A stray kitten walked up to a dog walker, meowing for attention. She was completely fearless and just wanted a friend. Kiara @sweethopesjourney Kiara from Florida was out walking a dog in an Orlando neighborhood when she spotted a furry little thing run right up to her - a kitten who was not afraid of the big dog, was begging for attention.Underneath all the fluff, the little tabby was just skin and bones. "Her fur was dirty with oil and grease, and she was covered in fleas," Kiara told Love Meow. "When I finished my walk, I went back to where I'd seen her and was petting her and giving her love."Kiara asked a neighbor nearby to see if the kitty belonged to someone in the area. As it turned out, the kitten had been roaming the streets all her life. Many people had passed her by and no one claimed her. Kiara @sweethopesjourney "The whole time, I was holding her and she was purring away. As the woman continued to tell me her story, I knew she'd be mine," Kiara said.The sweet little kitten curled up in Kiara's arms and was not going anywhere. "I genuinely believe in her heart she had hope that she'd find a home with a good person." Kiara @sweethopesjourney Kiara named her Hope. She called her boyfriend Chris, and the two headed to the store to pick up supplies for their new kitten.They gave her a much-needed bath and the water turned reddish brown. "I'll never forget the first time she kneaded and she was so comfy in her bed. It was probably the first secure thing she'd ever had. She now had a reliable source of food, love, comfort, and toys," Kiara said. Kiara @sweethopesjourney Hope was exhausted, dehydrated and starving after months of living on the streets. That night, she got a full belly and took a long nap in her new bed, making up for lost sleep.At around three and a half months old, Hope only weighed 2.9 pounds. Despite being underweight, the kitty was always in good spirits and kept rumbling with her adorable little purrs. Kiara @sweethopesjourney "She was a good girl from the beginning and we adored her. She ate like a lil piggy and she still does," Kiara added. Watch Hope's rescue journey in this video: Stray kitten found her forever human "Hope was just so happy to have someone who wanted to cuddle with her and love her. For the first time she felt love and it was apparent." Kiara @sweethopesjourney The tabby girl has a calm temperament and enjoys perching on her human's shoulder or being carried around the house. She seeks out affection and constantly demands cuddles. Hope has gotten bigger, stronger and her fur much shinier since the day she was rescued. Kiara @sweethopesjourney "Now that she's almost five and a half months old she's become a very healthy, happy, and extremely playful kitten," Kiara told Love Meow."I named her Hope because that tiny kitten had the worst things happen to her and yet she approached me. Hope found me, and I thank God every day that she did!" Kiara @sweethopesjourney Share this story with your friends. Follow .Related story:
April 29, 2019
A farm cat was so happy when she found a comfortable home to have kittens. She couldn't stop purring. Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatladyAshley Morrison, a rescuer/foster based in Seattle, Washington, was contacted by local farmers in Soap Lake, and asked if she could help with their barn cats.A while ago, a few cats found their way to their farm and settled down there. Due to not all of them being spayed and neutered, the number quickly multiplied.Ashley began working alongside the workers to get the kitties fixed and help kittens and friendly cats find good homes. Two weeks ago, she came across a very pregnant ginger feline that was due at any time."She was a sweet girl at the farm. She would follow the farmers into the barns and walk along the wheelbarrow carrying hay," Ashley told Love Meow. Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatladyThey named her Happy because she is always joyous and cheery. Ashley took her home so she could have a safe environment to have kittens, away from the unknown elements of the outdoors.Soon after the mama-to-be entered her foster room, she filled it with endless purrs. "She is constantly purring. I was shocked she hadn't given birth yet since you could see the babies moving in her tummy." Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatladyAshley planned to be with her through her delivery, but Happy had plans of her own. "I checked on her in the morning, and she showed no signs of labor. I went and got my (car) oil changed and when I got home, boom, there were seven tiny babies all clean and nursing." Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatladyWhen the cat realized she had found a safe, comfy place to have her kittens, she finally felt ready. There are four boys and three girls in this litter of seven. Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatladyThe momma is very attentive, catering to their every need. She immediately turns on her purr motor when she sees Ashely and showers her with snuggles."Happy is living up to her name. She loves to get attention when I come in the room," Ashely said. Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady"She will get to find a home so she can live out her life in comfort and away from predators. She is very sweet and loves to be petted and get her hair brushed."Watch Happy and her kittens in this cute video: Rescued farm cat Happy and her kittens Over 30 cats from the farm have been TNR'ed (trap-neuter-return), adopted or placed in foster care. Ashely continues working with the farmers to get all the cats the help they need to thrive. Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady"I love seeing Mama purring with her babies, but I can't help but think how many times she has already done this even though she appears only a couple years old," Ashely added."If Happy was still on the farm, and remained unspayed, she would be having litter after litter. It's probable not all kittens would survive." Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady"She will get to raise these kittens in a safe environment and then they will all be spayed and neutered and find forever homes," Ashely told Love Meow."I'm so happy this will be her last litter. No more babies for mama, and she will get to be a kitten again." Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatladyShare this story with your friends. Follow updates on and .Related story:
April 28, 2019
