes. @a_cat_named_squirt When it came time to find him a forever home, the little guy had already crept his way into Jade's heart.Just before Jade started fostering, her beloved 14 1/2 year-old cat whom she found behind a dumpster, passed away. She decided to volunteer as a way to heal, and soon it led her to Squirt. @a_cat_named_squirt By A few months later, Squirt has grown by leaps and bounds."This tiny one stole my heart and became my sweet little foster fail, and I adore him and all of his shenanigans." @a_cat_named_squirt By Nicholas Benik Share this story with your friends. Follow .Related story:
May 09, 2019
A team of rescuers helped a feral cat mom who was found near an auto shop. They came back to find her kitten. Lesley Lee @tnrnow Two weeks ago, an employee from an auto shop in Los Angeles spotted a street cat outside of their shop, but she wasn't alone. A tiny kitten who shared a stark resemblance, followed right behind her. They immediately reached out to , a trap-neuter-return rescue team, and asked if they could help the little feline family.Steve and Iris, a couple from the rescue team, set out a drop trap in the area as a TNR rescue plan was underway. They hoped to trap the feral cat mom and get the little kitten to safety. Lesley Lee @tnrnow The cat momma came back and went into the trap, but her kitten was hiding and refused to come out. "He hid in the bushes where all the community cats sleep and hide, and never came out for the night," Lesley Lee of TNR Now told Love Meow. Lesley Lee @tnrnow The couple returned the following evening to find the kitten. The tuxedo finally showed up but quickly took refuge inside a Tesla parked outside the shop."If he decided to sleep in any of the cars, he could have been driven away or got hurt if he was in a wrong spot," Lesley said. "We spoke with the shop owner and he was very supportive about getting the kitten to safety no matter what." Lesley Lee @tnrnow "They needed to remove all the wheels the next day to do custom work, so the decision to save the kitten wasn't hard. No one hesitated."The kitten tucked himself inside the rear axle of the car. After carefully removing the tire, they realized that they would have to take off the panel in the wheel well to be able to reach for the kitty. Lesley Lee @tnrnow Iris reached in and grabbed the little feisty kitty and quickly placed him in a carrier before he made another mad dash.Lesley took him home to foster so he could learn to adjust to an indoor life with humans. They named him Xavier and started him on treatment for Giardia, a parasite. The hissy little kitten wouldn't let anyone near him at first, but soon that was about to change. Lesley Lee @tnrnow They started giving him cuddle sessions throughout the day to socialize him. He was held in a purrito and given plenty of pets and face rubs. Watch Xavier's journey in this cute video: Kitten rescued from an auto shop, thriving in foster care After two days, he finally calmed down and even started to enjoy their company."It really didn't take long for him to get used to being spoiled and all the attention," Lesley added. Lesley Lee @tnrnow "Xavier is a very loving boy now. He still gets scared with loud noises or sudden movements but he finally relaxed and slept a bit under my blanket last night." Lesley Lee @tnrnow His feral mama was spayed and returned to a safe colony with caretakers who look after community cats every day.In a few more weeks, the little feisty kitty will be ready to be neutered and put up for adoption. Lesley Lee @tnrnow They never expected to come into a cat colony and take a Tesla apart to rescue a tiny sick kitten."We simply let our compassion guide us to do the right thing. Welcome to indoor life, little Xavier!" Lesley Lee @tnrnow Share this story with your friends. Follow and .Related story:
May 08, 2019
A man heard kittens' cries and traced the sound until he saw two little kittens huddled up near a dumpster. Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens Last week, a Las Vegas resident found two little kittens sitting near a dumpster, crying for help. He immediately scooped them up and rushed them to a local rescue, ."They were both found with terrible eye infections, crying next to a dumpster," , a rescuer and foster volunteer, told Love Meow.The kittens were very hungry and just skin and bones. They reeked of garbage, and one of them couldn't open his eyes due to infections. Nikki took them home so they could get a chance at a better life. Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens She filled their empty bellies with good food and bathed their tiny bodies that were covered in filth. The kittens would need a few more baths to completely eliminate the odor from the dumpster.The brother and sister were named Piccolino (black) and Bambina (black and white). Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens They were exhausted after a long day but so happy to be full, clean, comfortable and have a safe home. The duo purred themselves to sleep in their new warm bed. Piccolino rolled around on his back in total bliss. The brother and sister were already loving their indoor life. Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens Nikki has them on a round-the-clock feeding schedule. She and her husband work as a team to keep them fed, cleaned and treated for their eye infections. As their eyes healed each day, their energy soared. Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens Piccolino is a great eater and Bambina is full of sass and cattitude despite being just a few weeks old. Once they got their health back, their personalities started shining through.Watch their rescue journey in this video: Kittens rescued from dumpster get second chance at life In just a few days, the two siblings have really turned a corner and are getting more curious and playful. Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens They no longer have to cry for food and shelter as they bid farewell to the tough life on the street. Now, warm beds, good food and loving humans are the new norm. The kittens couldn't be happier. Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens Share this story with your friends. Follow and . Related story:
May 07, 2019
The post by appeared first on . Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren't considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would love it if you continued sharing just the first paragraph of an article, then linking out to the rest of the piece on Catster.com. Often, my cat behavior have a theme. A few weeks ago I had a run on cats who were upsetting their people because they were hanging out on and lounging on computer keyboards. The theme of last week’s consultations was how to stop cats from scratching furniture. One consultation stands out. Shelly lives with her husband, her five-year-old son and their three cats, Pantera, Bugatti and Enzo. The family lives in a cozy house, filled with antiques and lush carpets. Everyone, including the cats, loves the furniture. The three felines frequently focus their attentions on an antique chair and two ornate sofas. In addition, Pantera exercises her claws on Shelly’s favorite oriental rug. Shelly tried everything she could think of to stop the destruction, but with no success. She hung a scratcher from a door, placed a scratching post in one of the rooms and yelled at the cats. The only change Shelly noticed was that they scratched with more vigor after she yelled at them. Thankfully, Shelly is completely opposed to . But, now at a breaking point, she is seriously considering finding new homes for the cats in order to save her furniture. Reluctant to rehome them, but wanting unscarred furniture, she contacted me for advice on how to stop cats from scratching furniture. Scratching is an instinctive behavior Is your cat scratching the furniture? Here’s how to stop cats from scratching furniture. Photography by 5second/Thinkstock. Before we look at how to stop cats from scratching furniture, let’s look at . Shelly’s cats are not unique — all cats scratch objects. Even declawed cats scratch. The behavior is natural and instinctive, common to all felines. Why do cats scratch? Another thing to consider when learning how to stop cats from scratching furniture — why cats scratch in the first place. Scratching objects is one of the ways cats communicate. They have scent glands on the bottom of their . Every cat has a unique signature, which is “stamped” on the objects scratched. In addition to broadcasting information about themselves to other animals, scratching marks territory. The observable damage caused by scratching is also a visual signpost. Scratching is a displacement behavior. Often, cats who feel conflicted or will scratch. Sometimes when faced with choosing between conflicting behaviors, they scratch. They are not the only ones who are the masters of displacement behaviors. People are, too. We often scratch our heads, sharpen pencils, bite our fingernails, or do other interesting and sometimes annoying activities when we feel stressed or faced with difficult decisions. After , there is nothing as fulfilling as a slow stretch followed by a satisfying scratch. is often accompanied by scratching nearby objects. Scratching in the middle of a raucous play session may burn off excess energy while the cat determines what his next move is going to be. Cats also scratch to maintain their . Although cats do not really “sharpen their claws” when they scratch, scratching does help eliminate the old nail sheaths and promotes the healthy growth of new claws. Essentially, cats give themselves perfect manicures when they scratch. Although scratching is mandatory, Shelly’s cats do not have to focus their sharp attentions on the antique furniture and the oriental rug. How to train cats to scratch where you want them to In order to learn how to stop cats from scratching furniture, you need to get cats to scratch where you want them to. People like Shelly can have the best of both worlds. She can save her antiques and keep her cats. She will need to make the furniture off-limits, while simultaneously addressing the cats’ needs and reinforcing them for their good behaviors. Here are the three steps Shelly, and people like her, will need to keep in mind when it comes to how to stop cats from scratching furniture: The targeted furniture needs to become objects that do not feel good to scratch. Shelly should either stick double-sided tape on the scratched areas or cover them with sheets or fabrics that are not conducive for scratching. The cats need something more appropriate to focus their claws on. At the same time Shelly makes the targeted areas unavailable, she needs to place directly in front of the blocked areas. She should also place a horizontal scratcher on the carpet, on top of the area Pantera is shredding. Although scratchers need to be made out of materials that the cats love to scratch, they should not be the same texture as the sofas and carpets. Shelly needs to reinforce the cats whenever she catches them in the act of scratching the posts and horizontal scratchers. , and work well for reinforcing and rewarding good behavior. The reinforcement will also help insure that the cats will continue to favor the approved furniture and ignore the antiques. How to stop cats from scratching furniture — definitely don’t yell at them! Yelling at the cats may stop the behavior in the moment, but it does not train the cats to scratch the approved furniture, and it can have unwelcome , such as those observed by Shelly. Her cats reacted to her yelling by scratching the antiques and the carpet more intently. It will take Shelly a little time to assemble everything and to put the plan in place. In the meantime, she can protect her furniture by fitting nail caps on her cat’s claws. This is a temporary solution while she trains her three cats to bypass the antiques and focus their attentions on the scratching posts and horizontal scratchers. Tell us: Got other tips for how to stop cats from scratching furniture? Share them below! This piece was originally published in 2013. Thumbnail: Photography © noreefly | iStock / Getty Images Plus. About the Got a cat behavior question for Marilyn? Ask our behaviorist in the comments below and you might be featured in an upcoming column. If you suspect a behavioral problem, always rule out any possible medical issues that may be causing the behavior by first having your cat examined by a veterinarian. Marilyn can also help you resolve cat behavior challenges through a . Find the Cat Coach on ! Read more about cat behavior on Catster.com: The post by appeared first on . Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren't considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would love it if you continued sharing just the first paragraph of an article, then linking out to the rest of the piece on Catster.com.