Two rescued kittens from different beginnings found each other at their foster home. They became inseparable friends. Ellen Carozza LVT received a tiny neonatal kitten who was in need of critical care. She was the only one that made it in her litter.Animal Welfare League of Arlington transferred her to the at Nova Cat Clinic when they realized that kitten was not improving despite their best effort to save her.Ellen Carozze, a Feline Licensed Veterinary Technician, took her home so the calico could receive specialized care to ensure her survival. Ellen Carozza LVT She was only 71 grams, just skin and bones, but the little kitty never gave up. She was given a much-needed bath, plenty of good food to fill a warm belly and some TLC from the resident cat, Benny. They named her Adorabelle and she was a cuddle-bug from the start.With each passing day, the kitten grew bigger and stronger. She was eager to have someone to snuggle with at all times. When she was not cuddling with Ellen, she snuggled right up to the resident cats so she wouldn't be alone. Ellen Carozza LVT Ellen knew Adorabelle would do better with a buddy to help with her social development. They began their quest to look for a feline friend to pair her up with.A few weeks later, a rescued kitten named Tolliver Groat arrived at Ellen's home. The little gray kitty needed a friend, and so did Adorabelle. Ellen Carozza LVT After a proper feline meet and greet, Adorabelle accepted her new brother. In a few days, they were cuddling with each other like they had always been together. Since then, they have been inseparable like two peas in a pod. You won't see one without the other. Ellen Carozza LVT Tolliver Groat follows his sister everywhere she goes. They nap together and chase each other across the room without a care in the world.They are dependent on one another and seek the other out for comfort and affection. Ellen Carozza LVT Watch these two best friends in this adorable video: 2 rescued kittens become best friends A few weeks later, another orphaned baby joined the cuddle crew. The two best friends embraced him right away, snuggling and playing with him, as if they knew just what the little kitty needed - a friend. Ellen Carozza LVT When Adorabelle crawls in to a carrier, Tolliver throws himself on her for a nap. Ellen Carozza LVT The two siblings from different mothers will stay together forever as they are heading to their new home this May. Ellen Carozza LVT As of now, they are busy filling their foster home with purrs and endless cuddles. Life is better with a friend! Ellen Carozza LVT Follow updates on and . If you would like to support their rescue efforts, .Related story:
April 27, 2019
A tiny kitten was found under a house in a Los Angeles neighborhood. The homeowner got her help in the nick of time. Alley Cat Rescue Early this April, a resident from Los Angeles discovered a tiny kitten under their house, who still had her umbilical cord attached. She was found all alone without a mother in sight. The homeowner had seen stray cats roaming around the neighborhood prior to finding the kitten. It was likely that the cat mom had left her behind while moving her kittens. After looking every nook and cranny, they couldn't find other kittens or the mom.They immediately reached out to to get the little one the help she desperately needed. At 2-3 days old, the calico weighed only 76 grams. Alley Cat Rescue She was very hungry but struggled a bit at first with the bottle. Once she got a hang of it, she began suckling down the formula like a champ."We added probiotics into her Kitten Milk Replacer. She slept much better. Tiny kittens need around-the-clock care and weighing to ensure they are doing well," Desiree of Alley Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow. Alley Cat Rescue They named her Pudding, and she was smaller than a tiny toothbrush. "She loves her food and gobbles it all down. She doubled her weight in a couple of days."The homeowner is working with Alley Cat Rescue in an effort to find the cat mom and get her spayed. Alley Cat Rescue The little singleton hit one milestone after another. At one week old, she discovered her first purr and started kneading in the air with her tiny paws. With 100 grams of weight gain, she was much stronger and started demanding more food. Alley Cat Rescue "Pudding is growing and has a powerful set of lungs. Her weight steadily goes up every day. She loves belly rubs, but most of all she loves her food."Watch Pudding's rescue journey in this video: Orphaned kitten found under a house now thriving in foster care At 3.5 weeks old, little Puddling has grown by leaps and bounds. Her eyes are wide open and she's getting more rambunctious and adventurous as her leg muscles become more robust and her senses more developed. The little kitten, who had everything against her right after birth, has come such a long way. Alley Cat Rescue "There are several street cats in the area (where the kitten was found). They are now in a TNR (trap-neuter-return) program. Hopefully, no more kittens being born under the house," Desiree told Love Meow.Puddling is a big girl now with bright eyes, plenty of sass and cattitude. Alley Cat Rescue Just a few weeks ago, Pudding was the size of her tiny bottle. Alley Cat Rescue She's blossomed into a love-bug and demands cuddle time with her foster mom after every feeding.Look at her now with her bigger bottle. Alley Cat Rescue Share this story with your friends. Follow updates on and . Related story:
April 26, 2019
A litter of five kittens were found outside - they lost their mom but had each other until help arrived. Jen @pokeypotpie A Good Samaritan spotted five little kittens with their deceased mother who likely had been hit by a car. They quickly brought the kittens to a local shelter in Maryland for help. The kittens were fearful of humans and stayed close together the entire time, trying to keep each other comforted. Some would hide behind another sibling for security. The little tuxedos were lost and scared in the shelter environment and without their mother by their side. Jen (), a foster volunteer, learned about their plight and immediately offered to foster them. At the shelterJen @pokeypotpie After getting a much-needed bath, plenty of good food, and comfort from their warm beds, the kittens felt much better and started to relax."It took about two days for them to warm up to us. Once they realized we brought food and snuggles, they decided to trust us," Jen told Love Meow. The litter of five never left each other's side. Jen @pokeypotpie The kittens are Pesto, Pomodoro, Panino, Panna Cotta, and Peperoncino, and they are completely inseparable."They always sleep together in one giant pile. Even though they have the whole room to play and nap in. They always climb into the same bed together and snuggle," Jen told Love Meow. Jen @pokeypotpie Jen placed a camera in the foster room to keep an eye on the kitties, but the little ones decided to corral together to inspect this funny-looking toy. "I caught the kiddos trying to make their own social media content that morning," Jen said jokingly. Jen @pokeypotpie The kittens have gotten very comfortable at their new abode. They enjoy hanging out with their foster dad, Ian, who comes to offer some extra attention and TLC.Watch their foster journey in this cute video: 5 Kittens rescued from the street stick together "While I typically do the bulk of cat care in the house, Ian is also very participatory and his help is invaluable," Jen said. "He spends lots of time 'socializing' fosters (e.g. watching TV while letting them crawl all over him) when I can't." Jen @pokeypotpie "These little ones are doing very well - hitting all of their milestones and turning into great little cats," Jen told Love Meow."Pesto is one of the smallest kittens in the litter." What he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality! Jen @pokeypotpie "We are very sad about the circumstances that brought them to us, but we are very grateful for the opportunity to care for them and prepare them for their forever homes."The little tuxedos have grown so much in confidence and size in less than two weeks. With a second chance at life, they are thriving in foster care. Jen @pokeypotpie Share this story with your friends. Follow and .Related story:
April 25, 2019