May 07, 2019
A tiny kitten was brought back from the brink with help from a foster volunteer and her cat. Chatons Orphelins Montréal , a rescue group in Montreal, Canada, was contacted about a kitten who desperately needed help.The little tuxedo started fading after he was brought home from a pet shop. The person who got the cat, took him to the vet, only to discover he was less than two months old, very underweight and had many GI issues."He was separated from his mom too early. After he was brought home, the person quickly noticed that he was not doing well," Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal told Love Meow. Chatons Orphelins Montréal His condition continued to worsen and he was unable to keep food in his tiny body. They saw him wither away each day and asked the rescue for help."The kitten hadn't eaten for five days. They reached out to us as they could no longer take care of him." Chatons Orphelins Montréal When he arrived at Chatons Orphelins Montréal, he was just skin and bones, dehydrated and down 120 grams. They immediately gave him fluids to rehydrate him, started him on antibiotics and fed him with a syringe to keep him alive.He was named Poucet. Chatons Orphelins Montréal Valerie, a volunteer of the rescue, took him home to foster. Over the next one week, Poucet had trouble eating and was too tired to stay awake. His foster mom refused to give up and fed him in small amounts every hour around the clock."He put on 15-20 grams per day despite having an upset stomach. Without immediate medical attention and foster care, he wouldn't have survived," Celine told Love Meow. Chatons Orphelins Montréal She cuddled with him in a purrito after every feeding, so the kitten could fall asleep feeling safe, loved and warm."Little Poucet was fading when he first came to us, but once he started cuddling with his foster mom, he perked up and began to feel better." Chatons Orphelins Montréal The little tuxedo would cry for his foster mom when she was not near, so Valerie kept him close and carried him everywhere around the house."He demanded her undivided attention and would only sleep in her arms. After 10 days, he began to eat on his own and was finally healthy." Chatons Orphelins Montréal The tuxedo has really filled out since then. He's no longer just a bag of bones and has even grown a cute belly."Once he was well, Valerie's cat Zacky (also a tuxedo) came to take over the foster duties and started teaching him how to be a cat." Chatons Orphelins Montréal Poucet adores him and tags along with him everywhere he goes. When he is not playing, he's snuggling with Zacky or getting doted on by his loving foster brother.Watch the two buddies in this cute video: Rescued kitten gets second chance at life The little guy is getting very playful and curious. He is thriving with a buddy by his side. Chatons Orphelins Montréal Poucet, now nine weeks old, is almost ready for adoption. The rescue hopes to find him a family with a feline friend to play and cuddle with so he will never be alone.Little Poucet has come so far and is well on his way to a happy, purr-filled life. Chatons Orphelins Montréal Share this story with your friends. Follow Poucet's updates and .Related story:
May 06, 2019
A very shy kitty showed up in a feral colony in New York. A man offered her food, and she decided to come back. Flatbush Cats Will Zweigart, founder of , a TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescue in Brooklyn, was out caring for community cats (all spayed and neutered) when he noticed a new face. A young kitty showed up but was too shy to come near. When Will tried to approach her, she quickly ran away."This young lady had been lingering at the edges of our backyard colony," Will said. "But she never left, and was eventually brave (or hungry) enough to ask for food."He called out to her, and she would respond every time in her adorable meows. The little feline was timid but finally mustered enough courage to accept Will's offer - a plate of food. Flatbush Cats "A cat this talkative that makes regular eye contact is likely a former indoor pet. She was very hungry but also clean, so I assume she hadn't been outside for too long."When she came back again, she walked up to her food provider instead of hiding in the dark. After getting a full belly, she even accepted a few pats from Will and felt more comfortable with his presence. Flatbush Cats Will named her Chatty Charlie. Knowing that she was friendly and most likely had been displaced or abandoned, the next step would be to bring her inside for evaluation."She's really warmed up to me and was ready for an upgrade to her own luxury foster suite," Will said. "Charlie is extremely snuggly and so happy to be safe and warm inside." Flatbush Cats The former stray loves her life as an indoor cat. She's getting treatment for her irritated gums and is feeling so much better that now she's being taken care of. She loves to snuggle with her rescuer, giving him lots of slobbery kisses. Flatbush Cats "It's great to rescue cats like Charlie or fix a colony of ferals - that's extremely critical work - but those approaches are dealing with cats that are already on the street. To break this endless rescue cycle, we also need to offer proactive solutions that prevent cats from ending up outdoors in the first place," Will shared with Love Meow.Watch Charlie's rescue journey in this video: Stray cat comes back to man who was kind to her "Research shows that behavioral issues and the cost of caring for a pet are two of the top reasons why animals are abandoned. By making spay/neuter and vaccination services more accessible for low income residents in Flatbush, we can address both of those issues while supporting our community in the process." Flatbush Cats Charlie is enjoying her recovery with her foster mom Cera and is being doted on every day. Flatbush Cats Share this story with your friends. Follow Charlie and and . If you would like to support their rescue efforts, .Related story:
May 05, 2019