A resident from New Jersey heard meowing coming from a yard. To their surprise, a little feline family had made their home there. Whitney Malin from South Orange, New Jersey was contacted about a litter of newborn kittens and their mom living in someone's yard in the neighboring town of Maplewood."They heard that I do rescue and reached out to me via Facebook. When I went to check it out, they were three days old. The mom is feral," Whitney told Love Meow.The cat kept her babies in a nest made of twigs and garbage. Since the kittens were nursing, Whitney decided to leave them there with their mom. She came back with a humane trap, trying to rescue the mother along with her kittens, but getting the feral mama was quite a challenge. Whitney Malin The cat successfully avoided the trap for almost two weeks. Whitney refused to give up and checked on the little family every day, making sure they were well. When the kittens were 16 days old, the momma cat finally caved into the food in the trap and walked right in. Whitney Malin Whitney scooped up the kittens from the nest and took the little family of four to the vet."Momma tested negative for FELV and FIV. She was vaccinated and treated for fleas. The babies were 0.5 lbs each," Whitney said. Whitney Malin Whitney brought them home to foster so the tabby cat could have a quiet, safe place to raise her kittens, where food and comfort are bountiful."She is fierce and protective, but so very scared. For the first week or so when I would sit with her, her breathing was fast and labored. The vet said it was stress," Whitney told Love Meow. Whitney Malin "I named them after famous artists - Mama is Frida Kahlo. The three boys are Vincent Van Gogh (black), Leonardo Da Vinci (tabby) and Picasso (gray tabby)."Watch their rescue journey in this video: Feral cat and her kittens rescued from yard Whitney made the foster room as comfortable as possible and gave Mama space to concentrate on nursing and caring for her kittens.Over the next several days, Mama Frida calmed down and was able to enjoy her little hut with her kittens. Whitney Malin "She still hisses and spits at me especially when she is nursing, but I can also see that she has calmed down," Whitney added.They will be spayed and neutered once the kittens are big enough, but as of now, the little ones still have a lot of growing to do. Whitney Malin At four weeks old, the little bundles of fur are starting to walk and explore. Their playful and adventurous side has been unleashed since they discovered their first toy.They adore their foster family and are loving their indoor, cushy life. Whitney Malin Share this story with your friends. Follow .Related story:
April 23, 2019
A tiny runt clung to her sister after they were found as newborns at a school. A foster home turned their lives around. Nikki MartinezEarly March, , an animal rescuer/foster based in Las Vegas, was contacted about two kittens needing help. A litter of newborn kittens were located at a school in Nevada. Their mother was nowhere to be found. Staff decided to work as a team to bottle feed the feline babies. An employee took the little runt along with a gray kitten that she was clinging to.That night, she was up every two hours feeding the kittens and quickly realized that she would need a lot more help to ensure the little ones' survival. Nikki MartinezNikki took them into her care the next day and offered to set up a trap at the school to find the mother cat. The kittens were named Ponch (black) and Jon (gray) (at the time, they were thought to be boys).Soon, it was apparent that the runt was struggling. While her sister had a great appetite, Ponch had a hard time taking to syringe feedings and had to be tube-fed around the clock. Nikki Martinez"We were previously trained by our vet on how to tube feed kittens," Nikki said. "Ponch fought me when I tried to get her to swallow any formula down. Tube feeding gave her a chance at life that she would not have otherwise had."Ponch was still 50 grams less than her sister, but was starting to put on weight steadily. Nikki MartinezIt was raining for several days after the kittens were found. "This baby would have never survived living outside. I can only imagine what life would have been like in the rain while struggling to keep up with nursing."Nikki continued to look for their cat mom, hoping to get her spayed so to stop the cycle. Nikki Martinez"I still have traps that I set and check daily at the location the babies were found. I've caught three cats there, but not their mother. Those cats are now spayed/neutered."Both Ponch and Jon are doing fantastic and growing like weeds! A little bit of lack of sleep is just a minor inconvenience for me but it means their life." Nikki Martinez"They are just a little bit developmentally behind… Every kitten develops at their own pace," Nikki added.Watch their journey in this video: Kittens found at a school - foster journey "They are healthy, growing, starting to wrestle and play, and I'm thrilled they made it this far!" Nikki MartinezAt five weeks old, the two sisters became more playful and adventurous. While the gray kitty tried to crawl up her foster mom's pant leg, the runty girl just wanted to be held and cuddled."She's more of the snuggly lap kitty." Nikki Martinez"Kitten season is hitting us hard here in Las Vegas and everywhere else that the temperature is warm," Nikki said. "Rescues and shelters are being flooded with motherless kittens coming in. If you are able to bottle-feed, contact your local cat rescue or shelter and let them know that you would like to help." Nikki MartinezAt seven weeks old, both kittens have graduated from their bottles, and even learned to wash their faces after meal time. Little Ponch follows her sister everywhere she goes, playing in the sunbeams and thriving. Nikki MartinezShare this story with your friends. Follow and .Related story:
April 22, 2019
No one expected this little tortie kitten to survive, but she surprised them all with her incredible will to live. @mirathemiraclekitty Tara Seignue, a volunteer of brought home a feline family of three (a cat mom and two kittens) to foster. The kittens were in poor shape with respiratory and eye infections. "Mira (the tortie) came to me as a foster at four weeks old with her mom and sister. I could see she was special from the start. She had twisty folded front paws and a prominent upward grin," Tara told Love Meow. "The kittens were very sick and not expected to live. I was basically asked to bring them home so they could pass in comfort instead of a cage. After two days, her sister passed and it was just her and her mom." @mirathemiraclekitty Tara had to syringe feed the kitten who was too weak to nurse. After two months of round-the-clock feedings, daily steam baths to clear her nose and airway, and countless sleepless nights, the kitten began to perk up.Mira went through many health issues and needed her foster mom's undivided attention. The little fighter never gave up. @mirathemiraclekitty "I gave her steam baths and showers to try and help her breathe and stayed with her every night, with her sleeping on my chest. A couple times Mira stopped breathing but I got her back," Tara said."When she started trying to walk, it was apparent she was wobbly. She was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia."(Scroll down for video) @mirathemiraclekitty Being a bit clumsy never seems to bother her. Mira loves to play, throwing herself into her favorite tunnel toy and claiming every cat bed she can get her paws on."She loves tunnels, cat caves or houses. Anything she can throw herself into and roll around in." @mirathemiraclekitty "She's never been a 'normal' cat but had all of her 'first' cat moments — her first purr, first steps, first time eating on her own and self grooming. These milestones may have been delayed but she reached them, and each one truly was a miracle, hence her name," Tara told Love Meow.With each passing day, the little miracle kitty crept her way into her foster mom's heart. @mirathemiraclekitty By Christmas, Mira started to gain weight and was finally healthy enough to be spayed and look for her forever home, but the tortie girl knew she had already found it. Tara picked her up that day with her adoption paper already filled out, officially making Mira part of her family. "It was the happiest day. I actually cried." @mirathemiraclekitty Mira may always need some special accommodations but she is just a typical cat who loves to play and create antics around the house.Watch Mira's journey in this video: Wobbly kitten grows up to be happiest cat "She has a signature move she started as a baby which seems to have stuck with her — she sticks her tongue out, almost all the time! There's no medical reason. It's just a quirk." @mirathemiraclekitty "She is the most facially expressive cat I've ever seen/known in my life. She is like a child," Tara said. "Mira loves being with me. The only time she really meows is if I leave her in a separate room for a few minutes!"The sweet tortie adores other cats and her dog brother Paco who has been her protector since day one. "She also loves to play with other foster kittens although in small doses as they definitely give her a run for her money." @mirathemiraclekitty "We continue to work on her walking, practicing every day. She never gives up. She'll get where she wants to go, just flips and flops, taking a little longer to get there. Nothing will keep this girl down," Tara told Love Meow."I've seen stories of animal survival but never known or seen it first hand until her. Her perseverance and determination are a wonder. She really is an inspiration. She is the most unique, quirky cat I've ever known." @mirathemiraclekitty "Mira is the happiest and most spoiled kitty. She takes a little extra care but she deserves it," Tara said. "With everything she's gone through, she is a true Miracle." @mirathemiraclekitty Share this story with your friends. Follow .Related story:
April 21, 2019
A tabby cat showed up outside someone's home. When she saw the door open, she snuck right in and decided to stay. Sara Zoe @sarazoekittensA couple of months ago, a stray cat wandered into a neighborhood in Queens, New York. A resident, who regularly cares for the neighborhood cats, was outside of her house when the tabby appeared.She saw the kitty dart right past her into her house and quickly make herself comfortable on the basement floor. The woman couldn't say no to the little feline visitor and let her spend the night as the weather was cold outside. The cat returned two weeks later and surprised the family when the homeowner found a litter of newborn kittens in her shoe rack. Turned out, the tabby chose her home to have kittens. Sara Zoe @sarazoekittensThe woman immediately reached out to and asked if they could help. , a volunteer of the rescue, took them home to foster. She named the cat Magnolia aka Maggie.Shortly after they settled in, Sara realized that the momma cat needed more help than they had anticipated. Sara Zoe @sarazoekittens"She got a bad infection with a fever of 105 degrees (40.6°C). Her health started declining and had to be hospitalized for almost a week," Sara told Love Meow.The kittens were very young and needed to be fed around the clock. They were not taking well to the bottle at first and had to be tube-fed while Mama Maggie was away. Sara Zoe @sarazoekittens"Mama luckily made a full recovery but because she wasn't making as much milk after being away from the kittens for so long, I had to keep bottle feeding," Sara said. "She and I made a great team. The babies gained weight and were getting proper nutrition." Sara Zoe @sarazoekittensThe tabby mom is very affectionate toward her foster parents and loves to talk to them and ask for attention and pets.Watch their foster journey in this video: Rescued cat and her kittens in foster care "Mama Magnolia is a fiercely loving mama who adores her saplings as we've begun to call them. She is chatty and purrs very loudly, especially when she gets talked to and petted!" Sara Zoe @sarazoekittens"Her favorite thing to do is cuddle right next to us as we watch TV," Sara told Love Meow. "Two of her kittens (Ash and Juniper) got adopted today. And there are applications in for everyone else too! Mama is expected to go to her new home in May." Sara Zoe @sarazoekittensShare this story with your friends. Follow updates on .Related story:
April 20, 2019
A stray cat showed up in a neighborhood in Lakewood, California and befriended someone who was kind to her. Friends for Life Rescue NetworkNoemi Camacho came across a little stray from around her house. She offered some food and water, and the feline friend returned for more. Their bond began to grow, and then early this month, she noticed that the cat was pregnant and needed help.Soon after she brought her home from the alleyway, the cat started going into labor and gave birth to four little kittens. While Noemi was checking on the newborns, she was surprised to find one kitten with a twisty leg and another with only three limbs. She reached out to her community, knowing that this little family would need more help than she could provide. Friends for Life Rescue NetworkJacqueline DeAmor, co-founder of , came across the plea and immediately responded. "She asked a friend to find a rescue, and I so happened to see the post on Facebook," Jacqueline told Love Meow.The cat mom whom they named Nymeria, was a bit shy and nervous upon arrival at Friends for Life RescueNetwork. She let her rescuers examine her babies under her watchful eyes. "She's a fiercely protective mama. She watches me very carefully when I'm handling them, and takes them back after I'm done weighing them." Troy with a twisty legFriends for Life Rescue NetworkJacqueline started Troy, the kitten with a twisty leg, on physical therapy. "The tendons are too short and too tight. By massaging and stretching, we are able to hopefully stretch everything out permanently."Over the next few days, his little leg began to improve as Jacqueline continued his daily treatment under the cat momma's supervision. Friends for Life Rescue Network"After some massaging, I can get the leg and toes into a normal position and keep massaging to get the muscles to relax. The goal is to keep massaging multiple times a day to re-train those tendons to hold everything in a proper way," Jacqueline said.Watch their journey in this video: Stray cat finds someone to help her and her kittens As for the 3-legged wonder, Gunther, he is starting to move around the nursery pen just like his siblings. Missing a leg doesn't seem to slow him down. Gunther, the 3-legged kittyFriends for Life Rescue NetworkThe cat mom is beaming with pride with her kittens napping away in the comfort of a loving foster home."She loves them so much and is constantly doting on them. At first, I had to feed her in her nursing box because she wouldn't leave to eat," Jacqueline told Love Meow. "Now she purrs when I enter and rubs on my legs. She loves chin scratches." Friends for Life Rescue NetworkShe came back to the person who was kind to her and got help just in time. Her kittens were born in a safe home instead of outside in the alleyway. Friends for Life Rescue NetworkThe tiny bundles of fur are thriving! Friends for Life Rescue NetworkShare this story with your friends. Follow updates on this adorable family on and .Related story:
April 19, 2019
A family was surprised to find a litter of kittens in their chicken coop. The cat mom had brought them there to keep them safe. Here Kitty Kitty Rescue Last week, in Elkhart, Indiana received a call about four kittens found in a chicken coop. A stray cat had moved them there to protect them from coyotes."The finder did not even know there was a cat on their property. When they went to their chicken coop, they found the poor momma attacked by a coyote and the babies still in the chicken coop," Missy of Here Kitty Kitty Rescue told Love Meow. "They called their vet when they found the orphaned babies, and their vet recommended they call us. Of course, we agreed to help!" Here Kitty Kitty Rescue Sadly, the cat mom didn't survive, but she left behind four kittens that were completely protected inside the chicken coop. "The kittens were rescued by a wonderful lady and were bottle fed until she could get them into our rescue," Missy said.Jennifer Gillispie, founder of Here Kitty Kitty Rescue, took them home to foster and started round-the-clock feedings. The little tabbies took to their bottles like champs and began to show affection toward their caretakers. Here Kitty Kitty Rescue Around the same time, the rescue took in three other orphaned kittens that came from their local Humane shelter. Two of them are siblings, and the little tabby joined them after he was found by himself. The kitten who was found aloneHere Kitty Kitty Rescue They are around the same age and size as the chicken coop kittens. The rescue decided to put them together to see if they would accept each other. Here Kitty Kitty Rescue The litter of four snuggled right up to their new litter mates and began rumbling with their adorable purrs, forming the cutest little purr symphony. Despite being from different mothers, the kittens get along swimmingly and have become one big family."They get along perfectly. They all love each other," Missy said. Here Kitty Kitty Rescue At 3.5 weeks old, the kitties are starting to explore, exercise their little legs and wrestle and tumble with each other.Now, the litter of four has expanded into an adorable patchwork family of seven. Here Kitty Kitty Rescue Follow these kitties' updates on . Watch this cute video: Rescued kittens - one big family Share this story with your friends. Related story:
April 17, 2019
Three kittens were saved from a burned house. Their rescuer didn't stop there. She went back to find their remaining sibling. The Cat House on the Kings Early Saturday morning, was contacted by the Fresno Fire Department personnel about a litter of kittens trapped in the wreckage of a burned structure. "There was a duplex fire in Fresno, California. A total of 40 firefighters were called to the scene in order to put out the fire," Harvie Schreiber of the Cat House on the Kings told Love Meow. "Fire personnel contacted us because there were kittens meowing in the wreckage." Cindy Unruh, a volunteer of the Cat House, immediately rushed to the location to aid in the search for the kittens. The Cat House on the Kings With help from the neighbors, they found three tiny kittens huddled up together in the wreckage. They were wet from the water used to put out the fire. Once Cindy got them in a box, she was on her way back to the rescue. "She was soon headed 40 minutes away to the Cat House." The Cat House on the Kings A few hours later, another call came in when a fourth kitten had been located at the burned duplex. Cindy wasted no time and rushed back to find the remaining sibling.After some hisses, the 4th kitty was finally in the safe hands of the rescuer. The Cat House on the Kings The little gray kitty was so happy to be reunited with the rest of the litter. "The kittens are bottle babies and arrived scared, hissy, wet, a bit sooty and smelling like smoke from the fire," Harvie told Love Meow.After getting a full belly, the kitties quickly warmed up to the staff and volunteers. The Cat House on the Kings Cindy is working with the kind neighbors to find and trap the mother cat, hoping to reunite her with her kittens. Meanwhile, Jacky Dominguez, a vet tech at the Cat House, is fostering the little family."They have been nicknamed the 'Lil Smokies.'" The Cat House on the Kings "Despite their rough start in life, the kittens are doing well in foster care. They are drinking mostly kitten formula and enjoying some play time with a few toys," Jacky told Love Meow. "They don't seem to have any injury from the fire and are very happy kittens." The Cat House on the Kings The four little bundles of fur are loving their warm beds, new toys and plenty of cuddles from their human friends. The Cat House on the Kings Share this story with your friends. Follow and . If you would like to support their rescue efforts, .Related story:
April 16, 2019
A very timid pregnant cat was curled up in a corner at the shelter until someone saw her and turned her life around. Mini Cat Town Kitten RescueA pregnant cat was brought in to a shelter in Central California, needing rescue. She was very shy, sitting in the back of her kennel, trying to hide. She was thought to be feral and placed in a room full of other animals, due to limited space.When Dr. Rudiger of saw the frightened feline sitting alone in the corner of her cage, she knew she had to help her. "Her defensive body language - flattened ears, hunched body posture and fearful eyes were so misleading," Nine Lives Foundation said. "The constant noise of barking puppies/dogs from kennels nearby caused her to retreat, shying away from human touch - thereby 'acting feral.'" Nine Lives FoundationDr. Rudiger pulled her from the facility and took her to Nine Lives Foundation in Redwood City, California. immediately offered to foster, so the momma would be able to raise her kittens in the comfort of a loving home.They named her Kate, and she spent the first couple of days hiding underneath a couch. But with each passing day, her confidence grew.(Scroll down for video) Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue"We would leave food for her and sit there with her while she ate. She warmed up to us after we spent some time with her," Thoa Bui of Mini Cat Town told Love Meow. "It took about a week of quiet time in the kitten room before she started to get really comfortable with us."When that happened, Kate just blossomed. She snuggled right up to her foster mom and purred up a storm. Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue"She's adorable, has an inordinately stubby tail… She has really come out of her shell. She comes up to us for pets, loves attention, and purrs endlessly."A couple of weeks later, Kate gave birth to five beautiful, healthy kittens — three boys and two girls. Mini Cat Town Kitten RescueShe jumped right into her role as a doting cat mom, nursing and caring for her babies around the clock. Soon, it became clear that her milk supply was low and she would need extra help.Watch Kate's rescue journey in this video: Shy cat rescued from shelter really comes around Thoa and her sisters immediately started supplementing the babies with kitten formula. "She gave birth a little early and not all of her milk had come in yet. So every few hours, we crawled into the crate to help her feed them," Thoa said. Mini Cat Town Kitten RescueEvery time they came in to feed the babies, Mama Kate would knead away with her happy paws and fill the room with purrs. Over the next few days, the kittens really packed on the grams."Kate is very attentive and takes really good care of them. We'll weigh the kittens, and when they meow, she will come out and carry them back into their bed." Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue"Everyone is doing well, nursing, gaining weight, and getting furrier. Kate is eating a ton and her milk has finally come in," Thoa told Love Meow. Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue All it took was a quiet room and a little kindness, and Kate came out of her shell and blossomed.Look at her now! Mini Cat Town Kitten RescueShare this story with your friends. Follow and .Related story:
April 13, 2019
A kitten who became the sole survivor of his litter, found a new family with three feline sisters. Jin's Bottle Babies Smokey, a gray kitten, was found in a backyard along with his siblings — one of them had passed and the other was fading. A local TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescuer wasted no time and started bottle feeding the remaining two kittens until they found them a foster home. Shelbi Uyehara of in Arizona took them into her care. Overnight, Smokey put on 18 grams. "He started purring early. Like the first day we got him, he already had a ferocious purr. That's always a good sign to me," Shelbi told Love Meow.Despite their very best effort, Smokey's brother Bandit lost his fight. The little gray kitty became a singleton, constantly seeking attention and love. He clutched onto his snuggly teddy bear every day and night after feedings. Jin's Bottle Babies While Smokey continued to grow bigger and stronger, it was clear that he really missed having a sibling around. Their resident cat Nitro came to offer a helping paw to keep him clean and groomed. A few days later, three feline sisters (Ana, Kristina, and Daniela) were brought in after they were rescued from a difficult situation. The kittens were covered in dust and needed help to clear their airways. Jin's Bottle Babies After many days of round-the-clock care, the trio bounced back, put on a lot of weight and were meowing and moving around like champs.Meanwhile, Smokey had blossomed into an adorable bundle of fluff, but they knew he needed a friend to thrive. Shelbi made a decision to introduce him to the sisters and hoped they would accept him. Jin's Bottle Babies "I was really worried to put him in with them because they're much younger and smaller than him," Shelbi told Love Meow. But Smokey was determined to not be a singleton any more. He switched on his purr motor and was very gentle and sweet with his new friends. The sisters immediately gravitated toward him and rolled up on him for cuddles. Jin's Bottle Babies "At first it seems like they thought he was mom. He was so massive. But now he's taken the big brother role. They crawl all over him, and he just lays there on his back," Shelbi told Love Meow. "I think he's just happy to not be alone... He's happy to have friends."Watch his rescue journey in this video: Orphaned kitten finds 3 rescued kitties as family Smokey has become the protective little brother to his three sisters from another mother. He adores them and never leaves their side. Jin's Bottle Babies "Such a sweet relationship has developed in their playpen, and every time I go in there, they're all piled on top of each other." Jin's Bottle Babies Despite a rough beginning, little Smokey is thriving with his sisters and following them everywhere they go. Jin's Bottle Babies Share this story with your friends. Follow and .Related story:
April 12, 2019
This kitten was just the size of a tennis ball. He struggled to grow during the first four weeks of his life. Ellen Carozza @thecatlvtHamish the kitten was brought to along with his litter mates. He was stuck at five ounces while his siblings were well over one pound. Being less than 1/3 their size, the rescue knew he needed more help than they could provide."They reached out to me as he was not thriving in his current situation despite the care provided. They just could not get him to grow," Ellen Carozza, a Feline Licensed Veterinary Technician at told Love Meow.He was so small, missing hair on his tail and had a bloated belly that needed medical attention. Despite being a bit rough around the edges, the pocket-sized kitten had a strong meow and will to live. Ellen Carozza @thecatlvt"We started some further diagnostics to find out he had a GI (Gastro-Intestinal) infection and slow gut mobility. The vets at NOVA Cat started him on one of our critical kitten protocols for the issue," Ellen said.It took Hamish three days before he found his purr. As he felt better and more comfortable, he began to seek affection. Ellen Carozza @thecatlvt"He started to head boop, and now he knows I'm his person that cares for him and he loves to be in my pocket at work or on the couch in the evenings with us watching TV," Ellen told Love Meow.Hamish is so tiny and young. To keep him warm and comfy, he's placed in an incubator, which helps regulate his body temperature, when he naps. Ellen Carozza @thecatlvtEllen uses a toothbrush to groom the kitten as a way to emulate how a cat mother grooms her babies."Grooming is part of their emotional care, not just their physical needs. Just like a person who doesn't feel well, getting a bath or a shower is welcoming and feels good. Kittens thrive on comfort and care, and that includes grooming by the person providing care." Ellen Carozza @thecatlvtLittle Hamish comes to work with Ellen every day so he can be fed and cared for around the clock. "He eats about every three hours. He lets you know when he is hungry for sure," Ellen added."He gets to choose when he wants to eat solids on his own as his liquid diet is easier to digest with his condition. He has access to food and will eat when he is ready." Hamish the size of a soup spoonEllen Carozza @thecatlvtIn just a few days, little Hamish really blossomed. He met two other rescued kittens, Adorabelle and Tolliver, and they became instant friends.Watch Hamish's journey in this video: Tiny rescued kitten is determined to grow "Each day is a milestone for him in his personality blossoming. His favorite thing to do is eat and ride around in my scrub pocket." Ellen Carozza @thecatlvtToday, little Hamish weighed in at 10.5 ounces, more than doubled his weight from a week ago."He was sick, bloated, missing hair on his tail and had signs of a 'fever coat.' Despite his hard start, he is becoming a cat," Ellen told Love Meow. "He's learned how to purr, head boop, play with other kittens and enjoy being groomed." Ellen Carozza @thecatlvtThanks to at Nova Cat, rescued kittens like Hamish are able to receive the care they need to survive and thrive.The little bundle of fur is filling out Ellen's pocket nicely as he continues to make strides every day. Ellen Carozza @thecatlvtShare this story with your friends. Follow and .Related story:
April 10, 2019