An elusive stray cat who had been roaming the streets for quite some time, finally accepted help when someone offered her a dumpling. Coastal Bend Cat Rescue A few weeks ago, a stray cat was spotted wandering a local shopping center. Several TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescuers responded and set out humane traps in the area but only to find that the savvy and elusive feline evaded them all. She was later seen crossing the highway to go back and forth between several restaurants looking for scraps of food. A Good Samaritan who had seen her picture on social media, eventually found her and was able to coax her into a cat carrier with a dumpling. The tabby was too hungry to resist the food and finally accepted help. , a local rescue in Corpus Christi, Texas, took her into their care, but little did they know she didn't come alone. Coastal Bend Cat Rescue "Within 48 hours, Dumpling (as she was soon named) decided to surprise us by popping out some baby dumplings. She was such a young and petite cat herself, weighing only six pounds," Lindsay Haglund, Foster Coordinator of Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, told Love Meow."It was very clear that it was her first pregnancy as a very young mother. She went into labor and had five little babies (four eventually survived) on top of a comfy queen sized bed in her foster home."The cat mom was so exhausted that she needed help with the delivery and to clean the babies. Coastal Bend Cat Rescue "Dumpling's foster family saved the lives of her kittens, and probably even Mama Dumpling herself that day," Lindsay said.A few weeks later, they were faced with yet another challenge when Mama Dumpling started having trouble nursing her kittens. Coastal Bend Cat Rescue "She developed a severe case of mastitis after giving birth. This is where the mama's milk ducts get infected and inflamed, and nursing causes severe pain. The infection is very serious and can be passed on to little kittens as well," Lindsay told Love Meow."Under veterinary guidance, we separated the babies from their mama and bottle fed them to give Dumpling some recovery and healing time."But being away from the kittens was unbearable to the cat mom. She would cry nonstop just to be close to them. "We knew we needed to come up with a way to keep mama and babies together without the risk of babies trying to nurse." Coastal Bend Cat Rescue "The foster family bought her a medical onesie outfit which she wears so she can cuddle and love on her babies. This also gives Mama the opportunity to provide much-needed socialization."Mama Dumpling is as happy as can be when she is doting on her kittens. "She's truly the best mama!" Coastal Bend Cat Rescue The rescue group advocates for Spay and Neuter in an effort to end the cycle. "Female cats as young as four months old can go into heat and get pregnant, and the pregnancy, birth and delivery of kittens is traumatic on their little bodies. With improper nourishment from living on the streets, it's just a recipe for disaster," Lindsay told Love Meow. "Mama Dumpling was one of the lucky ones." Coastal Bend Cat Rescue "The dumpling family is thriving in foster care and the kittens are a little over five weeks old. Once everyone makes weight they will be spayed and neutered and put up for adoption." Watch Dumpling's journey this video: Rescued stray cat and her journey Share this story with your friends. Follow and .Related story:
May 04, 2019
Five kittens who were abandoned next to a dumpster, found a grandpa cat to love on. Tinykittens , a rescue group based in Fort Langley, British Columbia, was contacted about a litter of kittens needing rescue. A Good Samaritan heard them crying during a rain storm and found them in a cardboard box by a dumpster.Rescuers immediately went to pick them up. The kittens were just four weeks old, meowing and begging for attention and pets when help arrived. Shelly Roche, founder of TinyKittens, took them into her care and set them up in her living room. The little bundles of fur were named after flowers (Snowdrop⁣, Snapdragon⁣, Azalea⁣, Clary Sage⁣, and Dahlia⁣), in honor of their beloved rescued cat Stanlily. Tinykittens The kittens were healthy, friendly and at good weights. They appeared to have had human contact prior to being rescued. "Luckily, they found their way to us, and are now safe and warm, with full bellies," TinyKittens said.After a long ordeal, the kittens were treated and fed, and they drifted off to a nap together in a purr pile. Tinykittens The feline siblings stayed close together the whole time, keeping each other comforted.Their resident cat, , who was rescued as a feral but turned out to be the most loving grandpa to kittens in need, came to offer the Flower kitties some much-needed TLC. Tinykittens The sweet senior cat took to his new fosters right away. He squeezed in their bed to snuggle with the youngsters and started grooming them one after another, showering them with love.The kittens turned into mush and purred up a storm while Grandpa diligently kept them clean and well groomed. Tinykittens , another rescued kitty at TinyKIttens and Mason's number one protégé, came to join the cuddle-fest. She was unimpressed by the kittens at first, but seeing how Mason cared for the little ones, she decided to follow in his paw-steps. Aura cuddles with Grandpa Mason and the kittensTinykittens The kittens are reminded of their mom when they are with Grandpa and even start comfort-nursing on him.Watch Grandpa Mason and his foster kittens in this video: Grandpa cat helps kittens who were found in a box - TinyKittens Despite having no milk supply, Grandpa doesn't mind it at all and purrs alongside with the kittens. Grandpa Mason and Dahlia and AzaleaTinykittens With his help, the kittens are thriving and getting ready for their next chapter of life - their forever homes. Tinykittens It's been three weeks since they were rescued from an uncertain fate. The kittens have grown by leaps and bounds.Grandpa Mason is so proud! Tinykittens Share this story with your friends. Follow and , and watch their . If you are interested in adopting the kittens, . Related story:
May 03, 2019