A rescued cat mother met a tiny orphaned puppy. She immediately took to him as her own. Jenifer @mizz_rescue Charlie the pup was brought to a shelter in California City, needing rescue. quickly responded and arranged transport to get the baby pup to in Agoura Hills so he could receive medical attention he desperately needed.At just a few days old, Charlie came with an injured leg, which will require surgery in the future. He was given antibiotics to fight off infections and a lot of TLC after the ordeal.Jenifer Hurt, an experienced foster for neonatal kittens, took him home. "I've been bottle and tube feeding him for the past week. The most challenging part was trying to figure out how to care for him and what he needed," she told Love Meow. Jenifer @mizz_rescue "This is my first neonatal puppy so Dr. Carin Ferdowsian and Dr. Rachel Wallach have been teaching me a lot about how to properly care for this little guy."Charlie was fed every three hours and given pain meds and antibiotics. After overnight feedings, the little puppy gained a full ounce and began to perk up. Jenifer @mizz_rescue Two days later, the rescue took in six little newborn kittens along with their calico cat mom.After getting the mama vetted, they decided to try putting little Charlie with her to see if she would accept him. Jenifer @mizz_rescue Having a surrogate mom does wonders to an orphan's health and development. The cat mom started licking her new canine baby and instantly loving on him as her own. She wrapped her arms around him as he fell asleep on her. Jenifer @mizz_rescue "She is such a good mom. She accepted him right away. Charlie isn't nursing on her too much so I'm still having to bottle feed but he is absolutely loving the company," Jenifer told Love Meow.The little pup fit right into the litter and started snuggling with his new siblings. Jenifer @mizz_rescue After each bottle feeding, Mama comes right over to wash his face, making sure he is well taken care of. Little Charlie is so happy to have a doting mom who looks after him every step of the way. Jenifer @mizz_rescue Charlie had a great night sleep with his little family last night, in a purr-filled cuddle-puddle. Jenifer @mizz_rescue Today, he started opening his eyes to see for the first time.With help from his feline family, Charlie is thriving in foster care. Jenifer @mizz_rescue Follow and . Follow .Watch their journey in this cute video: Cat cares for orphaned puppy as her own Share this story with your friends.Related story:
April 09, 2019
A stray kitten couldn't sit up straight or walk until someone brought her home to foster - it turned her life around. Joyce @kangaroothekitty Willow the kitten was four months old when she was brought to the San Jose Care Center, needing rescue. She was found on the streets with a wobbly walk and a head tilt. Amber Rose, founder of , reached out to the shelter and offered to take her in.Joyce, a foster volunteer of Saving Grace, picked her up from the facility. The kitty was dirty, very quiet and so weak that she could barely sit up."On our drive home, she warmed up to me after some chin and belly rubs. We noticed she didn't try to run and just plopped down wherever we put her because she had no energy," Joyce told Love Meow. Joyce @kangaroothekitty Willow spent most of her first day lying down and didn't want to touch her food bowl. She had to be fed by hand for two days. Joyce continued to shower her with love and offered treats to encourage her to eat."She didn't walk much as if her head was too heavy, but on the third day, she got better and wobbled to the food bowl after her morning massage," Joyce said. Willow spent most of her first day lying down.Joyce @kangaroothekitty They took her to the vet but couldn't get a clear diagnosis at the time. Willow had difficulty sitting up, standing, walking and keeping her head straight."The vet didn't know what was wrong with Willow but said she didn't have an upper respiratory infection or ear infection," Joyce said. "We don't know what happened to her before she was found, how she was found, etc.." Joyce @kangaroothekitty Despite her condition, Joyce and her husband were determined to get her back to health.When their resident cats and another foster kitty came to visit her, sweet Willow was curious and didn't mind new company. Joyce @kangaroothekitty Each day, Willow got a bit stronger and could stand up a little taller. A week later, she surprised the family when she got up from her bed and started running after a laser. "I was so very happy to see her chasing laser light," Joyce said. "We've been working with her daily to get her stronger." Joyce @kangaroothekitty As she gained more strength in her legs, she began to venture out of her room and even traveled to find her foster parents in their room.Watch Willow's journey in this adorable video: Stray kitten couldn't walk until she found a foster home The kitten who could barely sit up when she first arrived, has come a long way.Now, she enjoys exploring around the house and playing with toys. She can walk much more steadily and even run when she plays. Joyce @kangaroothekitty In just eight days in foster care, Willow has made incredible progress. "Now she comes out of her room to go to our room for love and cuddles," Joyce said. Joyce @kangaroothekitty Share this story with your friends. Follow and . Follow .Related story:
April 08, 2019
A ginger cat who came to a shelter in very rough shape, has made an incredible transformation. Best Friends in Los Angeles Peaches was 7 1/2 years old when she was brought to 's North Central Shelter in Los Angeles. She was covered in scabies, an extremely uncomfortable skin infection caused by mites that burrow under the skin. The ginger girl also came with many dental issues.Despite being in constant pain, Peaches quickly warmed up to staff and volunteers. In no time, she began to seek affection and started rumbling with her adorable purrs. "It's impossible to know the exact circumstances that contributed to Peaches' physical condition, but it was clear that she had not gotten the appropriate treatment or care for the medical ailments she was suffering from," Diane Barber of Best Friends told Love Meow. Best Friends in Los Angeles The medical team at Best Friends immediately got to work. Caregivers and medical personnel provided round-the-clock care for Peaches."Her treatment involved antibiotics and topical medication for the skin infection and the extraction of most of her teeth due to the severity of her dental disease." Best Friends in Los Angeles When they gently brushed off the tangles from her coat, she was purring up a storm, licking the brush and her caregiver with so much gratitude. (Scroll down for video)"Peaches won over the hearts of everyone on staff immediately. We were all determined to make sure she knew she was safe in our care," Diane told Love Meow. "As with all the animals here, we worked very hard to make her comfortable and give her lots of affection and attention and it was clear to everyone that she appreciated it." Best Friends in Los Angeles Knowing that a shelter environment can be very stressful for animals, especially those undergoing treatment, finding Peaches a foster home became a priority. Early February, Peaches moved into her foster home and really blossomed. Best Friends in Los Angeles "When she came back from foster care, she looked like a completely different cat. We were all absolutely blown away by her transformation. It was clear that her time in foster care, getting personal love and attention, worked wonders for her."Peaches is looking like the radiant, gorgeous cat we all knew she was. She is beautiful inside and out." Best Friends in Los Angeles The adorable ginger continues to charm everyone with her endearing tongue-out look and her sweet, loving temperament.Watch Peaches' rescue journey in this video: Rescued cat made amazing transformation - Best Friends "Not only is she beautiful but she's got a big personality. Most mornings when I entered the room to feed the cats, Peaches was the first one to greet me," Diane said. Best Friends in Los Angeles "She loves to talk and she will talk non-stop while the food is being prepared. The fact that she has very few teeth left hasn't dampened her enthusiasm for a good meal one bit!"Whenever someone came to visit her, she instantly wanted to hold a conversation filled with meows and loud purrs. If she found an empty lap, she would curl up on it within seconds. Best Friends in Los Angeles The ginger girl was ready for her next chapter of life — a forever loving home that could provide undivided attention and limitless pampering she so deserves. Five days ago, her dream came true. Best Friends in Los Angeles "She found her forever home. After seeing her story and adorable face on social media, Lauren knew Peaches was meant to be part of her family." Best Friends in Los Angeles Share this story with your friends. Follow and . If you would like to support their rescue efforts, .Related story:
April 08, 2019
Two orphaned kittens who were abandoned outside, found love in a cat rescued from the same fate. Barb @kitten_faces Last week Monday, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, was contacted about two orphaned kittens discarded outside in Allen County. A Good Samaritan heard them crying from inside a dumpster. Without hesitation, the person climbed in and found them in a box. The kittens were then brought to , a local all-volunteer rescue group, for help.Barb took them in to foster and immediately started round-the-clock bottle feedings. In just one day, the kittens, Roscoe and Rosebud, perked up and were eating like champs. Despite getting the best care at their foster home, Barb knew nothing could compare to a cat mom's love and nourishment. Barb @kitten_faces On Friday, in Columbia City, Abbi, director of , arrived at their shelter early in the morning and discovered a makeshift box outside the door. She was shocked to find 11 cats huddled inside. There were two moms and nine kittens from two separate litters. "Thankfully, these two mamas and babies were okay but their outcome could have been much worse had it been a little bit colder," the shelter said. Barb @kitten_faces Barb arrived at the shelter a few hours later and offered to take in one of the mamas and her kittens, while the other feline family would go to another foster home. They named the cat mom Susie and her three girls, Anjelica, Lillian, and Kimi, and two boys, Tommy and Chuckie. Knowing that orphaned kittens would thrive with a surrogate mom, the two rescue groups decided to work together by introducing the two orphans to Susie's little family. Barb @kitten_faces "I brought Roscoe and Rosebud along to the shelter with me, to see if the mom would accept them," Barb told Love Meow. "The vet tech first placed Roscoe in there, and he immediately started nursing. Susie just licked his head. Then Rosebud was put next to her, and it was like 'oh what's two more?'"Sweet Susie took them right in as her own, and they became one big, purr-filled family. Barb @kitten_faces "I love when different rescues can work together for the greater good," Barb said.Watch their rescue journey in this video: Orphaned kittens find new feline family Susie is very affectionate and constantly purring. "As soon as we got her and the kittens settled into the nursery suite, it became apparent that she was attention starved. She literally stands up on two feet to head-butt you, purring away," Barb told Love Meow."She's estimated to be an older cat, around six years old, so it's likely she's had many kittens before. Happy for her as these will be her last!" Barb @kitten_faces All the kittens are about the same age. Roscoe is a ginger just like Susie's kittens, and Rosebud shares quite the resemblance to her adoptive mom.Susie's kittens adore their new siblings and will cuddle with them together in a purr pile. Barb @kitten_faces Mama Susie is very protective, giving each of her kittens and adopted babies her unconditional love. After a rough beginning, Roscoe and Rosebud found a new mom and siblings. They couldn't be happier. Barb @kitten_faces Share this story with your friends. Follow .Related story:
April 07, 2019
A little kitten who was found at a tire shop, got a new lease on life when he was rescued in the nick of time. Coastal Bend Cat Rescue About a month ago, employees from a tire shop in Robstown, Texas spotted a scrawny little kitten covered in dirt, fleas and grease. He was limping from what appeared to be a leg injury.They took the shy kitty in, gave him a place to stay for the night and reached out to (in Corpus Christi, Texas) for help. "The people who worked at the tire shop, believed that somebody abandoned him there, or he may have hitched a ride in a vehicle engine," Lindsay Haglund of Coastal Bend Cat Rescue told Love Meow. Coastal Bend Cat Rescue The kitten was just skin and bones and had a severe upper respiratory infection. Rescuers went to pick him up and immediately took him to one of their medical foster families."He was very sick the first day, and we didn't know if he would make it. He was lethargic from flea anemia, malnourishment and also a serious infection in his leg," Lindsay said. Coastal Bend Cat Rescue After several baths to remove all the fleas, the kitten started to perk up.His foster mom stayed up with him through the night, giving him high calorie supplements, subcutaneous fluids and vitamins, bringing him back from the brink. Coastal Bend Cat Rescue The next day, veterinarians discovered an abscess buried deep in his upper shoulder. They cleaned his wounds and gave him antibiotics to fight the infection."We believe he would not have survived without this timely medical care. We named him Goodrich after the American tire company since he was found at a tire shop." Coastal Bend Cat Rescue Over the next two weeks, the kitty continued to improve and his energy level soared.Watch the kitty's rescue journey in this video: Kitten found at tire shop gets second chance at life "He made amazing progress in foster care and went on to make a full recovery." Coastal Bend Cat Rescue "Once he was old enough and weighed enough for neuter surgery, our rescue team transferred him to our local to be placed for adoption," Lindsay told Love Meow."We focus primarily on the fostering process for medical cases and neonatal kittens, then transfer our cats to the local no-kill shelters for adoption placement once they are ready. Since South Texas has such a crippling stray problem, we are able to save so many more lives by working closely with the local shelters." Coastal Bend Cat Rescue Little Goodrich didn't stay long on the adoption floor. "We received the very good news that Goodrich was adopted very quickly at the shelter." Goodrich and his forever human momThe Cattery Cat Shelter The little tire shop kitty is now living a life of luxury, surrounded by people who love him to bits. Coastal Bend Cat Rescue Share this story with your friends. Follow and .Related story:
April 06, 2019