A cat brought home three tiny 3-week-old kittens but they were not hers. Shuswap Paws Rescue Three months ago, , founder of , received a call from a small village North of the Shuswap (British Columbia, Canada) about three little kittens that needed help.She got in touch with the woman who had the kittens. "She said her spayed semi-feral cat brought the kittens through her cat door and plunked them on her bed," Barb told Love Meow. "The woman was shocked and went outside but couldn't find a mother cat and had no idea where her cat found the kittens."Knowing that her cat was unable to nurse and care for the kittens, Barb and , a volunteer of the rescue, headed to the village to pick them up. "Once we got there, we discovered three terrified little girl kittens hiding under the bed," Kelsey told Love Meow. Shuswap Paws Rescue The kittens appeared to be feral, hissing and spitting at anyone that would come near."They were very skinny and had not been fed for a while, so we believe the mother was feral as well and had passed away," Barb said. Shuswap Paws Rescue "The kittens hissed and lunged and wanted no part of any human contact, but we continued knowing full well we had their best intentions at heart even though they were so scared," Kelsey added. While in the car, they noticed some health concerns from the feline sisters and immediately took them to the vet. Shuswap Paws Rescue "We noticed a problem with one of the kittens, a condition known as nystagmus, (in which the eyes make repetitive, uncontrolled movements)." The vet discovered that the kittens were suffering from frost bite, severe malnutrition and dehydration. As it turned out, the kitten's condition was caused by lack of nutrition and a combination of extreme fear and stress. Shuswap Paws Rescue Barb brought them home for a few days of emergency recovery. Two of the kittens quickly came around, but the most fearful one needed extra time and help to learn to trust. Watch the kittens' journey in this video: 3 feral kittens found by a cat, gets a second chance at life , a volunteer, took them home to continue their foster journey. Loki, her resident cat, decided to offer a helping paw. Shuswap Paws Rescue Loki, who is also a rescue cat, took to the most scaredy kitty (named Varadero) and began his work. He spent ample time with her, helping her gain confidence and learn that humans aren't so bad. Shuswap Paws Rescue "When Varadero (AKA Hissy pants) was first rescued, she was in so much stress that her eyes shook, she was panting, hissing and did not trust humans one bit," Christine said. "Fast forward a little over a month - she trusts me wholly and no longer hisses or tries to escape when I come near her. It just goes to show the powerful transformation that occurs when our actions are inspired by love, rather than fear." Shuswap Paws Rescue After a long journey, the kittens were ready for their next chapter of life. The three sisters transformed from scared, feral kittens to happy, purring cuddle-bugs. Last month, their dreams came true when they were adopted to their forever loving homes. Shuswap Paws Rescue The kittens who were found by a caring cat, are now living their lives in comfort and luxury. Shuswap Paws Rescue Share this story with your friends. Follow and .Related story:
May 02, 2019
A kitten who can't blink like other cats and wears a permeant smile, found the perfect family to share her adventures with. @tulipthegremlincatTulip the tuxedo was found as a stray with infected eyes when she was about two weeks old. She was in poor shape when she was taken in by a local rescue in Ontario, Canada. After a few weeks of recovery, Tulip was finally ready to look for a forever home."We had been searching for a kitten to keep our other cat, Pinecone, company while we were at work during the day. When we saw her, we knew we had to meet her," Jenn and Chris shared with Love Meow. "The rescue said she was pretty skittish around people and didn't like to be held. However, when we held her for the first time, she sank in and was nothing but purrs. We knew she would need to come home with us." @tulipthegremlincatThey learned about Tulip's eye condition, in which she is not able to blink like other cats. "She has eyelids but she cannot close them. She is only able to blink using her third eyelid (nictitating membrane)."To keep her eyes from getting too dry, Tulip gets eye drops and cleanings twice daily to ensure they stay clean, hydrated and free of infection. @tulipthegremlincatWhen Tulip was introduced to their cat Pinecone, the two had an instant connection. Pinecone quickly took on the role as her protective big brother, keeping her groomed and watching over her every step of the way."Tulip is very attached to Pinecone, who is seven years her senior. They cuddle and play all of the time, and miss each other when one has to go to the vet." @tulipthegremlincatA while after Tulip was adopted, she fell ill due to some complications from a previous procedure. It was Pinecone who alerted Jenn in the middle of the night, and Tulip was taken to the emergency vet just in time.When Tulip fully healed three weeks later, she jumped right back to creating daily antics with Pinecone and following him everywhere around the house. @tulipthegremlincat"She has had her fair share of health issues since she came to us, but fortunately, we have a fantastic vet who has always given her the best care possible."Tulip has a non-stop smile on her face and it lights up the room for everyone around her. @tulipthegremlincatWatch Tulip's journey in this cute video: Kitten who can't blink like other cats, has a permanent smile "She's very much an independent girl, but is very cuddly when she chooses to be. She will usually sit on her own and watch the fish tank," Jenn told Love Meow."She also sits watching out the back door to see what is happening and is absolutely mesmerized by snow and rain." @tulipthegremlincat"When she's sleepy she'll take a nap on the fish tank or on one of her chairs that she's claimed," Jenn added. "She loves to play with Pinecone and chase bouncy balls. She has also become fond of playing fetch with her boinks (toys)." @tulipthegremlincatThe former street kitten has blossomed into a gorgeous tuxedo girl. She's turning one year in two months, growing in charm and feline wisdom every day.Then and now! @tulipthegremlincat"In the middle of the night she will either hop in bed and cuddle with us or Pinecone."To Tulip, everyday is a happy day, worth smiling about. @tulipthegremlincatShare this story with your friends. Follow . Related story:
May 01, 2019
A volunteer offered a little rescued kitten a foster home, but the kitty had plans of his own. Madison VanNess @gatsbycatsby19 Earlier this year, in McComb, Mississippi took in a kitten who needed a lot of TLC. A Good Samaritan rescued him from a bad situation when she found him on the street being tossed around by some young people.Madison VanNess, a volunteer at the shelter, came to visit the little guy when she heard meowing coming from his kennel. As she got closer, he cried even more eagerly, begging for attention and pets. "I picked him up and he was just purring away in my arms. He climbed onto my shoulders and was rubbing my face. It was love at first sight," Madison told Love Meow. Madison VanNess @gatsbycatsby19 "He was so pitiful and dirty. We kept him at the shelter for a few days to make sure he was in decent health, and then I took him home to foster."Madison named him Gatsby. Just like her previous fosters, she thought he would stay with her until he was ready for adoption. But the Snowshoe kitty had a different plan. Madison VanNess @gatsbycatsby19 The moment they entered the house, Gatsby instantly made himself at home. He was not afraid of anything and would approach anyone with confidence."He curled up in a ball with my dachshunds and fell asleep. Neither of my cats I own intimidated him. He ran around the house like a maniac and curled up in my arms when he was calm," Madison said. "I've fostered many kitties before, but none adapted as quickly as Gatsby." Madison VanNess @gatsbycatsby19 Gatsby is quite the character. He loves to speak his mind and insists on making himself heard every time he wants something."He's super vocal. He craves attention from everyone and makes friends easily." Madison VanNess @gatsbycatsby19 "He loves snuggling right up next to your face and receiving lots of pets and scratches behind the ears. He wrestles with our female dachshund, Willow, and will follow our male dachshund, Oreo, around the house."Watch Gatsby's journey and hear his meow in this video: Rescued kitten journey to forever home "He's a typical kitten, running around, jumping on the counters and refrigerator, begging for food. But he's so mischievous too," Madison added. "He gets into our cabinets, grabs entire packages of crackers and other things in his mouth and takes off running with them!" Madison VanNess @gatsbycatsby19 Gatsby even tried to win over their cat Peach, who isn't particularly fond of kittens, and befriended Yoshi, another resident cat. The two just hit it off."As the days passed, he won my heart over even more. When he hit the two pound mark to get fixed, I brought him back to the shelter and told myself that if my home felt weird without him there, I'd adopt him," Madison told Love Meow. Madison VanNess @gatsbycatsby19 "And boy, did it feel awkward! There wasn't any kitty around screaming at me constantly or trying to nuzzle my face with every passing second."The following Friday, Madison filled out the paperwork, took the adoption picture and officially made little Gatsby a permanent part of her family. Madison VanNess @gatsbycatsby19 "Madison volunteered with us for over one year and has fallen in love and fostered so many animals but Gatsby won her heart," McComb Shelter said.Gatsby left the shelter that afternoon with his now forever humans. They brought him back to the house where he belongs. Madison VanNess @gatsbycatsby19 "He's made us so happy. We love him so very much and I can't imagine not having his little self around!" Then and now!Madison VanNess @gatsbycatsby19 Share this story with your friends. Follow .Related story:
April 30, 2019
A stray kitten walked up to a dog walker, meowing for attention. She was completely fearless and just wanted a friend. Kiara @sweethopesjourney Kiara from Florida was out walking a dog in an Orlando neighborhood when she spotted a furry little thing run right up to her - a kitten who was not afraid of the big dog, was begging for attention.Underneath all the fluff, the little tabby was just skin and bones. "Her fur was dirty with oil and grease, and she was covered in fleas," Kiara told Love Meow. "When I finished my walk, I went back to where I'd seen her and was petting her and giving her love."Kiara asked a neighbor nearby to see if the kitty belonged to someone in the area. As it turned out, the kitten had been roaming the streets all her life. Many people had passed her by and no one claimed her. Kiara @sweethopesjourney "The whole time, I was holding her and she was purring away. As the woman continued to tell me her story, I knew she'd be mine," Kiara said.The sweet little kitten curled up in Kiara's arms and was not going anywhere. "I genuinely believe in her heart she had hope that she'd find a home with a good person." Kiara @sweethopesjourney Kiara named her Hope. She called her boyfriend Chris, and the two headed to the store to pick up supplies for their new kitten.They gave her a much-needed bath and the water turned reddish brown. "I'll never forget the first time she kneaded and she was so comfy in her bed. It was probably the first secure thing she'd ever had. She now had a reliable source of food, love, comfort, and toys," Kiara said. Kiara @sweethopesjourney Hope was exhausted, dehydrated and starving after months of living on the streets. That night, she got a full belly and took a long nap in her new bed, making up for lost sleep.At around three and a half months old, Hope only weighed 2.9 pounds. Despite being underweight, the kitty was always in good spirits and kept rumbling with her adorable little purrs. Kiara @sweethopesjourney "She was a good girl from the beginning and we adored her. She ate like a lil piggy and she still does," Kiara added. Watch Hope's rescue journey in this video: Stray kitten found her forever human "Hope was just so happy to have someone who wanted to cuddle with her and love her. For the first time she felt love and it was apparent." Kiara @sweethopesjourney The tabby girl has a calm temperament and enjoys perching on her human's shoulder or being carried around the house. She seeks out affection and constantly demands cuddles. Hope has gotten bigger, stronger and her fur much shinier since the day she was rescued. Kiara @sweethopesjourney "Now that she's almost five and a half months old she's become a very healthy, happy, and extremely playful kitten," Kiara told Love Meow."I named her Hope because that tiny kitten had the worst things happen to her and yet she approached me. Hope found me, and I thank God every day that she did!" Kiara @sweethopesjourney Share this story with your friends. Follow .Related story:
April 29, 2019
A farm cat was so happy when she found a comfortable home to have kittens. She couldn't stop purring. Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatladyAshley Morrison, a rescuer/foster based in Seattle, Washington, was contacted by local farmers in Soap Lake, and asked if she could help with their barn cats.A while ago, a few cats found their way to their farm and settled down there. Due to not all of them being spayed and neutered, the number quickly multiplied.Ashley began working alongside the workers to get the kitties fixed and help kittens and friendly cats find good homes. Two weeks ago, she came across a very pregnant ginger feline that was due at any time."She was a sweet girl at the farm. She would follow the farmers into the barns and walk along the wheelbarrow carrying hay," Ashley told Love Meow. Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatladyThey named her Happy because she is always joyous and cheery. Ashley took her home so she could have a safe environment to have kittens, away from the unknown elements of the outdoors.Soon after the mama-to-be entered her foster room, she filled it with endless purrs. "She is constantly purring. I was shocked she hadn't given birth yet since you could see the babies moving in her tummy." Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatladyAshley planned to be with her through her delivery, but Happy had plans of her own. "I checked on her in the morning, and she showed no signs of labor. I went and got my (car) oil changed and when I got home, boom, there were seven tiny babies all clean and nursing." Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatladyWhen the cat realized she had found a safe, comfy place to have her kittens, she finally felt ready. There are four boys and three girls in this litter of seven. Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatladyThe momma is very attentive, catering to their every need. She immediately turns on her purr motor when she sees Ashely and showers her with snuggles."Happy is living up to her name. She loves to get attention when I come in the room," Ashely said. Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady"She will get to find a home so she can live out her life in comfort and away from predators. She is very sweet and loves to be petted and get her hair brushed."Watch Happy and her kittens in this cute video: Rescued farm cat Happy and her kittens Over 30 cats from the farm have been TNR'ed (trap-neuter-return), adopted or placed in foster care. Ashely continues working with the farmers to get all the cats the help they need to thrive. Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady"I love seeing Mama purring with her babies, but I can't help but think how many times she has already done this even though she appears only a couple years old," Ashely added."If Happy was still on the farm, and remained unspayed, she would be having litter after litter. It's probable not all kittens would survive." Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady"She will get to raise these kittens in a safe environment and then they will all be spayed and neutered and find forever homes," Ashely told Love Meow."I'm so happy this will be her last litter. No more babies for mama, and she will get to be a kitten again." Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatladyShare this story with your friends. Follow updates on and .Related story:
April 28, 2019
Two rescued kittens from different beginnings found each other at their foster home. They became inseparable friends. Ellen Carozza LVT received a tiny neonatal kitten who was in need of critical care. She was the only one that made it in her litter.Animal Welfare League of Arlington transferred her to the at Nova Cat Clinic when they realized that kitten was not improving despite their best effort to save her.Ellen Carozze, a Feline Licensed Veterinary Technician, took her home so the calico could receive specialized care to ensure her survival. Ellen Carozza LVT She was only 71 grams, just skin and bones, but the little kitty never gave up. She was given a much-needed bath, plenty of good food to fill a warm belly and some TLC from the resident cat, Benny. They named her Adorabelle and she was a cuddle-bug from the start.With each passing day, the kitten grew bigger and stronger. She was eager to have someone to snuggle with at all times. When she was not cuddling with Ellen, she snuggled right up to the resident cats so she wouldn't be alone. Ellen Carozza LVT Ellen knew Adorabelle would do better with a buddy to help with her social development. They began their quest to look for a feline friend to pair her up with.A few weeks later, a rescued kitten named Tolliver Groat arrived at Ellen's home. The little gray kitty needed a friend, and so did Adorabelle. Ellen Carozza LVT After a proper feline meet and greet, Adorabelle accepted her new brother. In a few days, they were cuddling with each other like they had always been together. Since then, they have been inseparable like two peas in a pod. You won't see one without the other. Ellen Carozza LVT Tolliver Groat follows his sister everywhere she goes. They nap together and chase each other across the room without a care in the world.They are dependent on one another and seek the other out for comfort and affection. Ellen Carozza LVT Watch these two best friends in this adorable video: 2 rescued kittens become best friends A few weeks later, another orphaned baby joined the cuddle crew. The two best friends embraced him right away, snuggling and playing with him, as if they knew just what the little kitty needed - a friend. Ellen Carozza LVT When Adorabelle crawls in to a carrier, Tolliver throws himself on her for a nap. Ellen Carozza LVT The two siblings from different mothers will stay together forever as they are heading to their new home this May. Ellen Carozza LVT As of now, they are busy filling their foster home with purrs and endless cuddles. Life is better with a friend! Ellen Carozza LVT Follow updates on and . If you would like to support their rescue efforts, .Related story:
April 27, 2019
A tiny kitten was found under a house in a Los Angeles neighborhood. The homeowner got her help in the nick of time. Alley Cat Rescue Early this April, a resident from Los Angeles discovered a tiny kitten under their house, who still had her umbilical cord attached. She was found all alone without a mother in sight. The homeowner had seen stray cats roaming around the neighborhood prior to finding the kitten. It was likely that the cat mom had left her behind while moving her kittens. After looking every nook and cranny, they couldn't find other kittens or the mom.They immediately reached out to to get the little one the help she desperately needed. At 2-3 days old, the calico weighed only 76 grams. Alley Cat Rescue She was very hungry but struggled a bit at first with the bottle. Once she got a hang of it, she began suckling down the formula like a champ."We added probiotics into her Kitten Milk Replacer. She slept much better. Tiny kittens need around-the-clock care and weighing to ensure they are doing well," Desiree of Alley Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow. Alley Cat Rescue They named her Pudding, and she was smaller than a tiny toothbrush. "She loves her food and gobbles it all down. She doubled her weight in a couple of days."The homeowner is working with Alley Cat Rescue in an effort to find the cat mom and get her spayed. Alley Cat Rescue The little singleton hit one milestone after another. At one week old, she discovered her first purr and started kneading in the air with her tiny paws. With 100 grams of weight gain, she was much stronger and started demanding more food. Alley Cat Rescue "Pudding is growing and has a powerful set of lungs. Her weight steadily goes up every day. She loves belly rubs, but most of all she loves her food."Watch Pudding's rescue journey in this video: Orphaned kitten found under a house now thriving in foster care At 3.5 weeks old, little Puddling has grown by leaps and bounds. Her eyes are wide open and she's getting more rambunctious and adventurous as her leg muscles become more robust and her senses more developed. The little kitten, who had everything against her right after birth, has come such a long way. Alley Cat Rescue "There are several street cats in the area (where the kitten was found). They are now in a TNR (trap-neuter-return) program. Hopefully, no more kittens being born under the house," Desiree told Love Meow.Puddling is a big girl now with bright eyes, plenty of sass and cattitude. Alley Cat Rescue Just a few weeks ago, Pudding was the size of her tiny bottle. Alley Cat Rescue She's blossomed into a love-bug and demands cuddle time with her foster mom after every feeding.Look at her now with her bigger bottle. Alley Cat Rescue Share this story with your friends. Follow updates on and . Related story:
April 26, 2019
A litter of five kittens were found outside - they lost their mom but had each other until help arrived. Jen @pokeypotpie A Good Samaritan spotted five little kittens with their deceased mother who likely had been hit by a car. They quickly brought the kittens to a local shelter in Maryland for help. The kittens were fearful of humans and stayed close together the entire time, trying to keep each other comforted. Some would hide behind another sibling for security. The little tuxedos were lost and scared in the shelter environment and without their mother by their side. Jen (), a foster volunteer, learned about their plight and immediately offered to foster them. At the shelterJen @pokeypotpie After getting a much-needed bath, plenty of good food, and comfort from their warm beds, the kittens felt much better and started to relax."It took about two days for them to warm up to us. Once they realized we brought food and snuggles, they decided to trust us," Jen told Love Meow. The litter of five never left each other's side. Jen @pokeypotpie The kittens are Pesto, Pomodoro, Panino, Panna Cotta, and Peperoncino, and they are completely inseparable."They always sleep together in one giant pile. Even though they have the whole room to play and nap in. They always climb into the same bed together and snuggle," Jen told Love Meow. Jen @pokeypotpie Jen placed a camera in the foster room to keep an eye on the kitties, but the little ones decided to corral together to inspect this funny-looking toy. "I caught the kiddos trying to make their own social media content that morning," Jen said jokingly. Jen @pokeypotpie The kittens have gotten very comfortable at their new abode. They enjoy hanging out with their foster dad, Ian, who comes to offer some extra attention and TLC.Watch their foster journey in this cute video: 5 Kittens rescued from the street stick together "While I typically do the bulk of cat care in the house, Ian is also very participatory and his help is invaluable," Jen said. "He spends lots of time 'socializing' fosters (e.g. watching TV while letting them crawl all over him) when I can't." Jen @pokeypotpie "These little ones are doing very well - hitting all of their milestones and turning into great little cats," Jen told Love Meow."Pesto is one of the smallest kittens in the litter." What he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality! Jen @pokeypotpie "We are very sad about the circumstances that brought them to us, but we are very grateful for the opportunity to care for them and prepare them for their forever homes."The little tuxedos have grown so much in confidence and size in less than two weeks. With a second chance at life, they are thriving in foster care. Jen @pokeypotpie Share this story with your friends. Follow and .Related story:
April 25, 2019